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    Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

    Cound I join this Game?


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      Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

      Originally posted by Tyrondir View Post
      Cound I join this Game?
      he was after a fourth player


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        Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

        Tidied up the details of the house and provided a few details.

        HouseDelyse +3 to fortune rolls
        Def – 20 –Hall
        Influence22 – Heir, 2 spare
        Lands 19 –1 domain, plains, hamlet, grasslands, coastline
        Law 14 - -5to fortunes roll
        Power 19 –Green Warships (8), Trained Garrison, trained archers
        Wealth 24 –Maester, port, 4 spare (+8 to fortunes)

        Ancienthouse – lots of history, but currently not a lot else

        Createdduring an invasion, resulting in a small chaotic house.
        The arrivalof the Andals revitalised the House, with the Andals marrying in, strengtheningthe House for a while, allowing them to dominate their area of the Reach.

        Recentevents of the past few hundred years have taken their toll on the house

        Catastrophe - During theTargaryean conquest, though the Reach surrendered, many holdouts fled to thecoast and planned to ambush the Royal party. The Lord Delyse at the timeinformed the King.
        A dragonwas unleashed, rendering part of the domain unusable for a long time. Thoughthe land has restored itself, it is now a bastion for lawlessness. As such,House Delyse are not overly loyal members of the Kingdoms.

        Descent –raids from bandits and poor harvests drove people away and the lords of thisperiod were ineffective in remedying the situation.

        Madness –Whether it was the strain of dwindling house fortunes, a near miss from aDornish arrow or an inherent weakness, the previous lord fell into madness. Theprevious Lord began ensuring his own safety at the expense of his people,rebuilding the family seat into a hall and scuttling the fleet to free upfunds. The resultwas rampant chaos as Bandits and Dornish raiders ran roughshod over the area and rebelsof the Blackfyre rebellion hid out in the area, trying to use the chaos toprotect themselves. Fightinggrew to a fever pitch as the garrison was removed from the town and thepopulation fled as the bandits, raiders and Blackfire rebels battled forcontrol. As the areaburned and surrounding houses threatening to take matters into their own handsto protect their lands, the younger brother Jothos led a group to remove thelord.

        His son isout there somewhere, having fled the conspiracy, fleeing into the Stepstones. As far asthe outside world is concerned or cares, the previous lord died from his ownparanoia, attacking his brother.

        Infrastructure- The current lord is the brother of the previous Lord. Jothos had been thesteward previously and has spent the last few years rebuilding brokenfriendships and restoring the fortunes of the house. Slowly,some of the people have returned or moved into the town, but only a smallproportion is in use, about the size of a hamlet, with much of the town stillempty. His own sonSer Martin has purged elements from the house military loyal to the old lordand had a small fleet of vessels rebuilt, preventing easy access by raidersfrom Dorne.

        Havingstabilised the area slightly, at some point, they will need to purge thebandits, raiders and rebels in the area, but they lack the strength to do so.
        (Attempt toincrease law and land will probably depend on it. Wondering if they will needto request the aid of another house to help, perhaps one they have trade linksto)


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          Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

          Though it's been three days since the fellow was last on the forum, which is slightly concerning.


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            Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

            @Corrigon- let me do the final tweeks on my house. Im definitely open to having open trade with your house.


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              Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

              3 days are not to be worried yet, I guess.
              I would love to play as a dornish, but from what I've seen of the choices you guys already made, I believe I'll play as a vassal of Hornhill.
              Probably a most likely a military based House.


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                Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                Just because I got excited with the game, I already rolled the House dices
                7#7d6: 7 # 25 [7d6=2, 3, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6] 25 [7d6=2, 5, 3, 1, 5, 4, 5] 27 [7d6=5, 1, 4, 6, 4, 5, 2] 29 [7d6=6, 4, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6] 26 [7d6=1, 3, 3, 6, 4, 3, 6] 34 [7d6=2, 6, 6, 3, 6, 5, 6] 24 [7d6=3, 3, 2, 3, 6, 6, 1]


                25, 25, 27, 29, 26, 34, 24

                Initial rolls:
                Influence: 35
                Lands: 27
                Law: 24
                Population: 31
                Power: 34
                Wealth: 29

                1d6-2: 2 [1d6=4]
                the real number should be 4, I added the -2 by accident :P

                1d6: 5

                5 Events:

                5#3d6: 5 # 5 [3d6=2, 1, 2] 6 [3d6=1, 1, 4] 11 [3d6=2, 5, 4] 10 [3d6=4, 3, 3] 6 [3d6=1, 1, 4]



                5 Catastrophe: 4d6: Law: -4, Population -2, Power -6, Wealth -4 (
                6 Madness: 7#6-2d6: Defense -3, Influence -4, Lands +0, Law+2, Population -3, Power +4,Wealth +1 (
                11 Infrastructure: 2d6: Power +4, Defense +1 (
                10 Decline: 4d6=Influence -1, Lands -4, Power -2, Wealth -2 (
                6 Madness: 7#6-2d6: Defense -3, Influence -1, Lands -4, Law +0,Population +1, Power +2, Wealth +2 (

                Final modifiers: Defense -5, Influence -6, Lands -8, Law -6, Population -4, Power +2, Wealth -3

                Final Results
                Influence: 29
                Lands: 19
                Law: 18
                Population: 27
                Power: 36
                Wealth: 26

                Sounds linke there's an issue of mental disability in my House!
                I'll spend the points and create the story after the game master reapppears!
                Last edited by Tyrondir; 07-15-2016, 03:15 PM.


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                  Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                  First of all, a thousand apologies for the late response, all! I recently started a new job that also happens to go into the wee hours of the morning so I've been trying to adjust to that; add some real life obligations and well time escaped me and before I realized it, 3-4 days had gone past... O.O

                  Secondly, welcome aboard, Tyrondir! I've only had an opportunity to skim the house rolls and all that, so expect me to get more into it later. Thanks for joining up!

                  Kolbrandr, on the comments and questions about influence and the head of house etc. - In a word, yes. Basically, the benefits Head of House and Heir will be free to select during character creation for 2 characters, one the lord the other his child (or lady and her child, for you Dornish). Since we're going to follow the every 10 influence rule, indeed there is no real need to invest in an heir, etc. Consider your PCs to be the influence investment. As for influence and status, I follow the table in the House Creation that gives status in relation to influence. When creating your characters, I'm going to use the house-rule that status is a free investment in your character. This way, PCs will have a little extra experience to spend around in the beginning.

                  Corrigon, just skimmed through your House info, but so far so good. I'll elaborate more soonish.

                  Apologies again for the lack of response. As I said, I'll have a more detailed post in the future.


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                    Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                    Ah cool, and no worries on the life stuff. Next question, would you mind just the one more player? Was telling a friend about the game but relented from telling them to post in it just for not being sure where things stood.


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                      Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                      Sure thing, Kolbrandr, five players should be okay with me.

                      So far, it looks like we have: 2 Houses in the Reach, House Delyse by Corrigon, and House *Blank* by Tyrondir. Squadfather is playing House Kirov of the Stormlands (by the by, Squadfather, would you be so kind as to write a little something on your house's history? Thank you muchly , and Kolbrandr is playing House *Blank2* of Dorne. Alrighty, looking good so far, all. If you could all do as Corrigon has and invest your points as you see fit, that would be lovely. Thanks all!


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                        Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                        Okay, actual writing up of things:

                        House Blackstone:

                        Coat of Arms: A black tower over gold

                        Words: The black stone unyielding

                        Seat: Blackstone Hall.

                        Notable communities: Sandsgrace (small town).

                        The years of peace after Baelor the Blessed's truce allowed for Houses like Yronwood to focus beyond raiding and skirmish, which they happily took advantage of to extend the development of their lands. Perhaps even a bit too far than could feasibly be managed and maintained within the house proper. Too stubborn to admit to being overextended, the Bloodroyal attempted a stopgap solution in putting the more distant of their newly developed territories under the authority of one of their bastards, Daerik Sand. The peace was still new enough, and Daerik had been well schooled as a warrior and commander just in case. A warrior without a war was likely to have little opportunity for advancement beyond his station, but he was initially to have been the retainer of one of his siblings in any event.

                        They were valuable lands at least, situated on the coastline of the Dornish sea between the dominions of houses Yronwood and Wyl. The mountains held profitable iron mines and stone quarries, land was fertile enough for terrace farming, and Daerik's hand turned out to be deft enough to grow out a small town and port from such prosperity, even the beginnings of a hall from the strange dark marble sometimes quarried. The relative ease of this, instead of some hardscrabble struggle, might have been the very problem. For it was all just enough of a taste of power and influence to awaken a burning hunger for more. It was an easier thing to be a bastard in Dorne, but there were still limits. He was not even the master of a cadet house, and this small measure of authority and station made the gap between him and the ancient Yronwood legacy all the more sharply felt within him. There was no one singular moment of reaching, or spurning, or insult, it was simply as if the man decided one day that to feel appropriate to himself he would have to be capable of doing anything, taking advantage of any opportunity, and inside himself he found a terrible will capable of reshaping his person towards that purpose.

                        He found his first opportunity in the court of the Great Bastards, sensing in the Bloodraven a ruthlessness that would have use for ruthlessness, and taking pains to demonstrate himself of utility and appropriate quality. It was only a few years of shadowy, further desensitizing deeds as one of Brynden's agents before the war broke out and Daerik found himself a captain in the Raven's Teeth, a killer commanding killers. Given House Yronwood's support of Daemon Blackfyre, this marked him out as a traitor to his own kin, but there would be worse to come. Daerik was there at Weeping Ridge when the Bloodraven made himself into a kinslayer. Firing volleys of arrows at his lord's command. It is said with horror and disdain (and known and witnessed) that Daerik further directed his share of the Raven's Teeth to fire into the helpless, injured, and surrendering, picking out his targets for those who would likely be overly problematic to the soon to be victorious new regime, gambling that his master would see to his reward amidst whatever condemnation might ensue.

                        He gambled and won, in that sense. Brynden Rivers leveraged the Iron Throne to have Daerik legitimized, and the Prince of Dorne was only too happy to have an excuse to carve off some of the Yronwood lands as penalty for the Bloodroyal's choices in the Rebellion. The former bastard chose the name of his still completing hall for his house (Daerik was cunning, ambitious and willful, but not artistically imaginative, perhaps). While furious, House Yronwood was not in any position to complain, given their recent actions. Nominally House Blackstone served Sunspear, but Daerik remained Brynden's man for the rest of his life, tasks for the Bloodraven sending him up and down Westeros, often away from his lands.

                        He had married during his early administrative years, to the bastard daughter of a Fowler, who in sharp contrast to her husband, was nothing but pleased to gain a life well beyond her personal expectations. Witnessing his grasping ruthlessness horrified her, and his long time away made for a concerted effort on her part to raise their children to turn out differently, importing tutors from afar for everything from music to statecraft. Daerik took a hand when he could of course. He had succeeded in this world by fearful acts. If his children did not understand that, they would simply be victims to some other fearful man. It was an awkward childhood, to put it lightly.

                        Blackstone was however further distracted by that familiar sense of rankling limit again, whenever he was at home. Whatever growth might now happen in his domain, if any, it would be the slow, measured peaceful sort that he would never witness the fruits of in his lifetime. And in this new time of peace under a good king, there were rootless men ill suited to it. And wasn't he based on a coastline? It didn't take him long to bring these ideas together and begin raiding the shipping of other lands in the Narrow Sea, bringing home the fruits of plunder. Town, port and hall were finally completed from the heavy investment of such ill gotten gains, and had he not died on yet another of those raids, Daerik would likely have found some contentment in this mix of visceral, personal advancement and service to the Hand of the King.

                        His son is less content. The second Lord Blackstone is a man who would prefer to have gentler temperament, to supress the dark impulses and experiences imparted to him at his father's side as he grew, to perform deeds that would give himself and house both a better name and regard, that his mother might have some measure of peace in years that have seen her become more frail. While his men hold a loyalty to him born of having bled at their side, honed by rallying them to survival and victory at sea after his father's fall, his lands are at current moderately plagued at the outskirts by the sort of shiftless thugs his father's reputation attracted. He looks to secure and nurture the people, their mines, port and town, find good marriages for his siblings (and himself, if it can be managed), repair his family's relationship with the Yronwoods that spawned them and perhaps attract a master and build a sept to show some measure of civilized spirit. All these things are probably going to require money, of course, and likely favour. And the narrow seas are are really just right there, and the Bloodraven always needs a few good killers, says a horridly familiar voice within him..

                        And point spending:

                        Defense: 16+2+1+1: 20: a hall, the aforementioned blackstone hall

                        Influence: 29-5+4+5+1: 34: well since we're not having to spend this on heirs and junk, this will be here as a lump of things, otherwise my note of getting three characters off of it, they're going to be the lord, his younger brother, and younger sister

                        Lands: 33+10: 43: Domain (mountains, stream: 10), Domain (plains, coast, small town, the hall is in this domain: 28), Domain (plains 5)

                        Law: 14-5-1+6: 14: -5 to house fortunes

                        Population: 25-4:21: +1 to house fortunes

                        Wealth: 25: Mines (+5 to house fortunes), Port (+5 to house fortunes), and 2 left over (3 into trained mercs).

                        Power: 25+10+6+4: 45: 2 trained warships (20), 2 trained archers (12), 2 trained raiders (12), 1 trained mercenaries (1+3 wealth)
                        Last edited by Kolbrandr; 07-16-2016, 11:02 PM. Reason: the coat of arms should probably use the Yronwood colours a bit more


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                          Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                          Working on the actual characters now.


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                            Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                            I'll start preparing the story of my House, already have a name and a Sigil.

                            House Blackwall

                            Guys, don't forget to post the links of your rolls!


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                              Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                              My rolls with links are well already in the thread, that was my organized writeup to reflect them post.


                              For the gm's sanity, you might want to roll with a house name less potentially confus-able with mine ;p
                              Last edited by Kolbrandr; 07-17-2016, 10:08 AM.


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                                Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                                I'll post mine stats and bio later today. A quick note, I forgot to add the 1d6 players choice to the stats.

                                Ill try and find the link to my rolls as well.