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Ah Blast! Quick Question

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  • Ah Blast! Quick Question

    Just getting my head round the game, slowly lol.

    I was just wondering how the 'Blast' power from p89 is 2 points per rank. Damage is 1 point per rank, is ranged 1 point per rank???

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    Re: Ah Blast! Quick Question

    Yes, the extra "increased range" (from Range "Close" to range "ranged") is +1p/rank. For sake of simplicity the combination "damage, ranged" is called "blast".
    You could even apply that modifier twice (for another+1p/rank) and increase the range to "Perception", automatically hitting any target you can perceive accurately.


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      Re: Ah Blast! Quick Question

      Thanks a lot Gorakar. 'Increased Range' was what I was missing.

      It's so cool how you guys have got this info all logged into your heads.

      Hopefully I'll get there one day!


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        Re: Ah Blast! Quick Question

        There are several powers listed that are just an Effects with some kind of modifications, usually added because they are very common combinations. Blast is Damage with a Ranged Extra, Energy Aura is Damage with a Reaction (when touched) Extra. Dazzle is an Affliction Limited to a particular sense, while Mind Control is an Affliction geared around controlling minds. And so on.

        These are actually referred to as Sample Powers in the book, and are written in italics in the list of Power Effects near the beginning of the Powers chapter, and are also in separate coloured boxes throughout the Powers Effects description section.

        The Power Profiles book (and to a lesser extent the Gadget Guides) are basically collections of even more Sample Powers, all based around the 40-odd Effects in the Handbook, so it's completely possible to build them all yourself, but it can be handy to have them done for you.
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          Re: Ah Blast! Quick Question

          The only thing the pre-built Powers have going you don't have with just the Effects is adjudicating how unusual constructions work, like Energy Absorption, Energy Aura, and Snare. Blast is literally just a Ranged Damage effect within a certain range of descriptors.