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Supergirl Queen Rhea, anyone Stats?

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    Re: Supergirl Queen Rhea, anyone Stats?

    Given the official Supergirl is PL 12, and the Queen Rhea build Sangrolu posted is PL 11, I'd say that's a pretty good fit. I would raise the Dodge to 10 and probably quibble over some of the Advantages and Skills (she probably deserves a few ranks in Persuasion, though not many) but its close enough for government work.

    You might want to give her the sai she had as well, call them Strength-based Damage 2, Improved Critical, Feature-laced with Kryptonite, and call it a day (this doesn't break her caps, it just makes her more damage-shifted when using them). You wouldn't even have to give her Equipment, because given her vast resources, we can say she simply has access to one such set of weapons. (Though only one, cause after she lost them she didn't have another set for her final battle with Kara).
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