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Emerald City Knights meets Civil War

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  • Emerald City Knights meets Civil War

    Okay so here's the basics.

    After polling my players interest, l learned that they want to play a group of outlaw heroes, similar to the X-men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, or the New Avengers during the post Civil War era.

    I'm reading through the Emerald City books, specifically the Emerald City Knights series and I'm thinking that it would be cool to combine the idea of Superhero Registration with the Events of Emerald City Knights.

    So far my players are looking at the following hero ideas.

    1. A Starknight, possibly the last one, going off the idea of Nova from Annihilation, and/or Kyle Rayner when he first became a Green Lantern.
    2. A Robot hero
    3. A Mutant Animal hero (A honey badger), something similar to Rocket Racoon.
    4. An Alien of some sort that uses Psychic powers

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    Re: Emerald City Knights meets Civil War

    So, just to clarify, you're not having your heroes spawn from the Silver Storm? Something else you may want to keep in mind is that there was a period in the Iron Age when costumed superheroes were outlawed (although some of them continued to operate as outlaws), at least in Freedom City. Goodness knows what might have happened on the other side of the country.
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      Re: Emerald City Knights meets Civil War

      No none of the characters (So far) are Stormers. More than likely they will just be present when it happens.

      I don't want to have them be outlaws right from the beginning, rather I plan to have them on the way to becoming the heroes of the city and then suddenly be faced with nation Superhuman registration.

      I'm curious about how the hidden villains will react to registration....