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    HI, everyone.

    I just posted this question in rpgnet and then realized that I should ask her too. Thing is, I have the rulebook and never read it cover to cover, but I have skimmed the rules, which I like and find kinda medieval-ish overall. For those of you who use the Chronicle System for other projects, how easy can it be used for a real History campaign, say in 14th Century's Hundred Years' War? I'd like to know specifically if it can be used as is, without touching any rules and just changing kingdom names and such. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Campaigns in real History

    I think the answer depends on what level of detail you think you'll need to play a historical campaign. The rules are intended to let you simulate the sort of world described in George R.R. Martin's books, and I find they do that quite well. OTOH, his world is - to use your own term - medieval-ish at best. If what you're looking for are detailed rules that accurately simulate a feudal society (in any of its many permutations), you won't find that in SIFRP, because the society that Martin portrays only features a thin veneer of feudalism in the first place.

    With that said, what differentiates the SIFRP system from many other fantasy RPGs are the rules provided for generating and running your own noble house, and the rules for intrigues (i.e. social combat), both of which should be useful in the context of historical game set during the Hundred Years' War. Naturally, you'd have to adapt parts of the house system to fit in the area where you'd be setting your game, but that should be quite easy if you have a clear idea of how you want things to be in your game. However, some of the rules, such as the size of the domains you can generate and the size of your military forces relative to your house's values in Influence and Power, may seem out of sync in a more "realistic" context.

    Just some basic thoughts, hope they're of some use to you. Oh, and you may want to ask a mod to move this thread here instead. As it is, you've posted in the (very quiet) PbP forum, instead of the general SIFRP discussion forum.