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Making a DC Heroes one shot game for Megacon in Ecuador this december

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  • Making a DC Heroes one shot game for Megacon in Ecuador this december

    So I ve read on posts in here that DC Heroes is actually discontinued in print, even though thankfully I still see "new" books in amazon. This being so, I am likely to make a strong reminder to people this is M&M system, and tell the DC is so its easy and quick to get into with a character you know. (THe reality is I love DC universe so eff you all you are playin it MWAHAHAHA!)

    Anyways so tips you recommend me for it?

    I was thinking some kind of JL game but I think PLs of greater variation than 1 or 2 points are described as very difficult to run for experienced GMs, and I am neither an experienced GM nor too experienced in the system and I ll be running a one shot for a bunch of strangers, I assume about 5. (I was asked to run it cause I have indeed GM some people that are taken into high esteem on the small community of RPers in my city and they thought I d be able to make a good game, so its not like I am clueless, I am inexperienced, but got decent talent.)

    1-What tips you have for me?

    2- Any particular kind of one shot story in mind?

    I was thinking on some kind of JL game, without the chars like batman(to my personal pain) and upping the PL of chars like Flash, cyborg and Aquaman to make em ellegible and otherwisely having their char sheets the same . But thats just considering the PL thing, in general any tips for which kind of plot for one shot wouldbe nice? I think some kind of alien conquering classic thing could be cool, either darkseid or brainiac. Prolly Darkseid prolly get some inspiration from when I see that film thats coming
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    Re: Making a DC Heroes one shot game for Megacon in Ecuador this december

    In my experience, the Justice League works best when the challenges and setting are EPIC. If you really want to play that high, you might go with one of the classic stories and see how the players deal with the challenges. White Martians? Apokoliptan Invasion? Atlantis Rising? There's also mystical challenges, such as the Return of the Old Gods or a Hell Rift. Magic gone wild? The WarWorld enters orbit?

    Why NOT Batman? I think you should let him in, IF someone feels like they can play him. Or, you can use him for exposition or to move the plot along. If it's really a one-shot, you're going to need some mechanisms to keep the pace of the game going. Batman is good for that. He is your tactician. Your source of drive.

    The JLA is Global; use world and city maps from the web to enhance play. If you're playing in Ecuador, set the kick-off event in Ecuador! Use the city map and shape the initial encounter around it. Then launch wherever you need to from there.

    Put in peripheral challenges; have something jamming the teleporters that they'll need to defuse, civilians getting attacked or rioting or simply running in terror and needing to be rescued. What's in the sky? Planes, choppers, local heroes flying around? Use those 'props' to drive side-story elements. Have local heroes provide support. Make some hometown heroes for people to wonder about.

    Don't try to do everything. Let your players do the heavy lifting. You'll be busy enough keeping everything else going. Be ready to answer questions, but refer them to the book ... let them look stuff up & have them jot down page numbers. You might have extra print outs of key charts and entries.

    Remind players about using hero points to do exception things. The power profiles often don't allow them to do everything they do in the comics. That's where the hero point mechanic comes in.

    Be ready for the players to try and use things like the Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, and the Watch Tower ... as well as Star Labs & similar organizations.

    One plot line that comes to mind is a second Vanishing (an earlier Superman story), but this one deals with most of the heroes - explaining why they aren't available - and forcing the team to find out what happened and save them. The team could be coming back from an off-planet or other dimensional mission only to discover that every super-powered being has vanished from the planet (think about who might be left behind, Green Arrow for instance, and the Bat-villains or those who depend on gadgets.

    If you want to go Darkseid, that's fine, but you could give it a twist and go with the Weaponers of Quard or even the Dominators (a la the Invasion story arc from way back). Either would look to duplicate the powers Earths meta-humans and empowered aliens.
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      Re: Making a DC Heroes one shot game for Megacon in Ecuador this december

      Two of my best convention one-shots are DC Adventures games. Both are set in DC animated universes (one in the JLU setting, the other in Young Justice). I do this because, even more than the comics or the live-action shows/movies, those settings and characters seem to resonate with folks. They also tend to be somewhat easier to "get," even though I'm typically just re-using the statblocks out of the main game. Also, the sense that it's part of an animated show just seems to give players license to dive in and try crazy, awesome stuff. But both settings are well enough known that it's possible to drop in some little details that only the fans would get (In one, the hardcore fans' jaws dropped and they got actual looks of worry on their faces when I let slip a tiny clue that pointed to the presence of the Ultra-Humanite in the adventure. I loved that.).

      Definitely go with characters the players are likely to know. This doesn't mean you have to throw together a team of world-beaters and then break your brain coming up with a suitable challenge. My JLU game uses Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Mister Terrific, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, and the Atom. The big fight in the first act has them facing off against Task Force X, which can be tailored to suit them. The final fight is against a tentpole villain and they're expected to outpace him. The rest is fan service.