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Major Advantage to DCA Use

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  • Major Advantage to DCA Use

    One thing I really like about the DCA books, especially the villains, is they are a lot more than damage.

    In previous incarnations of M&M somehow damage was over-emphasized. Everyone had to have capped damage, you could have below capped anything other than toughness, but everyone had to have toughness capped.

    This is because, in the day and age where many GMs simply don't have time to make all of their own villains, many GMs relied on published material and if the published material focused greatly on damage then that became the player's priority too.

    And while there are still villains like The Atomic Skull, who are pretty much all damage, there are also villains like Abra Kadabra who may have damage they are also loaded down with Afflictions that can arguably take someone out far faster than damage can.

    It is a good mix... And hopefully encourages players to create characters that aren't all about damage as well.

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    Re: Major Advantage to DCA Use

    Yeah, the Heroes and Villains books were both marvelous investments for me. True of the whole DCA line really, but those two in particular were immensely helpful during the game.