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The really Dark Knight

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  • The really Dark Knight

    People today are lead to believe the modern Batman is grim, ominous an scary - total badass. What so many have no clue about is he's slightly... tame compared to his original design in 1939- 1940. His original design was based on the pulp genre when 'heroes' often played by the bad guys' rules fighting fire with fire. Batman had no compunction about guns (any more than Superman throwing an villain to his death) and using them. His persona was made frightening to criminals not just for the bat image but he could be deadly. A year later, National Comic decided to evolve Batman away from pulp into the realm of Dick Tracey with sidekicks and a bizarre rogue's gallery. The 70s took him somewhat back to his 30s roots but nowhere near the depth.

    What if the 70s reintroduced less social conscience and therefore restrained Dark Knight and more the Really Dark Knight that should have appeared during the comic Iron Age with heroes going guns and leather, brooding and bloody... so very anti-hero? Gadget utility belt or holster? How would he project his darker image?