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(OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

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    Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

    Just to make it more fun, I'll go with the Stormlands.

    I'll roll up the initial stats for the house later on tonight.

    Now as far as age and significant you want those posted publically or private message to you?


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      Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

      I'd say posting the age and significant events here are okay. If you have a part of your backstory that's a family secret feel free to PM me. That goes to all the other players as well; don't want possible rival houses knowing all your secrets. ;P


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        Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

        I'll post all on here.

        When you described the 3 different lands, you listed a couple houses for each. Do we pick one of those for our home house and roll it up like normal?


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          Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

          Roll one up normally, please. Those were put as examples from the canon of Houses you will probably meet and interact with.


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            Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

            House Kirov

            Initial stats- (with modifiers)
            Defense- 33
            Influence- 23
            Lands- 19
            Law- 33
            Population- 19
            Power- 35
            Wealth- 30

            Age of House Kirov- old
            Significant House events- 6
            1. Conquest- founding event
            2. Favor
            3. Treachery
            4. Favor
            5. Glory
            6. Victory

            House Stats- (with updated modifiers)
            Defense- 37
            Influence- 34
            Lands- 32
            Law- 42
            Population- 25
            Power- 54
            Wealth- 35


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              Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

              Not yet, it was a quick post while I had chance. I will finish up the House tonight
              After modifiers, stats are
              Defense: 23 -5 = 18+2=20
              Influence: 19 +10 = 29-7=22
              Lands: 18 +0 = 18+1=19
              Law: 26 - 5 = 21-9+2=14
              Population: 26 + 5=31-9=22
              Power: 24+0=24-5=19
              Wealth: 23+5= 28-4=24

              age: 1d6 1

              : 1d6+3 6
              : 6#3d6 7 12 5 10 6 11
              oh wonderful rolls, a house that is really poor and screwed over

              invasion/revolt - 7 law, -6pop, -1 power, -2 wealth
              ascent : 4#1d6 5 4 2 4 +4inf, +5 lands, +2 power, +4 wealth
              catastrophe: 4#1d6 2 2 6 3 -2law, -2 pop, -6 power, -3 wealth
              decline: 4#1d6 6 1 1 5-6inf, -1 lands, -1 pow, -5 wealth
              madness: 7#6-2d6 2 -5 -3 0 -4 -4 2
              +2def, -5inf,-3lands, 0law, -4pop, -4power, +2 wealth
              infrastructure: 2#1d6 3 5 population and power

              : 1d6 2 - law

              basically a house created by the founder invading another area and killing lots of people in the process. A brief period of rebuilding before a lengthy period of collapse and madness and misfortune before the current ruler has managed to stabilise the problems
              Area is beset with bandit problems, mostly being blamed on the Dorne and not really in a state to influence the area, being regarded generally as a problem area.
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                Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                work got a bit heavy, I'll sort my rolling tomorrow aka technically today just now.


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                  Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                  Okay, rolls!



                  Defense: 16+2+1+1: 20

                  Influence: 29-5+4+5+1: 34

                  Lands: 33+10: 43

                  Law: 14-5-1+6: 14

                  Population: 25-4:21

                  Wealth: 25

                  Power: 25+10+6+4: 45

                  Age: 6, so, raised up during the Blackfyre Rebellion or just before it I suppose

                  Events: 3

                  Event details: infrastructure, villain, victory. Well at least we ended on a high note even if the founding was boring as eff.

                  Infrastructure: 6 and 1, I'm going to put the 6 into law because yeesh, and the 1 into defense

                  villain: +4 influence, -1 law, -4 population, +6 power

                  victory: +2 defense, +5 influence, +4 power

                  And then the 1d6 player preference whatevers: a 1, which I will put into defense because hooray we can have a hall now.

                  So hm, probably been a house for 10 some odd years, and also either the immediately preceding lord or current one is some kind of unspeakable villain (prooobably immediately preceding just for ease of not starting off the game with my lead character as some kind of monstrosity by default). I will noodle this and flesh out an actual writeup and such.
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                    Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                    your house is generally doing an awful lot better than mine though :P


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                      Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                      Ehhh....just ally with my house. We have the power to back our


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                        Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                        what area is your house is?


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                          Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                          Originally posted by Corrigon View Post
                          your house is generally doing an awful lot better than mine though :P
                          Only by comparison, and certainly nowhere as well as the other one ;p It's like we're on an ascending (or descending) scale!

                          Eh, I enjoy coming up with fleshed out backstories for roll results all the same, just takes a little bit to put together.


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                            Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                            yeah, I've come up with something which explains all the bad events and certainly gives a reason to interact with my house depending on what side of the equation you are


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                              Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                              Originally posted by Corrigon View Post
                              what area is your house is?


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                                Re: (OOC) - Vaulting Ambition

                                Follow up questions, comments:

                                So, if we're making one character per 10 points of influence, do we still bother with that spending chunks of influence for heirs thing?

                                Annd is their any chance that when making the house head they can either get their house's status or at least head of house gratis? My view on campaigns is that if everyone is making a main character who are all required to buy the same things, those things are probably best not charged for, as they more become the same tax everyone is paying on their character, as it were.