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Ambush Bug and incomplete Teleport Attack

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  • Ambush Bug and incomplete Teleport Attack

    The Teleport Attack from the Ambush Bug's sheet may have an error. He has "Attack (Parry)" but nothing else to describe how to use this power and its limits. Reading the "Attack" modifier, you can find that:

    The effect no longer works on you (so a Teleport Attack can’t be used to teleport yourself, for example). It affects one creature of any size or 50 lbs. of inanimate mass. The effect has close range and requires a standard action and an attack check to touch the subject. Its range can be improved with the Range extra while its required action can be changed with the Action modifier. The target gets a resistance check, determined when the effect is made into an attack. Generally Dodge or Will is the most appropriate. A successful check negates the effect.

    You must also define reasonably common circumstances that negate an Attack effect entirely, such as force fields or the ability to teleport blocking a Teleport Attack. You control the effect, and maintain it, if it has a duration longer than instant.
    To make a comparison, there is another character in the same book, Phantom Lady, that has a complete descriptor of limits and has a resistance check to apply against her Teleport Attack.

    1) How should I interprete the Ambush Bug's Teleport attack?
    2) Can he use his Unarmed bonus for the Teleport Attack or simply his Fighting bonus?
    3) His Teleport Attack has the Accurate modifier. Can he apply the modifier to the attack check or it's simply the Accurate extra from the Teleport extras?

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    The full entry:
    And You’re Coming With Me!: Teleport 13 (30 miles), Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Affects
    Others, Attack (Parry), Quirk--Must teleport with target of
    attack, Increased Mass 6 (3,200 lbs.)
    1. It's a bit unorthodox, but he rolls to touch his opponent. They roll a Parry check against DC 23. If they fall, both he and the target teleport together.
    2. He should be able to use Unarmed, so he's up to +0 to attack.
    3. I think, based on context, it's the Teleport Accurate. He has it on his base Teleport.
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      Originally posted by FuzzyBoots View Post
      He should be able to use Unarmed, so he's up to +0 to attack.
      I've seen some other sheets on the book that make a distinction, like the "Bone Spurs" attack of Doomsday and his Unarmed attack. Theorically, they are both unarmed, but in the sheet there is a distinction, so I think that maybe the "touching action" for the Ambush Bug's Teleport Attack can't be considered as an Unarmed Attack.
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        Probably up to your GM as to whether it applies. If you're making characters outside of an immediate game, you make your best guess, and you revise your character according to the game you're in.
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