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  • Customized figures

    I'll post some of the figures from our game. I've worked on them for years, actually customized my own heroclix at the beginning. The painting quality isn't the best but they're table ready. I'm sure my friend will post our new ones once they're done.

    Praetorian Aegis

    Now that I'm looking at them blown up, the paint jobs are pretty bad, but you get the idea.

    Praetorian Aegis is my Superman-style character foil. He's a hero but secretly has designs to take over the world, sorta like the Viltrumites in Invincible. Not sure if I was going to do that before I read the books.
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    Re: Customized figures

    A Batman style detective a friend rolled up for 2e, then he moved so I'm using him as an npc.

    Hero Killer
    A robot programmed to kill superheroes. Like Omac/Sentinels with some super powers thrown in like Super Adaptoid.

    A space-faring serial killer. He has a preternatural skill of finding your weakness and exploiting it.
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      Re: Customized figures

      Cash Money
      A gangsta bank robber. He's not particularly good at what he does but he tries to look good doing it. And hires a large amount of thugs to help him.

      Cervantes the Gun Cleric
      Another character created by the player who moved away. Basically a gun cleric with gunkata skills like in the movie Equilibrium.

      WerMacht-1 - Nazi Speedster
      A super strong tank of a speedster with the support structure of a group like Hydra.
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        Re: Customized figures

        Jolly Roger
        A low level criminal that thinks he's a pirate. Created when I was 10, and visualized in this heroclix form now.

        Ninja Hawk
        Another 10 year old me creation. I actually then created him as a Villains and Vigilantes pc back in the 80's in high school. I like the idea of having huge wings and a white ninja costume to show just how good of a ninja he is that he can still hide in plain sight.

        A pc from 2e with Sound and Visual powers, gained in an A/V accident. My friend is renaming him Feedback and creating him in 3e.
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          Re: Customized figures

          Atomic Ant'ny
          Gaining size changing powers during the 3-Mile Island incident, he's got a thick Jersey accent and acts like a Soprano's character.

          Dr Omegus
          A mad scientist who straddles the line between good and evil, crwating flying monkeys, formulas that turn people into alligator men and stuff like that. He's not above experimenting on himself tho as you can see. He's currently employed by our hero group to help them on missions.

          I envision him as a prophetic villain who consults his own twisted version of the magic 8-ball we all know. "Sounds like all signs point to PAIN!"
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            Re: Customized figures

            Ligatius Milagro
            A demon trapped inside a holy set of armor that is slowly corrupting it. Not sure if he's a tragic hero or a crazy villain yet.
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              Re: Customized figures

              Custom Milk and Cheese for Heroclix I made, probably when Heroclix first started.


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                Re: Customized figures

                Anyone else have any pics to share of the figures they use?


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                  Re: Customized figures

                  Mind sharing a bit of info on these guys?


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                    Re: Customized figures

                    Pretty bad? I wish I could paint that "poorly". Only complaint I have is that some of the pictures are blurry.


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                      Re: Customized figures

                      yep. I'll go back and add some details to each. A lot of them don't have 3e character sheets yet. But I'll put some ideas of how I'm gonna use them.

                      Yes, the pics are very blurry. First time using photobucket. Didn't realize they'd show up so big. I'll have to retake some of them, edit them for size in photoshop, then repost them.

                      I used to paint a lot, back when our friends played 40k. I've also painted hundreds of D&D minis. At times they'd be better quality, but my color techniques are nowhere near the good mini painters, mine are kinda comic style, basic colors, no blending or shadows or highlights. What most refer to as table ready.
                      Of course as I get older, my eyesight and the slightly smaller size of the zombicide figures I've been working on for the last year has made it pretty difficult to be happy with what is now my table ready level. Don't get old kids. My little advice.


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                        Re: Customized figures

                        Is there a better site than photobucket to host images to post here? It bogs down like I'm on a modem in the 90's and takes forever to allow me to copy the url to post here. If it doesn't crash IE first.

                        I'm in the process of making the images I posted smaller so they don't fill the page (and show off every bad paintjob I've done). I'd love to add more pics but photobucket is honestly getting the best of me.


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                          Re: Customized figures

                          Does no one else make figures for their characters? I can't be the only one.

                          Does everyone just use a picture of their character on a sheet?


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                            Re: Customized figures

                            I don't do the groovy little Heroclix - I'm barely good enough to "paint" 3 3/4 figures.

                            Here's a link to my gallery, with my doodles occasionally showing up.

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                              Re: Customized figures

                              I customize minis, mostly heroclix, for my game of mnm.