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    Hi chaps.

    I am writing a campaign for mass effect (using the Dragon age system). Just after some adventure idea's. I've wrote quite a bit of the campaign already but theres one thing I want to do but really cant get it onto paper and need advise, this will be my first time ever GM'ing and I am maybe a bit obsessive as I want to it to be good.


    The group are part of a multi-species task force they end up investigating the abduction of some scientists and find that a batarian has some device that can create super soliders (this is really indoctrination). He is corrupted by the dead reaper of dis that the batarians took back to their world. Hes using reaper tech to upgrade his dreadnaught recruit people and create new stronger soldiers (while in reality the reaper is using him to create reaper forces ready for when sovereign calls in his mates). He hates the council for turning the batarians into a paper tiger of a power, hates the batarians for allowing it and hates the humans most of all for their incursions into the verge. He is planning the skyllian blitz. basically a big attack on a human colony.

    The bits I need assistance with really is. They will find out that one of the Bad guys henchmen who goes by the alias Helen has gone to the terminus system to recruit the pirates of the terminus system. Now I imagine not all the pirates would be interested but time line speaking many of them did take part in the skylian blitz. Helen is an ardant yakshi so has seduction type mind control abilities as well. If the campaign pans out the way I think it will they'll have been hot on Helen's trail for quiet some time now. She was part of the opening session where she tried to kill them all and kidnapped the scientists, they found her as the architect of a terrorist plot on the citadel and they even found that she was responsible for using natives of a primitive world as cattle for their indoctrination experiments, which also gave them quite a few troops. So far though they've always been one step behind.. but maybe not this time. she wont know they are coming.

    By this time they will have two potential contacts as a resource that have merc\pirate friends so finding its exact location and even getting access isn't impossible. they have their own own ship an ex captured turian ship, once held by the blue suns.

    The thing is I am not sure how to play it out. how to plot this out. I can see in my head what she'd be doing how some mercs\pirates wouldn't be convinced or trusting how some would be greedy and in for it others seduced by her abilities.

    So I could see a lot of arguing and meetings taking place. Just mostly after tips or advise on how I can make this bit as good as it should be.

    Helen will have some merc leaders seduced, there's going to be a lot of ships about so an open assault might not be the wisest course of action.