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(IC) - The Price of Power - Chapter 1: Whispers of the Dead

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    After a brief investigation with the men in the tavern, you could confirm that the dead man was a travelling piper, playing for supper and copper. No one knew him, nor his family, for he was not from there. He had a few coins with him, which together with the wooden pipe was enough to pay for someone to bury him. You left a pair of your men to make sure that the conflict was done and gathered your beaten guards, leading them back to the Lonely Tower where you found your sister and the Septon speaking over a glass of wine.

    You joined them briefly, but enough to understand that your sister was negotiating with the Septon some kind of business for the Festival of the Good Winds. The Festival was the oldest tradition in the region, brought by your Andal kin milennia ago, and officially it was your duty to manage the preparations, but each year your sister proved she was the better with the numbers and the trades. Knowing you would not get rest on the next day, you leave them alone to end their discussion, only to be warned that Ser Willem was back with your squire Meryn. You met them at the entrance, still wet and having their cloaks removed by a servant.

    -The Rottenfish is back? -Ser Willem had certainly heard the men talking, but apparently would only believe it when hearing from your mouth. -By the gods. As if we had not trouble enough. -Meryn was silent, his face hard as stone, his eyes lost in thought. The boy was Artos' bastard. His mother was raped by the giant on one of his travels, and came for Greenwalls hoping to find justice. That Lord Arold could not provide. Good as the Gentle Gargon was, he always had a soft heart, and harsh punishments were not his way of handling things. But he provided shelter, food, roof, and a life under his protection. You know well that Meryn loved the late lord, and hated his father. It was good that Rottenfish's party never met Willem's. The Father was wise providing that.

    You ordered the servant to bring some food remaining for the dinner, not only for your guests, but also for you. Taking the single wing left in half a chicken, you listen to the old captain of the Gargon guard.

    -My Lady is very distressed. Apparently young Alwyn ordered Symon to ready our men for battle before travelling to meet his brother, doing the opposite of his mother's orders. Nonetheless, that mey have been for the best, as it is less likely that Artos will start trouble in the castle full with soldiers. -Ser Willem pierced the chicken with his fingers. -And speaking of trouble, I've noticed your men are ready to march. I assume we will still wait for Balian's news from the Blounts in the border, correct? More than his men, we need Lord Blount's permission as you know we can't just march into our neighbor land with hundreds of men. If that's so, and if we'll fight in the cover of the night, then I believe the battle will take place tomorrow night if everything goes as planned, or on the next day if Balian's quest is delayed. Your trusted man Mors also told me that you sent a band of scouts into the woods to investigate, and Blacktooth joined with the task of infiltrating the deserters, is that correct? A sound plan my friend, but risky. Your scouts are few enough to pass by as hunters, but this action could be seen as a provocation by Lord Blount if he finds out. And rightly so. -Willem was always a honorable man, and you would suspect something was amiss if he failed to pull your ear about some of your actions. -With what we learn from both Blacktooth and the scouts, we will lead your best men in a ride towards the Siege Tower so we can draw the deserters to a trap where the rest of your men will be waiting. Is that correct or I am forgetting something?

    OOC: Take this moment to make any adjustment to the plan that will be set in motion on the following day. Once it is settled, I'll pass to the next day ingame.


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      The knight

      Austace took a moment to think about the plan, everything seemed to be according to what he imagined, if there would be any error in the plan, he could not see it now.

      - That's correct. I took some time talking with my aunt and already decided the location we will ride to draw the bandits to the trap. - Said the knight finishing off the wine in his cup - Let's use the water traps. Hopefully these bandits don't know the area well as we do, so we should take advantage of that, once they realise they are in a swamp, it will be too late.

      Turning to Merryn and looking at his purple eyes for a moment, the knight said:

      - You'll ride with us, boy. Be ready, I'm counting on you.