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  • DCU: WARRIORS OF KRYPTON (Campaign Ideas, Stuff and Alternate Universe)


    A DCU "Alternate Universe" campaign. These are just some ideas I had and I quickly wrote them. I'm leaving it here so you all can read it and make suggestions and stuff.

    In this alternate universe, Krypton is ruled by an amoral Council that creates and sells genetically enhanced super-soldiers to political powers through the Galaxy. The Kryptonian Warriors are then sold to other planets or races as living weapons.


    Power Level: 12-15; Scale: Universal
    Setting: Modern; Style: Grayscale
    Setting Basics

    Far away in the stars, and in an alternate universe, the dreaded planet Krypton is home for the Galaxy’s most feared warriors. Genetically engineered and unnaturally enhanced to become powerful combatants, the Kryptonian Warrior Caste exists as little more than slaves to perform the Council’s bindings. Soldiers from Krypton are also sold for high prices in the galactic market to those who can afford their services and keep them under control.

    For those who can afford a Kryptonian Warrior, they are worth the price. Kryptonian Warriors are living weapons of mass destruction, able to destroy a planet if needed. But they are also little more than slaves, bred with the sole purpose of fighting for their masters.


    In this setting, Kryptonians are a technologically advanced warrior race. The ruling Council enhances the slave Warrior Caste through genetic manipulation and artificial infusion of yellow radiation in huge cloning facilities. The Kryptonian Warriors are then sold to other planets or races as living weapons.

    There are three main castes: the Noble Castle (rulers of the council, scientists, politicians, etc.), that corresponds to 1% of the population; the Low Caste (common laborers and workers), that corresponds to 95% of the population; and the genetically enhanced Warrior Caste, that corresponds to the remaining 4% of all Kryptonians.


    In this alternate universe, Krypton is ruled by an amoral Council that creates and sells genetically enhanced super-soldiers to political powers through the Galaxy. Krypton is usually portrayed in comics as having exploded as a result of a nuclear chain reaction caused by the planet's unstable radioactive core (which created Kryptonite, which is deadly to Superman). As originally depicted, all the civilizations and races of Krypton perished in the explosion, except for one survivor: the baby Kal-El who was placed in an escape rocket by his father, Jor-El, and sent to the planet Earth, where he grew up to become Superman.

    The Warrior Caste

    The Warrior Caste is created, not born; the chosen children of the Low Caste (or, rarely, from the Noble Houses) undergo an extremely painful genetic enhancement process that gives them immense powers and the desire to use these powers. Usually this process is conducted only on newborn, because it is known that the pain and genetic manipulation may drive older subjects insane or mentally scarred.

    In Kryptonian culture being subject to the genetic enhancements and become one of the Warrior Caste is viewed as a punishment, because most of the Warriors are sold to other power players in the Galactic scene to serve as living weapons of mass destruction, bodyguards or even slaves. Sometimes they are employed by the Council to further its agenda throughout the Galaxy. The genetic manipulation of the Warrior Caste gives it powers in most of the universe, nut not on their home planet. As a failsafe to ensure their Warriors may never be used against Krypton, the Warriors lose their powers rapidly when exposed to a red sun, like that of Krypton. As a result, these powerful soldiers are feared throughout the Galaxy, but in reality they are little more than pets for the powerful and rich—and on their native planet, powerless.

    Kryptonians make use of their advanced science to create a world where scientific inventions and research influence much of daily life, but in this alternate universe, all these accomplishments are tainted by their unrelenting desire to rule the cosmos. Robots and computers are used for many tasks on Krypton, even for determining which career paths young boys and girls would take as they grow up. Scientific and technological research is highly valued on Krypton, as are diplomatic and military skills.
    The Worldkillers

    The Warrior Caste and the genetic manipulation that gives them powers is the “second generation” of an ancient Kryptonian project called “Worldkillers”. The worldkillers were infants harvested from many other planets (usually conquered or destroyed) that underwent an early version the same empowering process of genetic manipulation that creates the Kryptonian Warriors. However, the process left a larger strain on the subjects’ minds, what led to early deterioration of the brain and madness. Beyond that, Worldkillers had no weaknesses and didn’t lose their powers under a red sun, so the threat of rebellion or having them used against Krypton was too great, and the project was suspended until it gained its current format.

    The creation of worldkillers is prohibited by Kryptonian law but it doesn’t stop some from producing them, wither for profit (selling them on the Black Market for those who can’t afford to buy a true Kryptonian Warrior from the Council) or as bodyguards.

    The average worldkiller is weaker and less powerful than the average Kryptonian Warrior, but they have a wider range of powers, based on their original species—including some biological powers, as the ability to create or extend limbs or exhale poisonous gases. All worldkillers have the Hatred (Kryptonians) complication and most of them also have mental illness and related complications.

    Over 100 Earth years ago

    All-out war between Krypton and the Planet Trade Federation, that uses old Kryptonian technology (with the help of renegade Kryptonian scientists) to create new Worldkillers.

    The Jax-Ur Incident

    Krypton originally had two moons. One of them, Wegthor, was accidentally destroyed by the deviant Kryptonian scientist Jax-Ur, who was experimenting with a nuclear missile that was accidentally diverted from its intended destination (an approaching meteor). The disaster killed 500 inhabitants of the moon and Jax-Ur became the first and only criminal to be banished eternally to the Phantom Zone. On the canon universe this disaster also prompted the Science Council of Krypton to ban space flight completely; in this alternate universe, however, this was not the case.

    In this universe, the moon Jax-Ur’s missile destroyed was under heavy attack from worldkillers employed by the Planet Trade Federation, one of Krypton’s rivals on the galactic political scene. Jax-Ur missile destroyed the moon but also stopped the worldkillers from attacking Krypton. As a result, the worldkiller’s production was suspended and the Warrior Caste was devised, with Jax-Ur being the leading scientist in the research to design the genetic enhancement process.
    c. 100 Earth years ago

    The Council authorizes the use of the perfected genetic process that creates the Warrior Caste.

    c. 97 Earth years ago

    The Kryptonian Warriors start being deployed throughout the Galaxy as mercenaries, serving different forces in conflict across the Universe. In many cases they're involved in wars with no clear winner. Krypton assumes dominion over these systems, building an empire.

    c. 85 Earth years ago

    The Council rules the planet with an iron fist and the Noble Houses spend their days dealing in intrigue and manipulation. The planet’s position in the Galactic scene is ensured by the skill of the Noble Caste’s politicians and diplomats and the godlike Warrior Caste, now the most powerful soldiers in the known universe.

    c. 52 Earth years ago

    Despite its importance on galactic affairs, Kryptonians are an intensely xenophobic race, and very fearful of alien invaders. By this point, no alien ship is allowed in the solar system of Krypton and the planet is protected by a complex defense system set throughout the solar system. All contact between Krypton and the rest of the universe is done through the advanced outpost of Argo City (see below).

    c. 27 Earth years ago

    Council member Jor-El first learns about the imminent destruction of Krypton. He fails to convince the Council about the danger.

    c. 25 Earth years ago

    Jor-El infuses his son, Kal-El, with modified powers of a Warrior Caste Kryptonian and puts him in a spacepod headed to Earth.
    Krypton explodes. The only survivors are in Argo City.

    c. 1 Earth years ago

    Argo City is attacked by Worldkillers. General Zod leads the defense.
    Kara Zor-El discovers a Matrix Crystal with the register of the fate of his cousin, Kal-El; after revealing this to Zod, she is sent to Earth to retrieve this new Kryptonian Warrior.

    Year 0 (Earth year 2014)
    Kara Zor-El lands on Earth and enters in conflict with Superman.

    Important Setting Notes and Ideas

    1. Krypton's destruction was NOT a natural disaster. As part of the campaign plot, it is important that the characters find out, at some point, that the planet's destruction was planned by a very important enemy or antagonist. (Brainiac? A future version of a villain?)

    2. Kal-El grows up on Earth much like any other DCU (see below, "Superman Mythos") and grows up to be the hero and leader of the JLA that we know. However, other Kryptonian characters (especially Kara Zor-El) and other human characters (especially Louis Lane) have VERY different backgrounds and personalities.

    Other Notes and Details

    Argo City

    Originally, Argo City was one of the largest cities on the planet Krypton (the others being Kandor and Kryptonopolis.) Warned of the impending destruction of the planet by his brother Jor-El, scientist Zor-El convinces the Argo City leaders to construct a dome force around the city's perimeter. The dome force allows the city to survive the destruction of Krypton, and provides oxygen and light for the inhabitants (in earlier stories, the air bubble is kept in place by unspecified means). The same chain reaction that turned the rest of Krypton into Kryptonite begins to affect the surface of Argo City; the surviving Kryptonians manage to line the surface with lead, protecting everyone from the deadly rays. Zor-El and his wife eventually have a daughter named Kara.

    In this setting, Argo City is an advanced outpost of Krypton, a city constructed on an artificial satellite. Argo is a trading city and the only contact between the isolationist Krypton and the rest of the universe. Argo is home to the Academy of Military Sciences, where sons and daughters or Noble Houses receive instruction on combat, strategy and leadership. Later, these students become leading officials for Kryptonian Warriors throughout the Galaxy.

    Despite being an artificial construct, Argo is an extremely beautiful, practically utopian city beloved by its inhabitants and seen as “a jewel of Krypton”. Argo eventually meets its fate under an attack by Worldkillers acting for an unknown party. This prompts the events that make General Zod to send Kara Zor-El to Earth.

    The people now known as Daxamites were originally Kryptonians who left their homeworld in order to explore the universe. They share the same potential as the Kryptonians to be genetically enhanced as Warriors. Early in their exploration of the universe, the Kryptonians discovered Daxam and mixed their blood with the natives.

    Daxam's inhabitants tend to stay on their homeworld, but some have ventured into the Galaxy. As a general rule, Daxamites are a more peaceful and less xenophobic offshoot of the Kryptonian race, choosing to gain the trust of the people living in the planets they found rather than mercilessly killing them as the other Kryptonians usually do.

    Due to their earlier breeding with the native Daxamite population—a race of non-powered people discovered by the Kryptonian explorers who later came to be known as Daxamites themselves—the current Daxamite population, descended from both the Kryptonian and the native Daxam race, possess the ability to breed with other humanoid races, an ability they do not share with their parent race. The offspring of a modern Daxamite and another humanoid individual, like a terrestrial, would share the full powers and abilities of a full-blooded individual.

    Note that, in this alternate universe setting, the mere exposition of Daxamites (or Kryptonians) to a yellow sun is not enough to give them powers; however, Daxamites may gain the same powers as Kryptonians when exposed to their genetic treatments.
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    Re: DCU: WARRIORS OF KRYPTON (Campaign Ideas, Stuff and Alternate Universe)

    The Superman Mythos

    Krypton is going to be destroyed.

    In this setting, the planet is going to be destroyed not by a natural disaster (“Planets do not just explode without giving centuries of warning first”), but by an ultimately powerful enemy.

    Jor-El of the Council knows the only way to save his son is imbue him with the powers of the Warrior Caste to ensure and hide him in a pod, sending him to a distant planet: Earth.

    Krypton is destroyed by this Hidden Enemy, but throughout the Galaxy a lie is spread about it having been destroyed by a comet or natural disaster, to ensure that the very few Kryptonian soldiers still in service do not revolt. The Enemy wants to control or destroy all Kryptonians; he brings the last few of them under his command and starts a campaign to hunt the last one.

    Basic Descriptions of Superman-related Characters in the Setting

    Kal-El, aka Superman

    An orphan from the lost planet Krypton, Superman enjoyed a peaceful upbringing in rural America, raised in a good home by caring parents. Driven by his love for his adopted planet and bound by a noble moral code, Kal-El serves as Earth’s greatest champion and protector—Superman.

    Superman was sent to Earth to escape the destruction of his homeworld and for many years wondered about where he came from and the origin of his powers. His only clue to uncover the truth of his birth was in the technology he brought to Earth within his space pod: Matrix Crystals containing the history of Krypton. Unfortunately, the true history of Krypton wasn’t what the compassionate hero expected.

    Krypton was a warring and xenophobic world. The ruling Council genetically manipulated the sons and daughters of the Warrior Caste to give them godlike powers, but also bonded them to subservience, effectively creating super-powered slave-soldiers. They scourged the Galaxy, subjugating entire solar systems, killing billions of sentient beings and sometimes eradicating full species. Not even the might Green Lantern Corps was a match for the sheer destructive force of the Kryptonian Warriors.

    When Krypton was attacked and faced annihilation in the hands of the Icers, the First Science Master of the Council, the coldhearted Jor-El, decided to save his newborn son throwing him in the enhancing tanks that created the Kryptonian super soldiers. The baby would then inherit the powers of the Kryptonian warriors and could be sent away to survive the destruction of Krypton. The plan worked and the baby Kal-El eventually arrived on Earth.

    Years later, Superman discovered he wasn’t the sole survivor of Krypton the worst way, when his cousin Kara Zor-El came to Earth looking for him. Kara wanted him to join her force of warriors to conquer the Universe, and Superman turned her down flat, starting a war between the two surviving Kryptonians.

    Kara Zor-El

    Kara Zor-El is a perfect Kryptonian Warrior: powerful, cold-blooded and evil. She leads a band of warriors to Earth searching for his baby cousin (sent there when Krypton was destroyed). Kara believes Krypton was hit by a comet or another natural disaster and believes the baby Kryptonian was sent to Earth to destroy it. She goes to the planet to make sure the deed is done and to bring his last relative back home.

    Raised from birth to be a Kryptonian Warrior, Kara Zor-El never wanted anything else. She rejoiced in the bloody battles and merciless killing sprees she and her companions did around the Galaxy. After Krypton was destroyed, they returned to Argo (the old Kryptonian Military Academy) and found the planet was also razed to the ground. There she discovered about the Worldkillers and their plan of destroying Krypton. The Matrix Crystal she recovered from the ruins of Argo revealed Jor-El’s plan of sending the infant Kal-El to a backwater planet in the Sol System, Space Sector 2814. However, she thought the child was sent to destroy the planet or conquer it. Realizing that another Kryptonian Warrior was just what she needed to face the Worldkillers, she came to Earth to meet her cousin and “rescue” him.

    Much to Kara’s dismay, Kal-El was far from being a warrior as herself. After meeting with “Clark Kent” and realizing his cousin had “gone native”, Kara decided to “save” the young man by beating him and then using a Matrix Crystal to implant a new set of memories in his mind, substituting his upbringing on Earth for memories of Krypton and the Military Academy of Argo City, thus turning the hero into a “proper Kryptonian”. With the false memories encroached deep inside his mind, Kal-El was ready to join Kara on her quest, starting with the destruction of Earth. Unfortunately for her, the plan went south thanks to the timely intervention of Agent Lois Lane, of the Department for Metahuman Affairs (DMA). Agent Lane was able to use an experimental device from STAR Labs to restore Superman’s memories. The following slugfest between Kara and Superman destroyed an entire section of Metropolis and ended with Kara defeating the Man of Steel with a specially charged shot of her “sunburst” ability. Before she could deliver the final blow, however, she was shot with a kryptonite bullet by an unknown assailant using a sniper rifle. Extremely weakened, she was forced to call on her spacepod and retreat from Earth, but not before swearing revenge on Kal-El and the woman called Lane.
    A Dark Future...
    Recently in her quest for vengeance, Kara came in contact with the Red Lanterns and their leader, Atrocitus. The encounter ended with the Red Lantern unlocking Kara’s power of rage, what means she has the potential to master a Red Power Ring and perhaps add this to her considerable powers. Only time will tell if this new threat will become true.
    Louis Lane

    An agent of the Department for Metahuman Affairs (DMA), tasked with the investigation on "Superman" when he first appeared.
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      Re: DCU: WARRIORS OF KRYPTON (Campaign Ideas, Stuff and Alternate Universe)

      Rules and Numbers

      Kryptonian Warrior Template

      The typical Kryptonian warrior uses the Soldier archetype (DCA, page 267) with the Kryptonian model below. Substitute equipment and skills as appropriate and add ranks of the Minions Advantage for a soldier-commander of an invasion force.

      Abilities: Strength +10, Stamina +10
      Advantages: Diehard
      Armor: Feature 1 (Quick Change) • 1 point
      Energy Control: Array (20 points)
      • Energy Blast or Heat Vision: Ranged Damage 10 • 20 points
      Flight: Array (20 points)
      • Flight 10 (2,000 MPH) • 20 points
      • Leaping 10, Speed 10 (2,000 MPH) • 1 point
      Invulnerability: Impervious Toughness 10; Immunity 10 (Life Support) • 20 points
      Super-Senses: Senses 15 (Acute and Extended Hearing, Extended Vision 3, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 4, Ultra-Hearing, Vision Penetrates Concealment (except lead)) • 15 points
      Super-Speed: Quickness 10 • 10 points
      Super-Strength: Enhanced Strength 2, Limited to Lifting • 2 points

      Complications: The Power Loss, Vulnerability and Weakness complications described below are mandatory; many Kryptonian Warriors also have the Prejudice (belonging to the Warrior Caste is close to being a slave if you weren’t born in the Noble Houses) and Temper (the genetic manipulation they undergo also makes their minds unstable) complications, but these are optional. Other appropriate complications include Reputation (as world destroyers and living weapons), and Hatred or Phobia (specific Warriors may have these traits implanted on them if requested by their patrons or to be easily controlled).
      Power Loss: Kryptonian Warriors lose their powers when exposed to red radiation, like that of the Krypton sun, which interferes with their genetic enhancements (but they are not dependent upon a yellow sun to “recharge” their powers). Effects that reproduce this kind of radiation can also deprive them of their powers. In these conditions, a Kryptonian Warrior loses all the benefits from this template. This is a failsafe implanted by the Council so Kryptonian Warriors cannot revolt or be used as weapons against Krypton itself.
      Vulnerability: Kryptonian Warriors are as vulnerable to magic as anyone else. Their Toughness is not Impervious against magical attacks. Most of them are not even aware of this vulnerability, since magic is not known in Krypton.
      Weakness: Kryptonite (radioactive remains of Krypton) saps the Strength and powers of a Kryptonian Warrior, leaving them impaired, disabled, and eventually debilitated in terms of Strength and power effects. Long-term exposure (usually a matter of minutes, less for a large enough amount) imposes the dying condition and may lead to death.
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        Re: DCU: WARRIORS OF KRYPTON (Campaign Ideas, Stuff and Alternate Universe)

        Place holder ^_^
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