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  • New GMís Power Level Question

    Hey Guyís,

    Iíve been snowed under with work and havenít had any time to work on my character creations But now it's a bit quieter and I can finally get back to it.

    Iíve got to grips with Flat Modifiers (Thanks JDRook, FuzzyBoots) and now Iím checking out the power level, making sure I havenít over shot it.

    In the book under power level it says something like: ĎThe total of your attack bonus and effect rank cannot exceed twice the series power level.í
    So as my guys Level 10 that means I canít have an attack bonus exceed +20.

    Lets say my attack bonus is 15, does that mean I canít purchase the Improved Aim Advantage which gives you a +10, making my attack bonus +25???

    Iím guessing thatís right but I noticed under The ranged attack advantage it mentions itís limited by the power level, but under the Improved Aim Advantage it doesnít mention anything about being capped by the power level, so a bit of doubt crept in lol.

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Re: New GMís Power Level Question

    The Aim bonus is a Circumstance Modifier, which means it should not affect PL. The key thing to remember as a GM is that circumstance modifiers should be occasional things. Aiming gives you a bonus to a subsequent attack in exchange for not attacking (and managing to not get hit, lose your target, etc before you can pull off the attack).
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      Re: New GMís Power Level Question

      Oh, ok.

      I was thinking that the Attack Bonus was all your circumstance mods etc added up. I see now itís not, that was what threw me off.

      Thanks for the help.

      You guys are making this so much easier for me to learn the game.