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Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

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  • Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

    Hi there- how's it hanging?

    This thread features pre-production art for my 13 issue flagship maxi-series Gods, which I am working on for my proposed Cannon Comics line, to debut in my anthology title provisionally titled...

    The gallery will range from rough thumbnails and detailed sketches to fully coloured sequentials and painted promo pieces. I welcome all comments, crits and suggestions. Obviously, the sequential pages are closest to visualising the final product.

    The material is arcanepunk meets space-fantasy, and I have just begun beavering on the actual comic book art proper from my script for the entire series, which is itself completed and 'locked'. So it's my pleasure, and hopefully soon yours, that I introduce to you...


    Gods tells of the sudden manifestation of an immense stratoscraping mountain fortress on the outskirts of Valdor, capital nation of the high-tech medieval world of Aldar.

    Dubbed the 'Slayers', the planet's deadliest soldiers have already been largely routed from existence by Aldar's military Protectorate, but their rag-tag remains- comprised of teams and individuals of wildly varying moral codes- are now called upon to help face off the Fortress's extradimensional 'Battlelord' legions.

    The Lordmaster of the incursion is the demi-god Ryzar, long banished to but dim memory by Aldar's all-but extinct violence-shunning Lightlords, but returned to the world by a fifth column of black magicians within the Protectorate.


    The deity seeks to complete a long-delayed dark rite that will uproot the living from the physical world, forevering interring all within the steel trap of Ryzar's mind's eye.

    The eternal desolation facing the soon-to-be figmentary prisoners of Ryzar's awareness is previewed in full to Eldridge Cyger- tearaway teenage son of Slayer Cade Cyger- when he stumbles into the being's off-world lair at the start of the story... an all-binding netherworld where one's every movement, word and thought is as predetermined by the Lordmaster as a shadow by its owner.


    The hostage provides Ryzar with an emotional lever against Aldar's most feared warrior. Over others, it wields a more rational defence: within its miles of protective granite, the being's final layer of all concealing-armor registers precisely as the background radiation of the universe... the Black Pillar that is Ryzar's dimensional shell harbours nothing less than the very universe itself.


    Somehow the Slayers, Protectorate and the last of the Lightlords must overcome their differences and unite to oppose the most terrible predator ever known... Creation itself.

    First off, some concept sequential concepts here...

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    Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

    Hyperion battlecruiser concept (side view)

    Hyperion color study

    Forcefield projector station within first layer of mountain fortress interior.

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      Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

      Battlelord 'Straaken'- alien warrior concept

      Battlelord Straaken is the deposed king of his small, ocean storm-beset homeworld Thoron.

      Having escaped the planet with Janrak, the last of his otherwise massacred line, he contends with Ryzar that he will do anything to regain his throne and rain vengeance on those who conspired to usurp him.

      Straaken demonstrates that he walks the talk by acceding to the dark god's request that he devour Janrak alive right there and then.

      Naturally, like most of Ryzar's devoted legions, Straaken remains far too self-involved to realise the full implication of his master's goal to part all who live from their every last flicker of volition.

      "Hell's he looking at us like that?"
      "Ain't me he's looking at... sorry, Dyler- you're on your own!"


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        Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

        Final design and four prelim roughs for the 'Jackal' tank bikes that will feature in the second part of the Gods British comic book trilogy. These all-terrain attack vehicles feature two elongated, tilting treads that sprout climbing crampons, enabling their riders to storm even the sheer cliffs of the titan enemy mountain 'Ryzar'.

        "They'll get you where you need to go, alright. What'll be left of you, anyhow."


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          Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

          Major Cade Cyger character concept (revised from the tan jacket number)

          "Wait!! You'll wake the dale guardian!"

          Concept sketch of Sergeant Daniel Foley.

          "Jonesy!! Two on the pipe- lock it up!!"

          Concept sketch of Gods druid Halsen Archard

          'Yeah? Seems to me this is exactly the right time for one of my lame parlour tricks.'


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            Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

            Concept sketches and paintings of battlesuit for Gods antagonist 'Nargun'- an incorporeal demon from the planet Aldar's Dark Age. Interesting note about the lined note paper- most of these babies weren't really whipped up for public consumption or intended to be formal concept art, just side scrawls beside my script notes- but hopefully they're interesting enough for those who are big into pre-production stuff.


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              Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

              'No-one conquers death. Death conquers you.'
              'And what's wrong with that?'


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                Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                Medical droid 'Jeeg' whips across roiling battlefields either patching up the greviously wounded or putting them out of their misery, depending on the severity of their messed-upness. The Hypocratic oath doesn't get much of a look-in when half the dying are likely to Turn (into)...


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                  Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                  ...lifeless, soul-sucking Gaunts. You may know some of them.


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                    Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                    Master sergeant Vansonn 'Vance' Hillbrandt performs the blunt, heavy-duty frontline wetworks that could be termed as mass personnel demolition.

                    Discovering his own culpability in running security for the horrific false flag operations of his nation's political demagogues, Vance finds himself poised to take his own life, until his protege Kara Flynn evinces he has no business getting off that easy.

                    Some more sketches, apologies for the lined paper- these were done as sidebars to script notes, prior to figuring they maybe turned out interesting enough for display.

                    Cade's battleblade is enriched by sorcery, enabling it to be ‘sawmilled’ in the direction of incoming debris or enemy artillery, providing a defensive canopy of whizzing metal.

                    Odds n' ends

                    Infirmary med vorg; Cade Cyger's Diamondback Interceptor; Light Council twin-engine Skyraider; Slayer Rayken Shorde (close-up); thumbnail study of Theeldoran Library lobby.


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                      Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                      Early sketches of Gods' protagonists' main junkbucket, the Starstriker

                      Starstriker in flight - test 'comet tail' effect for dogfights etc


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                        Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                        Some more early vehicle concepts

                        Top tenth of the twenty-kilometer tall mountain fortress exterior of the great dark god Ryzar. The charge bolts of the summit's towergun have a range far beyond the cannon's already extensive visual range, winning the weapon little popularity with Ryzar's scattered opponents.

                        "Mag bombs ineffective- it's cycling up! Where's our freaking evac? Stiers!! You raisin' dust-off on that comm or making love to it?"

                        Some variations (plus defense screen craft designs) and close ups


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                          Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                          Towergun studies


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                            Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                            Concept sequential for orbital battlefleet flotilla (and destroyer brig).

                            Mountain fortress tunnel depot

                            Cephalopod nightmares the Krakenites.


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                              Re: Concept art from my upcoming superhero comic 'Gods'

                              Lt Stenguard Pasha. Uncanny sharpshooter, mop-up agent and freight haulier In these trouble economic times you have to be able to diversify.

                              Conference chamber; arboretum; altar chamber

                              Battlelord Nailen. Treacherous and slippery reptile. Always siding with whoever he thinks is set to become the winning side. To be four-armed is to be forearmed.

                              Rampart battlement