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If Superman cann't see through lead....

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    Re: If Superman cann't see through lead....

    I was just remembering (and this is largely only passingly related to the original question but) when John Byrne was writing Superman and he had Superman explain that his X-Ray vision worked just like an x-ray machine. Which meant he didn't actually see what he was looking at, all the saw was shapes and he had to figure out what the shapes where (ever try looking at a real x-ray and figure out what you're looking at, I have and it's not easy). I always thought that was a nice touch.

    He was also, to my knowledge, the one who came up with Superman's 'tactile telekinesis' which was to explain him picking up objects, while flying, that he couldn't normally pick up and who he could pick something up by one side and not have it crumble.

    Sometimes I really miss his take on Superman.


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      Re: If Superman cann't see through lead....

      Originally posted by Ares View Post
      As for the topic itself, for a while it actually was that superdense metals did block Superman's X-Ray vision as well, but if you want to keep it to the "Lead Only" aspect, then there just needs to be something unique about Lead and how it interacts with Superman's vision power. Something about it's molecular structure or whatever just happens to interfere with Superman's vision power. It might even be potentially related to how Daxamites and Kryptonians have a common biological ancestry, but Daxamites have a toxic reaction to lead.
      I was going to mention the Daxamite connection too. I always thought of it like you say: Lead has a unique property to it.
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