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    In the coming month or so I am going to be co-GMing a DC Adventures game. Were setting our game in Earth-28, which is one of the official Multiverse Earths that DC has intentionally left blank. Which is just begging to be a game setting universe, isnt it? Our team is called the, you guessed it, Young All-Stars. Were not cleaving too close to the canon, but the name belonged to a now defunct team from 1987. Some of the reasons were using it are that its catchy, we want to be steeped in the lore but not beholden to it, and because our game is set around the same time(ish). Were looking at like a 1992 start date.

    The group of heroes are going to be younger, B-list heroes, reimagined for the new universe. So, again, itll be steeped but not beholden. So in the vein of Young Justice or the Justice League Animated Series. Anyway, some of the cool stuff were going to do is trade off GMs here and there (hence the co-GMing), so I am currently deciding on which character I am going to play. I have my choices whittled down to two, but I am not sharing which one just yet. Look for updates and recaps soon!