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  • Khairul Hisham art

    Khairul has done work on the supers RPG Invulnerable, as well as Chris Perrin's Mecha rpg.

    Here's a composite of 4 characters Khairul Hisham did for me. From left to right, this is Gloom, Mr. Slim, The Overlord & Glare:

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    Re: Khairul Hisham art

    I've been busy writing and drawing comics (ARCHER COE & THE THOUSAND NATURAL SHOCKS with Jamie S. Rich, published by Oni Press, and PARANORMAL, which is soon to be released in English by Evileye Books) and doing illustration work for Hero Games (Champions Villains vols. 1 & 3, among others). I'll be posting art here in the future, and am also accepting a limited number of character commissions. Feel free to PM me with any questions about rates and such. Once I figure out how to post art here, I will do that as well. In the meantime, feel free to check out the link to my old Atomic Think Tank page, my blog, and my online portfolio.
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