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Which one shot plots have you played?

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  • Which one shot plots have you played?

    Or which would you suggest? specially for 2 and upwards of players.

    Basically I wanna try out the system on several one shots to have better ideas of the game. I would like this to be possible with relatively little preparation, so I would use established DC chars.

    Any advices on plots? good ones you ve runned or played? Share me your experience splease

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    Re: Which one shot plots have you played?

    I ran one called:

    "Riddle Me This..."

    After yet another breakout of Arkham Asylum the inmates are running wild in Gotham City. One such person is Edward Nigma, who has decided to blow town assuming, correctly, that the Batman will be most preoccupied in Gotham. In your player's city a message is delivered.


    Riddle me this, riddle me that, I've grown tired of dealing with the big bad bat.

    My crime can be stopped, I'll tell no lie, but it's up to you to figure the when, where, and why.

    The first little clue you'll find in the cross-country turn that rarely marks the end of your search. Underneath that which greets you warmly even when you walk all over it.


    The players can have fun trying to figure it out on their own or can roll whatever skill you find appropriate. I used investigate. Depending on how high they roll gets them the following info.

    DC 10 - Turn is another word for bank.
    DC 15 - What is another word for country?
    DC 20 - The last place you look is where you find things, what comes before then?

    Of course!
    Turn = Bank
    Country = Nation
    Place where things rarely are = First place you look!

    The First National Bank!


    Once there some rolls can reveal the next clue, under the welcome mat of course. A card that reads:


    I am but an average person, though a villain, a cad, a scoundrel, and you'll find the Question at the one place in the city that won't be going to heaven when I blow it up.


    This is the plot twist!

    An average person is a Joe.
    A villain, cad, scoundrel? A cur!

    Joe cur. Joker! This is all a prank by the Joker!

    You'll find the Question? Edward Nigma! E. Nigma!

    The target? Well what isn't going to heaven? The dam! The Joker has kidnapped the Riddler and is going to blow him and the city's dam up!

    The PCs can use skill rolls for the Dam part, but not the Joker and Riddler connection. That is a reveal.

    The Joker figured out the Riddler was going to cut and run and thought that was in bad form, thus he decided to capture him and plan this little gag. The Riddler goes down for killing a bunch of people AND gets made a laughing stock when he blows himself up in the process by his own incompetence!

    The perfect crime!

    The PCs rush to the Dam where they have only a limited time to defeat the Joker and Harley Quinn while also diffusing a bomb before the dam goes boom!


    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Which one shot plots have you played?

      Those are very good riddles. When I used to run the old DC Heroes game by Mayfair that I only used Riddler once because I was terrible at coming up with riddles to use. I was also torn about if I should allow the players to use their own knowledge to figure it out (more fun) or make it a roll (more logical). The only time I used him I went with the latter since I couldn't come up with riddles anyway and it's more logical to use the character's intelligence and skills.

      I think you did a great job on not only coming up with solid riddles but splitting the difference and letting them do one or the other.