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Conditionally Accessible Powers

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  • Conditionally Accessible Powers

    I didn't see that this question has already been answered. That being said...

    My question revolves around the point cost for conditionally accessible powers -- essentially, disjoint sets of powers linked to two different alternate effects of another, separate power array. Imagine that I can become fire (insubstantial w/permanent limiter + flight + area effect damage effect) or stone (burrow through the earth + increased strength + increased toughness). Even if I'm in a situation where increased toughness and an area effect damage effect would save the day, I simply don't have that option. If I want to be tough, I can't fly and don't get an area effect attack. If I want flight, I can't be substantial or have super strength.

    How would one define and price out a power set like this?

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    Re: Conditionally Accessible Powers

    Why are they separate arrays?

    Create an array:
    In slot 1 put all the fire powers.
    In slot 2 put all the stone powers.

    Now you can only use slot 1 or slot 2. Add a complication if you want to make it so that you can only change slots out of combat, if you want.
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      Re: Conditionally Accessible Powers

      There is nothing in the rules that prevents "nesting" of Alternate Effects, although some GMs may look askance on it. Hero Lab doesn't allow it directly, for historical and technical reasons, but you can get around that with use of Alternate Form or Multiple Powers between the instances of arrays.
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        Re: Conditionally Accessible Powers

        Unless I'm missing something, this is just Altered Form with an alternate effect.


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          Re: Conditionally Accessible Powers

          Yes-either do it as Metamorph (allowing two separate sets of elemental powers) or the Alternate Form "power container", with the Limitation ONLY fire or stone powers can be used together, never mixing and matching between the traits. As a GM, I wouldn't allow nested alternate effects, but others certainly might.

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