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  • DC Continuity - Some Interesting Ideas

    I'm just posting these here because there are Most Worthy of Attention, but also because I find it fascinating to (A) learn when many of my favourite characters celebrate their Birthday* and (B) the DC Continuity Project is even more fun to read when you try and work out the precise year in which event described took place (it's slightly frightening to imagine Alfred Pennyworth being only a little older than my own dear Father!).

    *One is particularly amused to see that at least one version of Batman appears to have been born prematurely - assuming that the disparity between Earth-1 Batman and his Earth-2 counterpart's Birthday is due to a different date of birth rather than a different date of conception - and that apparently Hal Jordan & Bruce Wayne are Birthday Buddies (which as a concept has to be good for at least ONE Fun Story; it's almost as funny as realising that Mr Richard Nixon and Mr Elvis Presley celebrated their birthday's in equally quick succession!).

    I also thoroughly enjoy the idea that Captain Marvel and Superman actually share their "Official" Birthday on Leap Day (probably in the interests of making it VERY difficult for any Villain dumb enough to crash THAT Party) and am quite fond the idea that Clark & Superman keep their birthday's separately; it makes sense that Clark would want to quietly celebrate his birthday with family & friends every year but receive all the fuss and noise of a Big Public Party only once every four years!

    ^Please read at your pleasure; I hope that you shall enjoy these Websites as much as I have!^

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    Re: DC Continuity - Some Interesting Ideas

    Okay, the first link I absolutely love and is totally my headcanon for the default DC Adventures setting.

    (I particullary like the concept of the All-Star Squadron being the fill-in team timeline-wise between the JSA and JLA.)
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      Re: DC Continuity - Some Interesting Ideas

      Does there have to be a team between the JLA and JSA, if there does where do you put it in relation to Infinity Inc?