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  • More Scenes for a Story

    Have a story that I am going to be running. Just looking for a few more scene ideas.

    Starts off with a block of ice containing a frozen individual being brought back from Antartica. Comes to local lab.

    Lab has protestors outside that are environmental. The lab specializes in genetics, and that is one of the reasons why the frozen individual who is thought might be a well preserved missing link is brought to them. Want to get genetic samples without defrosting yet. Lab regularly has protestors due to their genetic research, today they are specicially protesting various companies actions in the Antartic, calling it destruction of one of the few places where nature has been untouched by man.

    In the lab, they make a small hole in the ice to take out the genetic material from the subject. At this point things go pear shaped. The ice prison breaks out, and two beings flee from it. One of them is the Greek God Hercules who has been frozen in there for centuries. The other is the individual he was fighting, I have a few different thoughts on who this is but I am thinking that I want it to be someone pretty nasty.

    Hercules is a bit out of his mind from being locked away in the cold for that long, and his exit from the lab breaks a lot of things. The heroes need to respond to the growing fire, rescuing the civilians while letting him go or ignore the need of those around them.

    While the heroes are doing this, Hercules heads off on his own and ends up causing some trouble through the city.

    Heroes either track Hercules down or respond to the damage that is caused by him. Eventually fight him to a stand still and break him out of the state that he is in. This is the first time he really starts to understand what is going on rather than just rage fighting.

    Heroes find out that the individual that Hercules was locked away with is so bad that Hercules had fought him away from civilization and took him out to the jungles of ___ (Atlantis/Lemuria/Hyperboria[Though that is supposed to be north, not south]/Mythical Land). Hercules is either uncertain what happened then, or had allies that were working on stopping the threat, or was exposed to some sort of Casket of Endless Winters artifact (Containing Boreas instead of Fimbulwinter?) to stop the individual he was fighting. The power got a bit out of hand, and thus Antartica froze.

    Hercules is greatly weakened and greatly distraught over the fact that his quarry is now free. The individual I am thinking of having it be would be a world destroyer type, tied with something akin to the Darkforce from Marvel comics.

    I am just dropping this out there to see if there are additional scenes to add in, development for the scenes that are already there, completely different ideas on ways to take this.

    The characters I am running this for are a Goddess of American Liberty and a Darkness Powered Messiah of Monsters. The Goddess is tied to this through Hercules, and the Messiah is tied to the person through powers and also the fact that they are going to relate to the monster people that he comes from.

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    Re: More Scenes for a Story

    Obviously, you can intersperse scenes dealing with the people in the lives of the characters: perhaps the agent with whom the G.A.L. has a contact calls her, because psychics all over the city are overloading and going catatonic. Or some monster associated with the Messiah wants to confirm that the Messiah knows he's just the John the Baptist to this new guy.

    Make sure they visit a disaster scene caused by the bad guy, even if they think it's caused by Hercules ("But why...frozen? Hercules has no ice powers, does he?"). That will help emphasize the badness of the bad guy, once they realize.

    Give them a person to care about--maybe the initial call happens while G.A.L. is talking to a group, and someone who distinguished himself or herself is later threatened by the bad guy or Hercules. That way it's more personal.

    Just some ideas.
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      Re: More Scenes for a Story

      Given that Herc is the guy who slew his entire family in a fit of madness, it's not at all unreasonable to have him suspected early on. So it looks like your structure is something like:

      0. Possible scene setting involving your heroes being wherever they are.
      1. People in ice break out; heroes are called in because of the damage (fires, etc). Possible threats to protesters? Protesters become aids to one or both of the eternal champignons there? Feel free to throw in a protestor who looks almost exactly like some loved person of one of the ice-guys so that he or she can be a foil or bait later on. Acting heroically, the heroes manage to help out the protestors and the scientists.
      2. The heroes try to catch up to one of them, but are delayed by damage he has caused. (Team challenge? Get 3 successes or building falls down, or something.)
      2a. Perhaps the guy looking for the monster--a reporter, a mad scientist, something--shows up at the original site. The monster hears about it, so there's pressure not to go back....but (we hope) he decides to stay on the case, even at great risk to himself.
      3. The two ice guys have gone underground, but a chance for Monster Messiah to shine by using his monster contacts. He finds one of them, but his contact doesn't know which one ("They all look the same to me, really.")
      4. They battle Hercules. Perhaps the person who looks like a loved one is used as bait or to get him to calm down.
      5. They get backstory.
      6. Now they have to find the real bad guy.
      6a. Over the course of this and several more scenes, Hercules becomes attached to this person and doesn't want to give him or her up; he doesn't want to open the cask of the fimbulwinter while holding onto the bad guy so they're both frozen again. (Herc being a tricky guy, though not often portrayed that way, he wonders if maybe he can get one of the heroes to hold on to the bad guy...)

      It might even be more complicated (in a fun way) if the person who looks like a loved one from Herc's past is a significant figure in the lives of one hero or the other.
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        Re: More Scenes for a Story

        Have you run the session yet? If so, how did it go?
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