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Artist for Psychic Archetype in Heroes Handbook

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  • Artist for Psychic Archetype in Heroes Handbook

    I recently logged back onto Deviantart, not having been there for a while, and I got a response back from one of the artists regarding the artwork for the Psychic archetype in the 3E Heroes Handbook. It is apparently Jonathan Rector. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the topic where this was being asked after... probably from the old boards. Anyhow, posting this in case anyone still cared.


    I didn't receive the book But yes, I did the artwork for quite a bit of the characters in there. If you notice near her legs, I snuck in a signature There are quite a few others in there as well

    DugganSC said the following:

    Good morning. My name is Sean Duggan. I play Mutants and Masterminds by Green Ronin. On the boards, someone asked about the origin of the picture for the Psychic archetype for the 3E Hero's Handbook (you can see it at… if you didn't get a copy of the book). Someone suggested your name, and the style looks about right to my untrained eye. I don't suppose you could confirm or deny?

    Your name wasn't among those credited for art, but you may have been one of the people credited under a group, such as MK Ultra. Thank you for your time.
    Edit: Found the forum post.
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