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(OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

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  • (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

    House Leyburn

    Motto: Blood Calls To Blood
    Seat: Templestone
    Current Lord: Ser Ethan Leyburn, Knight of the Ley
    Liegelord: Lord Grover Tully, a boy of eight

    Resources and Holdings

    Defense: 20/20
    Hall (20)
    Influence: 19
    Lands: 38/39
    Wetlands with Small Town and River (26), Plains with a Stream (6), Grassland Plains (6)
    Law: 25
    Population: 42
    Power: 30/30
    Trained Archers (6), Trained Light Cavalry (8), Green Light Cavalry (6), Trained Garrison (5), Trained Guerillas (5)
    Wealth: 20/21
    Port (10), Food Agriculture (5), Comfortable Standard of Living (5)

    House Fortunes: +2 (+1d3)
    Law: -2
    Population: +1
    Port: +2
    Food Agriculture: +1

    Resource Gain Bonuses:
    Population: +1 (Food Agriculture)
    Power: +1 (Food Agriculture)

    +1 Intrigue Defense while in house holdings (Comfortable Standard of Living)
    +1B to Endurance checks while healing in house holdings (Comfortable Standard of Living)


    Ser Walton Strong is the captain of the household guard. He is one of the last Strongs, the main line of which was destroyed about sixty years ago during the Dance of Dragons. Ser Walton’s patient manner and leal service belie his ambitions—a refounding of House Strong with Harrenhal as a seat. To this end, he wed a bastard maiden of House Lothston, inching his way toward the line of inheritance. However, these machinations are essentially fantasy and Ser Walton does not let them consume his day to day life. He is not a rash man. Other men of the garrison include Dorian, Wide Wat, Barehands Pod, Rymer, Aemon, Daemon, Tim, Dagor, Sylas, Wyl, Jon, Tump, Jonny Longshaft, Tollard, Piker, Jool, Ser Chett, Gill, and Ben.

    Ser Fern, sometimes called Sweetsteel, is a hedge knight who Loren charged with overseeing his sons Gareth, Timon, and Ethan during the Rebellion. The plan did not work out, though Ser Fern did find himself some glory when he fought an exchange to a draw with Aegor Rivers on Redgrass Field, soon after which Rivers fled. It remains unknown whether Fern really did save Lord Bloodraven’s life with his intervention (as Fern claims), but it is undisputed that Lord Bloodraven granted him a respectable stipend after the battle. He has grown fat and lazy on this income, though he still appears at court and is nominally responsible for overseeing the flow of Leyburn grain.

    Lady Hostella Whent is married to Ser Fern and functions as his caretaker, scold, and usurper of duties. She married him at the height of his renown following Redgrass Field, thinking him to be a man on the rise, but has been more or less disappointed since then. Lady Hostella is understood to be the brains behind any of Ser Fern’s good ideas and the inevitable quasher of his bad ones. She frequently offers advice to others at court up to and including Ser Ethan.

    Ser Elmar of the Red Fork is a middle-aged hedge knight who has a squire to and compatriot of Loren of the Burn. He swore his sword to House Leyburn upon the founding and has served as an advisor ever since. Ser Elmar’s existence is a lonely one but for his service to the house—he has no family to speak of, though he is a dedicated follower of Lady Jonquil. He is a hedge knight through and through. His counsel is more likely to address the impact of a decision on the smallfolk than on a lordling.

    Ser Leslyn Darry is another household knight with nothing else in the way of title. He rose to service squiring Ser Gareth and decided to remain with House Leyburn, given his remote position in the Darry line. He is a younger man eager to prove his worth.

    Ser Brendan Hill, called Blacktooth, is a bastard of House Lefford. He spent many years as a freerider of some disrepute, riding at times with ironborn reavers, both sides in the Rebellion, and against his own father’s banners. However, his appetite for adventure and violence disappeared when he fell in love with a maiden from Reedtown. Since then, he has made Reedtown his home and begged Ser Gareth to accept him as a sworn sword. He is an able commander of the light cavalry and a deadly swordsman.

    Lady Jonquil of the Ley is a fortune-teller and faith healer who claims to be able to cure disease and see the future. She set up her simple stall in Reedtown just three years ago, but has since accumulated renown and wealth above her station thanks to a dedicated following among the smallfolk of the region and even some highborn knights and ladies. Her sermons weave raw charisma, near-heretical claims, and unearthly beauty together into a bewitching package. The smallfolk of Reedtown credit her for the relatively low toll taken by the Great Spring Sickness –a seeming miracle, since the sick flocked in droves from the countryside to receive her healing. Since Templestone lacks a Maester, she is likely the most skilled healer in Reedtown.

    Wat is the portmaster of Reedtown. A commoner of uncommon wits and girth, he has a sharp head for numbers, despite his lack of letters. He can usually be found down after hours at one of Reedtown’s taverns or demanding rents from the tenants of the several stilt-houses he owns.

    Master Odryn is the head of Templestone’s rather large servant corps. Odryn is an able in his job, though he is known to make prurient demands of the women servants and occasionally drink himself blind on wine from the lord’s table. He works hard to maintain the Leyburns’ lavish lifestyle and even improved his letters enough (he was once a novice septon) to write requests to faraway merchants.

    Brenly is a bright young boy of eleven and son of Ser Brenden Hill. Brenly acts as the Fool of Templestone in all but name. His memory for poetry and song is unparalleled and he has a quick and easy way with humor. His father has finally accepted that Brenly will never be a knight, and will instead lead a life seeking succor at court as an entertainer and performer.
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    Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising


    Ser Loren of the Burn (deceased)

    Though he was but a hedge knight for most of his life, Loren of the Burn wielded influence above his station throughout the Riverlands. Loren took to heart the phrase “any knight can make a knight,” keeping many squires and dubbing several men each year. He became known as a father figure among the hedge knights of the region, offering counsel and aid to the sometimes wayward men sleeping beneath the hedge. Vows are difficult to remember in times of hunger and strife, yet somehow Loren could awaken them again even in wandering knights turned brigand. Soon enough, Loren became known to the lords of the Riverlands—for his knight’s honor, for his frequent and redoubtable tourney performances (he needed to win ransoms in order to equip his newly knighted squires) and because his service in battle often caused the foeman’s hedge knights to quit the field. After years as a hedge knight, Loren finally swore his sword more or less permanently to House Strickland, a staunch Riverlands house. He looked to be well on his way towards being landed, even managing to arrange a marriage between his son Gareth and a Darry. Then the war came.

    House Strickland was quick to answer Daemon Blackfyre’s call to arms. In fact, it was the furious march of the Strickland host on King’s Landing that allowed Daemon to fly the city without fear of being ridden down. From there, chaos reigned. Lords called their banners, only to find them divided. Fighting erupted across the Riverlands, Westerlands, and Vale, while King Daeron’s Dornish court hurried to raise their banners. Like many, Loren hesitated before following his house to the Blackfyres. He secretly sent his sons Gareth, Timon, and Ethan to fight with House Darry, while holding his other sons Vickon and Kyle close at House Strickland. With Loren’s allegiance known, hedge knights soon began flocking to the banners of the Black Dragon. Lord Strickland placed Ser Loren in command of a thousand horse, sending him to subdue House Ryger’s new levies before they could join up with other loyalists and besiege Harrenhal. Lord Manfred Lothston chose that moment to betray Daemon Blackfyre, turning his cloak for the crown. Lothston seized dozens of hostages from the rebel nobles that had been sent to Harrenhal for protection and his knights began riding down groups of Blackfyre men. Ser Loren routed the Ryger foot, as expected, but fell in battle when the Lothston knights took his host from the rear.

    While Loren split his sons between Targaryen and Blackfyre banners, he did so in order to preserve their future. No matter who prevailed in the struggle, some of Loren’s boys would surely prove their valor for the victors, hopefully gaining enough clout to win lands for the family and pardons for the sons on the other side. Loren admonished his sons to never cross with blades with one another on the field of battle. His ploy was successful at its core, but came at a terrible cost. Gareth was landed as the Knight of the Ley, but Vickon became a kinslayer, ignoring Loren's directive and slaying his brother Ethan.

    Favored of Smallfolk, Favored of Nobles, Leader of Men, Tourney Knight, Sponsor (House Strickland)
    Honor-bound, Childhood Disease

    Ser Vickon, son of Loren

    Vickon’s middle son is a hotheaded man of passion, known for his utter fearlessness in battle and inability to understand opposing points of view. Even in his younger days, Vickon was always one to throw himself head over heels towards whatever cause happened to strike his fancy. His fierce devotion made him a successful hedge knight—once he swore his sword, he convinced himself of the utter righteousness of his liegelord’s cause even in the pettiest of border disputes. His loyalty is beyond reproach. More than once, his father pulled him aside for lecture about prudent service to a lord, which does not require counseling the lord toward war or always volunteering to serve as a champion in trial by combat. Hedge knights need to know when to move on, how to cut losses, and how to recognize when a lord is treating his sworn swords badly. Vickon served ably with houses Bracken, Mooten, and Darry, leaving each at the appropriate time after some prodding from Ser Loren, before following his father to House Strickland.

    When Daemon Blackfyre raised his banners, the Black Dragon’s call was irresistible to Vickon. Daemon’s cause was at once martial and romantic, one that naturally tugged at the heart of every man more concerned with heart, valor, and chivalry than history and other such tedium. All Vickon needed to see was Daemon Blackfyre, the finest knight in the realm, denied his lover by the limpwristed, bookish King Daeron. After that, it was all too easy to drink in the remaining Blackfyre claims—that Daeron was the Queen’s bastard and King Aegon acknowledged it by giving his sword to Daemon. It didn’t help that the younger sons of House Strickland were firm Blackfyre supporters and were not shy about it when in their cups. For this reason, Loren chose to keep Vickon on the Blackfyre side of the conflict, knowing that he would be a miserable and unconvincing player on the Targaryen side.

    After Loren was killed following the Lothston treachery, Vickon’s wroth knew no limits. He unleashed his fury on the battlefield, slaying men left and right and taking no prisoners. He became known even to Ser Aegor Rivers as one of the fiercest knights in the Blackfyre service and was given the command of some of the vanguard at Redgrass Field, opposite his nemesis House Lothston, as well as House Darry. He disgraced himself in this battle by slaying his own brother Ethan after Ethan’s refusal to switch sides and by allowing his formation to disperse into chaos after the charge.

    Axe Fighter I, Axe Fighter II, Armor Mastery, Stubborn, Dutiful
    Naïve, Obtuse (Awareness flaw)

    Ser Ethan, son of Loren (deceased)

    Ethan took after his brother Vickon in his passion for combat, but was also a man capable of vulnerability and introspection. He was a zealous squire in his father's service, though he was an undisciplined swordsman. Ethan carried himself with guilt and self-doubt, allowing his every misstep and failure to follow him in his thoughts. He was known to lash himself as penance in the style of the Norvoshi and would sometimes disappear for days at a time to hunt and be alone. When the rebellion came, he honored his father's command to avoid his brothers on the field, but was ridden down by his brother Vickon on the field. His fighting spirit vanished when he saw Vickon's fury and his brother slew him on the spot.

    Ethan's new wife (of House Paege) gave birth to their only child after his passing, but both mother and son died in the Spring Sickness.

    Great Hunter, Brawler I, Brawler II
    Disturbing Habit (self-flagellation), Haunted

    Ser Gareth Leyburn, Knight of the Ley (deceased)

    Gareth was the founding head of House Leyburn, one of many honors he earned during the Rebellion. He was skilled with lance and sword, saving the life of Lord Darry and dispatching Ser Logar Bracken, Ser Trystane Hightower, and Ser Lyonel Strickland in the fighting. Following his father's instruction, he admonished his brothers Ethan and Timon to avoid Kyle and Vickon on the field of battle. The plan was undone when Vickon slew Ethan, and both Gareth and Timon confronted Vickon. The battle ended with each brother wounded (Gareth most grievously) and the retreat of the Blackfyre forces.

    With the crown's blessing and Lord Darry's suggestion, Lord Medgar Tully raised up Gareth to the status of landed knight, granting him Reedtown's charter and some surrounding lands. Gareth began his rule by purging House Strickland's retainers, sending every highborn man to the Wall and replacing them with his own circle of former hedge knights and distant cousins of minor houses. These early years were difficult, with Gareth learning many lessons of nobility and stewardship the hard way. Quickfinger made off with a year's taxes. Gareth took out loans from House Lothston to fill his coffers, but balked at their demand for wards, almost leading to war. His attempt to culture his bastard sons by putting them into service for the realm ended in disaster when both of them forswore their vows and escaped to exile. His allies were few--House Darry was the only one he trusted--and his enemies (exiled Stricklands, the Lothstons, Brackens, and others) numerous. Established houses treated him with veiled contempt, rebel houses hated his usurpation of House Strickland, while loyalist houses whispered about his pardon of Kyle and his bastards running off to Bittersteel. Nevertheless, Reedtown prospered and many of these lords were forced to treat with him to facilitate trade.

    By the end of his rule, Gareth was known to the smallfolk as a just man with capable officers (Timon foremost among them) and an easy way about him. He earned the grudging respect of other Riverlander lords as time passed. To his family, he was a loving father and brother, one who would go to great lengths to ensure their safety and comfort. The Great Spring Sickness had a light touch on Reedtown, but took both Gareth and his son Daemon (named for Daemon Blackfyre long before the rebellion). His nephew Loren succumbed as well, leaving only his second son, Ethan, and uncle, Kyle, standing.

    Head of House, Armor Mastery, Treacherous, Authority, Lucky
    Marked, Crippled, Threatening

    Ser Lyonel Rivers

    Lyonel is one of Lord Gareth’s two bastard sons. Upon being disinherited by the birth of a trueborn heir, he took the black before half of Reedtown, even being knighted by a recruiting Brother of the Night’s Watch. However, his flirtation with service to the realm was short-lived. After learning more details about the Watch, his brother Andry convinced him to instead seek the exiled Blackfyre forces. The two of them fled to Tyrosh, under the belief that Daemon Blackfyre’s sons might raise them up to trueborn status, better positioning them to inherit.

    Andry Rivers
    is Lyonel’s younger half-brother. He was sent to Oldtown to be trained and chained as a maester just before the rebellion. He progressed well through most of his studies, but while on leave to celebrate the nameday of his trueborn half-brother, he convinced his brother Lyonel to abscond to Tyrosh, in hopes of legitimization.
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      Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising


      King Aegon IV Targaryen (deceased)

      King Aegon Targaryen, the Fourth of His Name sat the Iron Throne for nearly twelve years, but the seeds of his misrule blossomed into treasons and worse across the realm. Now called Aegon the Unworthy, he took a woman to bed every night (and rarely, his wife) and stuffed his face until his swollen body absorbed his neck and ankles. Nobles openly proffered their daughters as mistresses in return for privileges and favors. His many bastards became known for their deeds and character—especially the Great Bastards, who were birthed by noblewomen. Their number included Aegor Rivers, Brynden Rivers, Sheira, Mya Rivers, Gwenys Rivers, and of course, Daemon Waters, whom he knighted at the age of twelve and granted the sword Blackfyre. Aegon openly cast doubt on the legitimacy of his own heir, Daeron, muttering at court that Daeron was fathered by another. By now, Daeron had proved a thorn in his father’s side. Daeron opposed Aegon’s proposed conquest of Dorne and granted succor to lords that had suffered as a result of Aegon’s patronage-based misrule. Aegon pressed ahead with the invasion but a storm shattered the royal fleet on the Stepstones and Aegon spoke no more of Dorne. He died corpulent and unloved except by his favorite crony lords at court, but not before legitimizing all of his bastards on his deathbed. The Great Bastards received incomes from the crown as a result, greatly increasing their power. His son Daeron II Targaryen succeeded him without controversy, though rumors persisted.

      King Daeron II Targaryen (deceased)

      Called Daeron the Good by some, King Daeron proved a more just ruler than Aegon. He dismissed his father’s council of corrupt lords and replaced them with more even-handed men. Seeking to cement his legitimacy, he wore his father’s crown and treated the Great Bastards with respect, honoring Aegon’s grant of incomes. In temperament, however, he lacked a King’s mettle and poise. He was fond of reading, not fighting, and filled his court with foreign Dornish lordlings. No doubt the strange spices of Dorne addled his senses, because he had soon filled nearly all of his offices with Dornishmen and women, passing over men from many leal and storied houses. As if this weren’t enough, he married a Dornish princess, binding Dorne to the Iron Throne through diplomacy, not war. This agreement granted Dorne many special privileges and the retention of their royal titles (“Prince of Sunspear”).

      King Daeron granted his brother Daemon lands, but denied him his true love: their trueborn sister, Princess Daenerys, whom he married to the Prince of Dorne. Of course. Daemon’s rebellion would not come for twelve years after, but the seeds were sown by Daeron’s love of books, women, septons, the Dornish, and spurning his half-brother Daemon.

      Daeron did not take the field against the rebels. He let other, better men do his fighting and dying for him. Nevertheless, the royalist forces won decisively at Redgrass Field thanks equally to the command of The Bloodraven and Daemon’s honor—The King That Bore The Sword died in a rain of arrows after he paused his advance to defend his wounded opponent, Ser Gwayne Corbray of the Kingsguard. King Daeron found his spine after the fighting was done. Lands and titles were stripped of rebel lords, hostages were taken, and hundreds were sent to the Wall or the gallows. The Great Spring Sickness took Daeron himself next, leaving his heir Aerys to take the throne.

      King Aerys Targaryen
      , First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm

      The realm is falling apart slowly under King Aerys, the First of His Name. Though he has only ruled for two years, he has overseen countless deaths in the Great Spring Sickness, which continued until just last year. Summer arrived with a terrible drought that has ruined harvests and set neighbor against neighbor. Many murmur that the gods themselves are punishing King Aerys for his ineptitude. The King appears incapable of meeting the challenges of the throne. He reads even more than his father and defers most decisions to his Hand, The Bloodraven. Dagon Greyjoy has seized on the weakness of the Iron Throne to reave up and down the coast, bringing steel and fire down on already parched lands. Aerys is also without issue and is rumored to not have consummated his marriage. This fact is problematic for the realm because his brother and heir Rhaegel is a sweet man who happens to be simultaneously mad and feebleminded. Rhaegel’s son Aelor is likely cut from the same cloth. Next in line is Prince Maekar, who is competent but carries the curse of being a kinslayer. His brother Baelor Breakspear should have inherited instead of Aerys, but was struck down by Maekar in a Trial of Seven. Indeed, the invocation of Baelor’s name is enough to set heads to shaking and minds wandering.

      Aerys’ misrule continues apace, his reign largely kept afloat by his Hand and spymaster, Lord Brynden Rivers.

      His Small Council
      Hand of the King and Master of Whispers: Lord Brynden Rivers, called the Bloodraven
      Master of Coin: Lord Ronnel Penrose
      Master of Ships: Runcemond Redwyne
      Master of Laws: Lord Warron Waynwood
      Grand Maester: Aethelmure

      His Kingsguard
      Lord Commander Alyn Connington, called the Pale Griffin
      Ser Tom Costayne, called Long Tom
      Ser Donnell of Duskendale
      Ser Roland Crakehall
      Ser Willem Wylde
      Ser Edgar Vaith
      Ser Jeffory Norcross,
      called Neveryield

      His Family
      His Queen, Aelinor Penrose
      His brother and heir, Rhaegel (and his son Aelor and daughters Aelora and Daenora)
      His brother, Maekar (and his sons Daeron, Aerion, Aemon, and Aegon, and his daughters Daella and Rhae)
      His uncle, Lord Brynden Rivers, called Bloodraven.

      King Daemon I Blackfyre, The King Who Bore The Sword (deceased)

      Born Daemon Waters to Princess Daena Targaryen, Daemon was blessed with unearthly beauty and incredible skill at arms. He was knighted at twelve by King Aegon IV Targaryen, who also took the opportunity to acknowledge him before court as his natural son and bestow upon him Blackfyre, the Valyrian sword of Aegon the Conqueror. Daemon’s rise continued and he soon became surrounded by his own cadre of admirers and confidants, many of whom were impressive knights in their own right. After his father legitimized all of his bastards and died, there was speculation that Daemon would fight for the throne, despite the fact that his half-brother Daeron was older and therefore had the better claim according to the maesters. However, no challenge came forth and Daeron was crowned without controversy.

      Daemon loved his half-sister Daenerys, and she loved him in return, but King Daeron slighted him by marrying her to Prince Maron Martell of foreign Dorne. Daeron’s rule continued much in this vein: spurning men of chivalry and grit in favor of the counsel of maesters, septons, women, and the Dornish. Daemon’s rugged charisma stood in stark contrast to Daeron’s cautious and detached leadership.

      In 196 AC, Daemon made his claim, denouncing Daeron as illegitimate, as was widely rumored. To many a man in Westeros, Daemon seemed more kinglike than Daeron. Daemon was Targaryen on both sides, while Daeron’s legitimacy was disputed; Daeron was a lover of books and the Dornish, while Daemon wielded Aegon’s sword and surrounded himself with the finest knights of the realm. Daemon seemed a better man and better king than Daeron, maesters be damned. Second and third sons, hedge knights, and young lords swarmed to Daemon’s banners. Their ranks were bolstered by those Daeron had slighted at court through his many office dismissals in favor of Dornish replacements. To many, Daemon and his cause seemed near-invincible, backed by the finest knights of the realm: Ser Aegor “Bittersteel” Rivers, Ser Quentyn “Fireball” Ball, Black Byren Flowers, Ser Robb Reyne, Redtusk, and others.

      The fighting started almost immediately, with Fireball leading an army through the Westerlands against the Lannisters and Daemon taking to the Riverlands. The loyalist houses proved an even match through numbers and treachery (several houses switched sides), but in the end it was Daemon’s own chivalry that doomed his cause. During the decisive Battle of Redgrass Field, Daemon paused his advance after defeating Ser Gwayne Corbray of the Kingsguard in single combat in order to move the wounded Corbray to safety. This allowed the Bloodraven to take the Weeping Ridge and rain arrows down on Daemon’s position, slaying him and his two oldest sons, Aemon and Aegon. The Blackfyre forces broke soon after.

      King Daemon is survived by five sons (Daemon, Haegon, Aegor, Aerys, Aenys) and two daughters (Naerys, Calla), all of whom escaped to Tyrosh with Bittersteel and many other Blackfyre supporters.
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        Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising


        House Bracken

        Lord Hendry Bracken (deceased)

        Lord Hendry rose to lordship after Aegon the Unworthy executed his aunt (Aegon’s lover) for sleeping with a member of his Kingsguard, then executed his father as well for good measure. Hendry was a gentle man, but nonetheless raised his banners for the Black Dragon when his aunt’s bastard Aegor Rivers demanded it. Following the rebellion, he disavowed Bittersteel and took the crown’s punishments, which were minor (his aid to the Blackfyre cause was notably inadequate—he was sent to raise Myrish sellswords and arrived back after the Battle of Redgrass Field). Following the rebellion, he passed over several opportunities to reignite the ancient blood rivalry with House Blackwood, choosing appeasement and reconciliation over strife. He died in the Great Spring Sickness just last year.

        Head of House, Eloquent, Worldly
        Craven, Reviled

        Lord Otho Bracken

        Lord Otho Bracken, called the Brute of Bracken, has unexpectedly found himself Lord of Stone Hedge after his father Hendry and his brother quickly last year. Otho is everything his father was not—decisive, handsome, courageous, and cruel. He earned his nickname during the tourneys of his youth, including one in which he killed Lord Quentyn Blackwood, an act that inflamed the ancient rivalry between the houses. The Blackwoods’ outrage at this act has only crescendoed since Otho inherited. His rule has not yet been long, and lordship does not appear to have changed his character.

        Attractive, Head of House, Treacherous, Tough, Blood of the Andals
        Ignoble, Nemesis (House Blackwood), Supreme Arrogance

        House Darry of Castle Darry

        Lord Deremond Darry (deceased)

        Lord Deremond Darry was one of the most highly regarded lords in the Riverlands, famous for his easy way with leadership, his fast honor, and his valor in battle. He rode for King Daeron at Redgrass field alongside nine knights of Darry, his brothers, sons, and nephews. Tragically, they each fell to the Black Dragon's knights during that battle. Only Lord Deremond survived, thanks to his incredible fighting prowess, Ser Gareth Leyburn's protection, and sheer luck. He emerged from the battle even more of a legend and under his watchful eye, the Riverlands were remade. Lands and titles were stripped, new houses christened, and old ones exiled. The battle left him a haunted and weary man and the Spring Sickness did what Blackfyre’s swords could not. He was succeeded by his cousin, Ser Robert Darry.

        Head of House, Favored of Nobles, Authority, Respected, Armor Mastery
        Haunted, Marked, Poor Health

        Lord Robert Darry

        Lord Robert is a bitter lord, having found himself boxed in on many sides. House Darry is a storied and powerful house, but Robert was never groomed for leadership and has the misfortune of following the Great Man, Lord Deremond, which only serves to highlight Robert’s inadequacies. Until Redgrass Field, Robert was a permanent squire, serving Ser Arwood Peake for over ten years. That battle put an end to Ser Arwood (who rode with his house for the Black Dragon) and eviscerated the Darry line of succession. Gareth Leyburn captured him in the battle and after the crown’s pardon, knighted him. As such, Lord Robert maintains good relations with House Leyburn and considers both Kyle and Timon to be friends. The same cannot be said of the other houses of the Riverlands. Robert’s time as a long-term squire has left him a coarse man, prone to bawdy jokes and impolitic bluntness. This manner has slowly alienated the other lords and ladies of the Riverlands. As a result, his relations to other houses is purely transactional, with little respect or friendship accompanying the relationships.

        Head of House, Lucky, Trade (Squiring)
        Ignoble, Bound to the Bottle, Lascivious

        House Goodbrook

        Lord Desmond Goodbrook

        Lord Desmond Goodbrook is a pompous young man known as a commons favorite in tourneys. Aside from his skill with lance and sword, he is known for making boastful promises and wagers, though he never puts anything on the line that cannot be replaced. He is fast friends with the Freys of the crossing, having been fostered at the Twins. He took a Frey maiden to wife last year and his first child, a daughter, was born just a few months ago. Lord Desmond's character is as of yet untested; his father passed with the house in a good place and Desmond has kept his father's advisors in place. As such, he has much to prove and little in way of lordly accomplishment.

        Head of House, Favored of Smallfolk, Tourney Knight
        Supreme Arrogance, Debt

        House Lothston of Harrenhal

        Lady Danelle Lothston

        Lady Danelle Lothston has ruled Harrenhal for the last ten years. Called Mad Danelle by some behind her back, she is rumored to dabble in black sorcery, drink the blood of children, and keep giant bats in her rookery. She rarely ventures from Harrenhal without a powerful host at her back, but when she does, she wears armor of black steel and a sword on her hip. Her late husband, Lord Manfred Lothston was said to be under her spell for the majority of his rule, including his betrayal of Daemon Blackfyre partway into the Rebellion. Her rule has been steady and imperious. Enemies never last long, finding themselves distracted by new foes or dead under mysterious circumstance. In person, her manner is formal and yet transgressive; always cold and always dangerous. House Lothston boasts many legions and they hold the Whents as bannermen. The line of succession is murky for House Lothston. Technically, Manfred's nephew Davos should be lord, but he claims to be Danelle's heir, rather than the rightful lord.

        Head of House, Famous, Charismatic
        Reviled, Threatening

        Ser Davos Lothston

        Davos is Lady Danelle's captain of the guard, erstwhile champion, and possibly her heir. She has never acknowledged that last part, but Davos refers to himself as such while out of her presence. He bears many marks of being heir: he commands her guard, sits at court, and even wields the family blade, Red Rain. However, it isn't hard to see why Lady Danelle may pause to call him her heir. Davos is headstrong, brusque, and violent. He settles many of his disputes with his sword and has never had the attention span to master the business of etiquette or diplomacy. In his narrow role as advisor and captain of the guards, he flourishes. He is most at home when asserting his manliness: jockeying among the many Lothston knights retainer for attention, asserting his dominance in the practice yard, or chasing serving girls. Despite his flaws, he is a dutiful knight. His fear of Lady Danelle ensures that he follow her orders with uncharacteristic precision.

        Heirloom (Red Rain), Armor Mastery, Anointed, Sponsor (Lady Danelle)
        Ignoble, Furious, Brash (Will flaw)

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          Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

          Riverlanders, cont.

          House Lychester

          Lord Ryman Lychester

          Lord Ryman Lychester is an old man, stooped from his years and beginning to lose his wits. In his youth, he was a redoubtable fighter and a delight in House Shawney’s court, always quick with a jape or turn of phrase.
          The Lychesters were once Ironmen sworn to the Hoares of Harrenhal, but reinvented themselves following that house’s demise, foreswearing the Drowned God for the Seven and becoming loyal retainers of House Shawney of Castle Shaw. The Rebellion proved to be a moment of fortune for the house when Ser Ryman refused to follow his liegelord to the Black Dragon. King Daeron rewarded this loyalty to the crown with a lordship and title to Castle Shaw, promptly renamed Castle Lychester. His gamble fifteen years ago paid off in spades and he has spent this time scrambling to rise to the challenge of stewarding his new lands. In his later years, he has grown obsessed with rooting out spies from House Shawney and other foes, real and imagined. Two years ago, he almost caused a border war by hanging Robin Rivers, the Bastard of Darry, for “spying.”

          Blood of the Ironmen, Head of House, Stubborn
          Feeble, Forgetful

          Balon Lychester

          Balon Lychester was born a stunted dwarf and was exiled early in life, sent to Maidenpool and Gulltown to join the circus or make some other beggar's fortune. Instead, he thrived, becoming a serial hanger-on of pirates, sellswords, smugglers, and worse. By the time his father had need of him again (his older brothers were all killed in the Rebellion, fighting on both sides), he had become a fixer and raconteur with business on both sides of the narrow sea and a long list of enemies. He took his father up on the offer, escaping back to the Riverlands to become heir to Castle Lychester. He brought with him a taste for Lyseni whores and sourleaf, a tenancy toward the gutter, and his constant companion, the Norvoshi hulk Deo Matrah. In the last five years, he has made serious efforts at becoming respectable at court, but still naturally clings to others of his ilk. He has been accused of breaking bread with Quickfinger, though his Norvoshi vanquished the accuser (a house retainer of Lord Tully) in a duel. Balon has taken on more and more of the responsibilities of leadership as his father’s wits continue to ebb.

          Worldly, Heir, Connections (Riverlands), Cohort (Deo Matrah), Mummer, Sinister
          Dwarf, Reviled, Poor Health

          House Paege

          Ser Harbert Paege

          Ser Harbert Paege is the current head of House Paege, upon his father’s passing six years ago. He's a vital, physical sort of man; the sort more comfortable when out hunting or riding. This is not to say that court bores him. He was a frequent presence in King Daeron's court and a friend to Fireball and Aegor Rivers, which perhaps explains his abstention from the Rebellion. As he nears thirty, his focus has shifted to producing an heir. His wife is a Lannister of Lannisport and it is looking more and more likely that her contribution to House Paege ended with her hefty dowry. Ser Harbert has been discreetly seeking advice from his friends and others as to the proper manner to handle the issue of succession. He has two younger brothers, but wants to firmly anchor his place in the history of the house with an heir. Part of the difficulty is Harbert's honor. Most men would find some underhanded way to deal with it, by inventing excuse to remove the wife and find a new one, or even by passing off a bastard as trueborn. Not Harbert. His word is a bond; steely and unyielding. Rigid, even.

          Head of House, Long Blade Fighter I, Gifted Athlete, Connections (King's Landing)
          Honor-Bound, Forgetful

          House Roote of Lord Harroway's Town

          Lord Quincy Roote

          Lord Quincy Roote is a bookish, middle-aged man preoccupied with history. While his rule is competent and just, his manliness or lack thereof is sometimes the object of quiet ridicule. Originally trained to be a maester, he cut short his studies to inherit when his older brother died of rotgut. He has been a fast friend of House Tully, serving as treasurer at Riverrun for a time, and fostering a number of Tully cousins. Those close to him know him as an able and just lord; one who measures his rule against his ancestors and other historical figures. He leaves the rougher parts of leadership to his sons, both of whom are hardy knights and able commanders.

          Head of House, Head for Numbers, Knowledge Focus (History and Legends), Sponsor (House Tully)
          Inept, Sedentary (Athletics flaw)

          House Shawney of Shaw Tower

          Lord Garlon Shawney

          Lord Garlon Shawney is a middle-aged man who lost his arm, his sons, and his castle after he raised the Black Dragon’s banner. He is a fiery man prone to fits of rage and zealous devotion to various omens that he perceives. As the years pass, he has sent wife after wife to the Silent Sisters after each one fails to give him an heir. His bitterness and complete lack of subtlety have alienated him from other lords, who treat with him only when they find it absolutely necessary.

          Pious, Head of House, Connections (Tyrosh), Leader of Men, Talented (Warfare)
          Furious, Maimed, Debt, Wretched (Status flaw), Dullard (Cunning flaw)

          Baernard Rivers

          Baernard Rivers, called the Bastard of Harrenhal (during his youthful association with the house) or Quickfinger (more recently), is Lady Falena Stokeworth’s natural son. His father is unknown, but Baernard’s light blond hair and Lady Falena’s well-documented affairs with King Aegon have led to the widespread belief that he is one of Aegon’s Great Bastards.

          Baernard initially aspired to be a knight, though he was poor at jousting and worse at chivalry. After a particularly bad tourney beating by an aging hedge knight from Pennytree, Baernard quit his spurs for good. He sold his arms and mount before his foeman could collect them as ransom and absconded to the hedge, becoming a bandit and a thief.

          In the many years since, Quickfinger has made a far better outlaw than he ever did a knight. Smuggling. Banditry. Ransom. Spying. Murder. Nothing is too low for Quickfinger and his ever-shifting, ever-present gang of rogues. As insurance, he often adopts the role of cat’s paw to some Riverlander lordling seeking to destabilize a surging rival. Quickfinger’s connections to the underworld are second to none and in many cases, his involvement is indispensible for the proper handling of delicate matters in the Riverlands. Armed with this expertise as his currency, Quickfinger plays all sides at once, escaping confinement with promises to tweak the confining lord’s rivals. Perhaps most famously, he dodged Lord Darry’s death sentence for murder when Ser Quentyn Ball, master of arms at the Red Keep, offered to champion him in trial by combat. When the Black Dragon raised his banners, Quickfinger paid him back by attempting to steal dragon’s eggs from King's Landing on behalf of the Blackfyres. He was caught and later pardoned by the crown, ostensibly in return for House Lothston’s service during the rebellion, though he had no friends at Harrenhal.

          In the years since, he has continued his wanton criminality, waylaying tax collectors, commandeering riverboats, smuggling outlawed Blackfyre coin, and the like. He has earned the wroth of House Leyburn many times over, perhaps because Ser Gareth and Ser Timon refused to play his game of catch and release. When the house was first established, Baernard's men were hired as tax collectors (they had discredited or killed House Strickland’s officers who might have stayed on) and made off with a year’s worth of taxes. He loaned at aggressive rates to Reedtown merchants and hung those who missed their payments. He spent half a year forging love letters in his sister’s hand to the captain of the crown’s warship King Daeron’s Fist, convincing him to sail up the Trident and burn Reedtown to avenge a slight allegedly committed by Timon Leyburn against the sister. A fifth of the town went up in flame and Captain Jaime Valeryon hung, but not before telling his tale and handing over the love letters. That was three years ago and Quickfinger hasn’t been quite as active in House Leyburn’s territory since, though his compatriots are occasionally apprehended in Reedtown.


          Connections: Riverlands, Connections: King's Landing, Cadre, Favored of Smallfolk, Adept Negotiator


          Bastard Born, Inept (Fighting Flaw), Bound to the Bottle
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            Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

            Septon Kyle Leyburn
            Former knight turned Septon

            Role – schemer/warrior
            Goal Enlightenment
            Motivation Stability
            Virtue pious
            Vice wrathful
            ID 10
            Composure 15/15
            CD 9
            Health 9/9
            Awareness 16

            Status 3 Reputation 1B
            Persuasion 5 Charm 1B Convince 1B
            Will 5 Dedication 1B
            Awareness 4 Empathy 1B
            Fighting 3 Bludgeons 1B
            Agility 3
            Athletics 3
            Language 3
            Healing 3 Treat Injury 1B
            Knowledge 3 Education 1B, Streetwise 1B
            Endurance 3
            Cunning 3 Decipher 1B
            Deception 3
            Survival 3
            Animal Handling 1

            Favoured of Smallfolk

            Flaw (Agility)
            Debt – paying money to the Sept
            Bound to the bottle

            coin: 3d6k3 7 - so 3.5GD after debt

            A former knight who fought in the Blackfyre Rebellion. He is the brother to the original lord and uncle to the current lord. He was the original commander of the guerrillas and was feared for his hammer. He fought in several battles including one against the house they had sworn allegiance to as per the plan. He was injured in the final days and when he came to; he claimed to have seen a vision of the Seven, forsaking his old ways and devoting himself to the Seven, rather than bloodshed.
            Nowadays, he serves as Septon and tries to provide council to his nephew Ethan.

            He drinks occasionally to dull the pain from his head injury, which still causes him issue to this day

            Ethan reminds him of a younger version of him and tries to council him where he went wrong.
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              Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

              SER TIMON LEYBURN, steward/bailiff of House Leyburn
              Age: 34 (Middle-Aged)
              Role: Fighter/Expert

              Goal: Security (for his house and his family)
              Motivation: Duty
              Virtue: Devoted
              Vice: Vengeful

              The fourth and least martial of Ser Loren of the Burn's five sons, Timon was very close to his father and followed his lead in all things. He wholeheartedly supported Loren's ambition of founding his own noble house, to the point of suppressing any overt ambitions of his own as he grew older in order to assist Loren in realizing his dream.

              As a boy, Timon squired with a knight of House Darry; he showed real promise as a swordsman, but it was clear that his true strength lay in his perceptiveness and keen intellect. Loren did what he could to supply Timon with tutors to sate his appetite for learning, and Timon himself badgered House Darry's maester into giving him lessons in the proper management of a noble estate. For a while, there was even talk of sending Timon to Oldtown to begin training at the Citadel, but fate intervened in the shape of the Blackfyre Rebellion. Suddenly, his sword was in far greater demand than any of his book learning.

              Timon had just turned nineteen when the rebellion began, and though he was loath to fight against his own father and brothers, he saw the wisdom of Ser Loren's plan to play both sides against the middle. So he faithfully executed his part in the scheme, fighting ably for Lord Darry alongside Gareth and Ethan until the final confrontation at Redgrass Field. There he watched helplessly as Vickon became a kinslayer and was himself sorely wounded when he and Gareth strove to avenge Ethan's death.

              Vickon's betrayal shook Timon to the core. He swore vengeance against his brother at any cost, but in the aftermath of the rebellion there was no opportunity to act on his vow. He was knighted by Lord Darry for his leal service, while Gareth was raised to the ranks of the nobility as the first Knight of the Ley. Lacking the influence to attract a maester, Gareth instead appointed Timon his steward (and later chief bailiff). All through the difficult early years of the house Timon worked tirelessly to help cement his brother's rule and in this capacity he soon crossed swords with the notorious bandit Quickfinger. Timon took the latter's repeated attacks on House Leyburn very personally, and ever since he has devoted considerable time and resources to bringing Quickfinger to justice, though so far with little lasting success.

              Timon has never married and is not one for casual dalliances, but it's an open secret in Leyburn lands that he keeps a mistress in Reedtown. Aemma is the widow of a local potter, and a successful artisan in her own right, having taken over her husband's workshop after he drowned on a fishing trip in the marshes. They met a few years after the founding of House Leyburn and have maintained a steady relationship since then. Aemma has given Timon several children, all of whom he acknowledged as his, but ultimately only two boys – Loras and Benjen – survived infancy. When they were old enough, Timon brought them to Templestone to serve as pages, a decision he would live to regret.

              When the Great Spring Sickness broke out in House Leyburn's lands, it first appeared at Templestone. Acting decisively, Gareth immediately ordered both Templestone and Reedtown to be sealed off as a preventative measure. His prompt action ensured that the plague never took hold in Reedtown, saving the lives of many of House Leyburn's smallfolk, but the decision to quarantine Templestone doomed many who were in the keep at the time. Gareth himself died early on, as did his wife and their firstborn son. Timon was deathly sick for a while, but eventually recovered, only to find that Loras and Benjen had succumbed to the plague as he lay in a fevered delirium. Devastated by the death of his boys (Loras was twelve and Benjen ten), Timon has responded by throwing himself into his work as a means of dealing with his grief. As for the effect this will have on his relationship with Aemma, only time will tell.

              Family. Duty. Honor. These were values that Loren of the Burn sought to instill in all his sons from an early age, and Timon took them all to heart. He is fiercely devoted to the security and prosperity of his house and family, seeing it as his sacred duty to nurture and protect them. To some, Timon seems an unlikely guardian of his family's fortunes – bookish and subdued in manner, he is neither the leader Gareth was, nor as ferocious a warrior as Vickon, but he is clever, hard-working, and a quick study of both men and situations. These qualities have stood him in good stead as House Leyburn's steward-cum-bailiff, and Timon is quietly proud of all that he and his brothers have achieved over the last fifteen years.

              If Timon has an obvious vice, it lies in his ability to hold a grudge. In particular, anyone foolish enough to threaten his house and family will find that they have made an implacable enemy – one who will work discreetly but relentlessly to wreak his vengeance, no matter how long it takes.

              A well-built man in his mid-thirties, Timon carries himself with an air of authority that makes most people overlook the fact that he is also a bit on the short side. He is reasonably good-looking, with well-defined features and light brown eyes that are equally capable of projecting warmth and steely resolve. But the stress of work and his recent illness have also left their mark – Timon's dark brown hair is beginning to show dashes of grey, his face seemingly grows more lined by the day, and dark circles under the eyes are now a permanent feature. In short, Timon looks older than his years.

              Agility 3
              Animal Handling 3
              Athletics 4
              Awareness 5 (Empathy 1B)
              Cunning 4
              Deception 3
              Endurance 3
              Fighting 4 (Long Blades 2B)
              Knowledge 3 (Streetwise 2B)
              Language 3 (Common Tongue)
              Persuasion 4 (Bargain 1B, Convince 1B, Intimidate 1B)
              Status 3 (Stewardship 2B)
              Thievery 1
              Warfare 3
              Will 3
              All others 2

              Combat Defense: 12 (7 in brigandine, 8 in mail, +4 with shield)
              Health: 9

              Intrigue Defense: 12 (+1 when Comfortable Standard of Living is applicable)
              Composure: 9

              Destiny Points (max/current): 1/0
              Benefits: Authority, Connections (Riverlands), Expertise (Long Blades), Head for Numbers
              Drawbacks: Nemesis (Quickfinger), Sickly

              Glory (gained/spent or donated): 1/0

              Current Coin: 3 Gold Dragons, 110 Silver Stags
              Possessions: Noble's garb, brigandine armor, large shield, superior longsword, dagger, rounsey, pavilion tent.
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                Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

                Ethan Leyburn, Knight of the Ley
                19 Year Old Adult Leader
                Goal – Power
                Motivation – Excellence
                Virtue - Courageous
                Vice – Wrathful


                Ethan Leyburn is the second son of Gareth Leyburn and Jayne (Fill in the blank). Ethan was raised to be mindful and respectful of his older brother, and as a young boy quickly grew to resent his brother’s privileged position. Between the teasing of his brother and the stern discipline of his father made the Leyburn Hall an unpleasant place for Ethan to be. To avoid his brother and father, Ethan would hide take to hiding in the castle, occasionally stealing small trinkets from the house as he left. As he approached his teens, Ethan imagined himself as a bandit Lord, stealing from his ungrateful family and hiding out in the swamps and fields around his house.

                When he was thirteen, Ethan stole what he thought was some meaningless trinkets. When Lord Gareth found the items missing, he had a number of number of servants punished – which included the amputation of their right hands. Horrified by what his petty theft had caused, Ethan never stole from anyone again.

                He tried his hand at squiring for some household knights; his swordcraft and horsemanship was passable, but quickly found he could not compete with the natural abilities of his older brother, cousins, and other boys of the hall. Tired of embarrassing himself in front of his peers, Ethan soon abandoned the master-at-arm’s lessons. Ethan continued struggled to find his lot in life.

                The guidance of his uncles Timon and Kyle helped Ethan start finding his way. Kyle Leyburn, seeing that the ridicule that Ethan received from ‘the boys’ was as much of a problem as any, arranged for a Braavosi sword master to provide lessons to Ethan in private. These lessons proved a turning point in Ethan’s life. The sword master only had had moderately more success than the Master at Arms, and the Braavosi style of fencing set Ethan even further apart from his brother and cousins. But the training, and loving (to Ethan at least) attention of his uncles helped Ethan develop the self-confidence he hadn’t found previously. It also drew the grudging praise of his father – something Ethan had always longed for.

                This self-confidence translated into an intense intellect and a keen sense of self-awareness. Ethan knew that he had an anger that always lurked just below the surface; he raged at how easily his older brother could draw the praise that he craved. At somepoint near the age of 17, Ethan stopped trying to be better than his brother, and tried being different.

                Ethan did not have had a warrior’s arm, but he did have a warrior’s eye and cunning. When his father Gareth formed a unit of Guerrillas to patrol the marshes, it was Timon who suggested that Ethan train with them. Ethan soon found that he had a knack for playing at skirmisher and irregular warfare; the sneaking about in his youth came back to him easily. Ethan also picked up some basic archery skills along the way. The first real battle – no more than a skirmish against bandits – and the guerrilla's first casualties drove home the deadly seriousness of Ethan’s new craft. Much to everyone surprise, Ethan got serious and rose to the task. Quickly he distinguished himself as one who could be trusted.

                In the first – and to date, only – pitched battle fought by the Guerrillas, Ethan emerged as a leader. The battle – really a confused, swirling skirmish the fetid darkness of the swamps – saw Ethan directing the men, rallying the demoralized, and bellowing invective at the unseen enemy.

                Ethan’s strong showing in battle, hard work, and now obvious talent earned Ethan the respect of his father. His older brother still loathed him, but could no longer deny his place in the family. Ethan’s menacing temper still lurked just below the surface, and nobody would mistake him for a graceful courtier, but he had found his place in House Leyburn.

                When the plague swept away his brother, Ethan was unmoved. The loss of his father was a different story, and Ethan grieved deeply. Now faced with a Lordship, Ethan has learned to ride with the cavalry and start filling the role his father filled. Recognizing his own limitations, Ethan has called on his uncles to his side to guide him as they had when he was younger

                Alert. Willful. Inteligent. All of those words describe Ethan Leyburn. Ethan's mind is sharp and strong, and understands much of what he sees. He has a keen eye for excellence and tolerates nothing less from those around him. Above all those characteristics, Ethan is Intense. This intensity, strength of mind, and youthfulness give him an energy that, when focused, enables him to do great things.

                Unfortunately, the word 'unpolished,' 'blunt,' and 'self-assured nearly to the point of bumptiousness' would also describe Ethan. Although 19, Ethan is still young. Ethan's elevation from skirmisher captain to Lord has been humbling in ways he is still struggling to understand. Court life has not suited Ethan much, and he has been partially successful in adjusting.

                This combination of intensity, disdain for the substandard and lack of familiarity with court life has manifested itself in a insecurity that occasionally emerges as threats. He is aware of this shortcoming, and often struggles with this.


                Ethan build, is lean and on the tall side of average. His eyes are grey and reflect is intense mental strength. He has dark blonde hair that is kept just short of his shoulders and parted down the middle. His face is very expressive, accentuating his outward emotions. Recently, he is frequently carrying a frown as he is often in deep in thought or studying his surrondings, pondering the fate of his house.


                Agility 3d
                Animal Handling 3d
                Athletics 3d
                --Swim – 1B
                Awareness 4d
                Cunning – 4d
                Endurance – 3d
                --(+1B to healing when Comfortable Standard of Living is applicable)
                Fighting -3d
                --Fencing – 2B
                Marksmanship – 3d
                Persuasion – 3d
                --Convince – 1B
                --Intimidate – 1B
                Status -3d
                Stealth – 3d
                --Sneak – 2B
                Survival – 3d
                Thievery – 1d
                Warfare – 4d
                --Strategy – 1B
                Will – 4D

                Combat Defense:10 (9 in Soft Leather, +2 for LH Dagger)

                Intrigue Defense:11 (+1 when Comfortable Standard of Living is applicable)

                -Head of House, Danger Sense, Leader of Men
                -Nemesis (Vickon Leyburn), Threatening
                Destiny Points - 2

                Starting Coin – 10 Gold Dragons 105 Silver Stags

                Current Coin – 205 Silver Stags

                Gear of Note:
                Soft Leather Armor, Braavosi Blade, Left Handed Dagger, Far Eyes, Courser

                When on a Patrol or expecting combat, Ethan will carry a battle axe with his weapons. When travelling with the skirmishers he adds a spear and 3 javelins to his gear.
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                  Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

                  Name:Vladimir Kirov
                  Title: Weapons Master/House Champion
                  Role: Warrior-Expert
                  Goal: Security
                  Motivation: Power
                  Virtue: Courageous
                  Vice: Scheming

                  Vladimir was born, the youngest of 4 children, to a self styled hedge knight and his war bride. Being the youngest Vlad quickly discovered that he was to be the punching bag during any kind of weapons training involving his father and brothers.
                  Vlad settled down to his lot in life, until one fateful day when enough was enough. Having had his fill of the daily abuse, Vlad set about and systematically destroyed his brothers and left them bleeding on the floor. It was at that point, that his father tossed a notched sword at his feet, when Vlad realized nothing was ever going to be the same again.
                  Not many people can get Vlad to speak of that day. What's more is the story of how Vladimir got his wounded leg and the need to use a ironwood cane. Most people know that it was during a huge fight, right before he joined the house. Timon is probably the closest thing Vlad has to a family or a friend, yet even he doesn't know all of the details.

                  Vladimir is a person of few words. While fully capable of carrying on a conversation, he prefers to sit or stand by the sidelines and observe the goings-on.
                  While low born, Vlad is hoping to prove his worth and become a landed knight. To be sponsored and acquire the right to start his own house. As such Vlad will often watch the happenings and take mental notes. In occasion that neither of them were to busy Vlad has sought help from Timon and been tutored in the necessary skills.
                  It is often in matters of combat that Vlad will let his would be opponents underestimate him. While he was grievously wounded in his leg and he does use a cane to move around with...he is quick to show that appearances can be deceiving. Vlad is by no means a weakling in that area. At some point, Vlad has trained everyone in the house in the art of fighting. Once practice has begun, the cane disappears and Vlad is among the rank and file showing them the correct form and offering suggestions.

                  As far as appearance go Vlad is simple in nature. A look of concentration is usually on his face as he watches the going ons at court or during weapons practice.
                  His clothes are within the latest styles and his ironwood cane is polished to a high sheen.
                  To any that would harm a woman or child, or even a close friend is going to find that calm collected appearance quickly disappear and a figment of their nightmares appear before them. Vladimir will not hesitate to defend an insult to house, family, or friend.

                  Agility 3
                  Animal Handling 4 (ride 1)
                  Athletics 4 (strength 1)
                  Awareness 3
                  Cunning 3 (memory 1)
                  Endurance 4
                  Fighting 5 (long blades 2, spears 1)
                  Persuasion 4 (convince 1, seduce 1)
                  Status 3 (reputation 2)
                  Thievery 1
                  Warfare 3
                  Will 3
                  All others 2

                  Intrigue Defense: 9
                  Composure: 9

                  Combat Defense: 10 (+4shield,-4armor)
                  Armor Rating: 9
                  Health: 12
                  Destiny Points: 1

                  Armor Mastery, Expertise (+1b to longblades), Respected

                  Crippled, Haunted (-1d on Awareness, add memory to to fighting test results), Honor-Bound

                  Starting coin: 13
                  Status check: 3d6 13

                  Current coin:
                  1 gd, 140 ss

                  Superior Longsword, dagger, Large Shield, Brigandine Armor, Rounsey, Far-eyes, pavilion tent, Nobles garb


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                    Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising

                    Ser Mason Blackwood

                    Tall and handsome with blonde hair and green eyes, Mason is the spitting image of the knights from the stories that the maidens dream of and the men want to be.

                    Mason Blackwood is better than you and he knows it, or so he would have himself believe. Arrogant would be a generous way of putting. Having almost always coming out on top has instilled a strong ego in Mason from an early age, And when he did fall it was his determination that would eventually see him on top. Those who can see past his ego know that Mason is always will to help his friends or at least those that can feed his ego.

                    Being the third son of a third son, Mason was always consider the runt of the litter especially after the hardship faced by the riverlands after the Dance and the Blackfyre Rebellion. It was this belittlemeant that caused Mason to strive to be the best, and by an early age he knew he was cut above the average man. He had always hoped to squire for some important lord or famous knight with his capabilities, but was shocked to find out that he would be squiring for some noname knight sworn to a knightly house. To make matters worst Ser Fern could care less about training Mason to become the great knight he had always believe he would become. Without the help of the members of House Leyburn, Mason surely would of fallen from grace.

                    Mason soon would be knighted after his 16th name day. He had plans to set out on his own adventure to make his name, but the Sickness put that on hold. While Mason would be spared from the worst of plague, he was stuck in the quarantine of Templestone. By the time the Sickness was over the world was much different. Swearing to help his friend Ser Ethan rebuild house Leyburn, Mason postponed his adventure, doing what he can to help and most recently taking on the duties of the recently deceased Master of Horse.

                    Young Adult Fighter/Schemer
                    Goal: Fame
                    Motivation: Lust (Lust for Fame)
                    Virtue: Courageous
                    Vice: Licentious

                    ID:9 Composure:8
                    CD:8 Health:12
                    AR:10 Bulk:2 Movement: 3yds
                    Destiny: 3 EXP:0 Glory:0

                    Abilities (1DP burnt to gain 50 extra xp)
                    Agility 3
                    Animal Handling 4 1B Ride
                    Athletics 3 1B Strength
                    Awareness 3
                    Cunning 3
                    Deception 3
                    Endurance 4
                    Fighting 5 2B Spear 1B Longsword
                    Healing 2
                    Knowledge 2
                    Language 3
                    Marksmanship 3
                    Persuasion 4 1B seduce
                    Status 3
                    Stealth 2
                    Survival 2
                    Thievery 1
                    Warfare 2
                    Will 3

                    Attractive, Blood of the Andels (Fighting), Armor Mastery

                    Supreme Arrogance, Naive, Flaw (Brash)

                    Starting wealth: 15 GD 105 SS (went with 3.5 average and burned 1 destiny to add 5)

                    Large Shield
                    Noble's Garb
                    Traveler's Garb
                    Tent Pavilion
                    Pouch (Belt)


                    155 Silver Stags
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                      Re: (OOC) Characters and Setting from Black Dragon Rising



                      Quinton is eager to please and rarely gripes about any request/order given to him. He might only question an order when there is no obvious good to come of it. For example, he justifies the theft of supplies by telling himself the supplies can be better put to use elsewhere. But if someone were to tell him to harm someone simply on a whim, he might openly question the action and, if feeling he must act, might alter the outcome to achieve the result with the least damage/impact.

                      He’s bashful and unlikely to talk about himself, not seeing himself worthy to talk of his accomplishments or abilities, especially in “mixed company”. As such, he can often come across as nervous or insecure when put on the spot.


                      Little is publicly known about Quinton prior to squiring for the aged knight Ser Garland Hobbs,who earned notoriety for serving in the Raven’s Teeth and was severely wounded at the Battle of Redgrass Field. As an “honoraium” for his service and in light of his essentially career ending injuries, Ser Garland was made a quartermaster, at which time Quinton was placed in his service. Quinton served Ser Garland for nearly two years before his unfortunate, but not unforeseen passing, due to complications with his injuries.

                      While Quinton did not learn much in the way of combat from Ser Garland, he received a great deal of education in the unscrupulous procurement of items. As an army marches on their stomachs and morale is only kept with certain creature comforts, all of which Ser Garland was responsible for maintaining, Quinton was often tasked with retrieving items at Ser Garland’s request, often without permission from the other parties. The young man made a name for himself as a sticky fingered servant of Ser Garland. It was also during this time he received his unfortunate nickname, ‘Quiver’, as a passing reference to his prowess with bow and arrow, but more a dig at a certain instance where he was caught pilfering wine from Ser Lemuel Strickland. Quinton was placed in the pillory and flogged for his insolence, a public display that saw him weep and cry, but never divulge what had prompted him to attempt to steal such items.

                      Age: 16
                      Gender: Male
                      Height: 5'8"
                      Weight: 135 lbs.
                      Eyes: Green
                      Hair: Brown
                      Goal: Good
                      Motivation: Duty
                      Virtue: Humble
                      Vice: Foolish

                      Face in the Crowd

                      Other Stats
                      Intrigue Defense: 7
                      Combat Defense: 9
                      Composure: 9
                      Health: 9


                      Agility 3
                      - Quickness 1B
                      Knowledge 2
                      Animal Handling 3 Marksmanship 5
                      - Bows 1B
                      Athletics 3 Persuasion 2
                      Awareness 3 Status 1
                      Cunning 3 Stealth 4
                      - Sneak 1B
                      - Blend In 1B
                      Deception 2 Survival 2
                      Endurance 3 Thievery 4
                      - Steal 1B
                      Fighting 3 Warfare 2
                      Healing 2 Will 3
                      - Courage 1B
                      Language 2

                      Flint and Steel
                      Iron Stakes
                      Oil (1 Pint)
                      Tent, Soldier’s
                      Bow, Hunting
                      Arrows (30)
                      Leather Armor, Hard
                      Traveler’s Garb
                      1 GD, 17 SS, 23 CP

                      XP Awards
                      +15 (5-18-2017)
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