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Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

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  • Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

    I'm not running a DC Adventures game per se but I am a regular reader of the comics and I am running a Mutants & Masterminds game (or I am about to).

    Anyway, I'm planning a crossover with the DC characters and I'm wondering if the stats in the Heroes & Villains books would work for the "Rebirth" version? It seems to me the changes are largely cosmetic meaning they would. Now, I know that the "Rebirth" Wonder Woman has a sword and shield so other than adding that wouldn't the stats, as written, work?

    Also, since it seems the Superman in "Rebirth" is the very one the stats were for (the Post Crisis, Pre New 52 version) they should work too, shouldn't they?

    Any thoughts?h
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    Re: Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

    I believe the builds in those books are meant to be "iconic builds", so I'd say they should still be good for a Rebirth game.


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      Re: Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

      That was what I was thinking and my overall impression of both New 52 and Rebirth versions of the characters is that most of them were pretty much cosmetic such as new costumes and making them younger and more green.

      There are variations of course (such as New 52 Superman's sun burst power or whatever) but even that wouldn't be hard to work around.

      Thanks for the help.


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        Re: Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

        Jon Kent/Superboy probably needs his own stats, as weaker and less experienced than existing Superboys (and no flight yet).
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          Re: Rebirth and the stats from Heroes & Villains 1 &2

          Yeah, I agree but I'm not really planning on using him.

          My story is that my heroes encounter Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on top of a nearby building overlooking the city. Of course, since they're from another universe the characters don't know who they are and assume they're up to no good. After a brief fight the trio introduce themselves and explain that they're from another Earth and that they followed the rest of their team here (Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash and Cyborg) to this Earth because they're under the influence their old enemy Starro who fled to this Earth using Flash's speed and Hal's ring to pick an Earth.

          Now they want the local hero's help in finding and freeing their teammates and stopping Starro who, Batman figures, came here to build an army of supers to return to their Earth and take over. Thing Starro didn't realize is, since there's no speed force on this Earth, Flash's powers don't work so it's going to have to use Flash and Cyborg to builda device to get back to their Earth.

          Meanwhile, Aquaman is in the local aquarium tending to spawning Starros and Green Lantern is scouting the area looking for supers to posses.

          The team will need to take them out one by one starting with Green Lantern (under the theory that if they provoke it into tapping into his ring too much it will allow Hal to use his will to break free).

          The should leave Flash and Cyborg for last (at least Batman will suggest that) since they all need a way home and as long as Starro doesn't have his army he will keep working on the device and not leave, just yet.

          I haven't started actually writing it yet but that's the outline I have.