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(OOC) - Characters & Setting from "The Price of Power"

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    Re: (OOC) - Characters & Setting from "The Price of Power"

    RONNEL PYKE, called "Shadow"
    Age: 24 (Adult)
    Role: Rogue

    Public History
    All you get is a cold, silent stare.

    Secret History
    Twenty four years old, Ronnel Pyke was born in Lordsport on Pyke, the son of Uller the Squid – a reaver, sellsail and sometime trader from House Myre – and a whore taken from the island of Sweetsister. Although his father paid him little mind, he did at least acknowledge Ronnel as his own, and when his mother died he brought him to work as a cabin boy on his ship, the Quiet Storm. Ronnel's status as Uller's son gained him no advantages, however, and he learned early on to pay the iron price for anything he needed or wanted. Eventually, this earned him the respect of his shipmates, and even his distant father indicated some level of approval.

    So Ronnel grew to manhood, raiding and trading from the Iron Islands to the Narrow Sea. Uller made good use of Ronnel's keen senses and talent for stealth, using him as a bodyguard when dealing with untrustworthy trading partners and as a scout when preparing for a shore raid. This all came to an abrupt end some six years ago. Uller had contracted as a sellsail to fight other pirates and privateers in the Stepstones, but after some initial success the Quiet Storm was defeated in battle and the Squid was killed. The survivors were taken to Tyrosh, where they were sold as slaves. To Ronnel's surprise, his new owner didn't send him to the fields or mines to be worked to death. Instead, he informed him that he had heard of Ronnel's talents from the other ironborn, and that an associate of his had need of a man with such skills. He was therefore being resold to his master's associate and would be sailing to King's Landing on the next tide.

    Ronnel spent the journey to Westeros chained in the deepest hold of a trading galley, and conditions did not improve much when he reached King's Landing. He was blindfolded and then escorted to a cellar across the city. There he met a hooded man wearing a heavy brown robe and smelling of sweat, who introduced himself as Ronnel's new master. He had one of his guards hand Ronnel a knife and explained that in the house above them, there were two men that Ronnel must kill for him. If he succeeded, Ronnel would be given the run of the city, on the condition that he faithfully carry out any orders his master sent him. If he served loyally and successfully, he would eventually be given his freedom, but until then any attempt to leave King's Landing would result in harsh punishment and repeated infractions would see him dead. Wordlessly, Ronnel took the proffered knife and slipped away into the dark. A short while later, he returned with the heads of his two victims.

    His master proved true to his word – Ronnel was given a small pouch of silver and turned loose to make his own way in King's Landing. He immediately sought to escape the city, but he never even made it to the gates before being recaptured and brutally beaten. Of course, as soon as he had healed sufficiently, Ronnel made more attempts, but each one ended much the same as the first one, and he soon learned to fear and respect his mysterious master, resigning himself to a life of forced servitude.

    For the next two years he was often called on to visit his master's vengeance on the denizens of the capital. Then one day Ronnel received an unusual command – he was to place himself at the disposal of Tyrion Lannister and to follow his orders to the letter. The Imp set him to watch over young Alwyn Gargon, ordering him to prevent any attacks on the boy or his noble family. Ronnel shadowed Alwyn for the better part of a week before an attack came, but it was almost disappointingly amateurish, and he easily disposed of the clumsy would-be killers.

    The fallout of this affair was not what Ronnel expected. Tyrion insisted that he should accompany the Gargon household back to Greenwalls and remain there as Alwyn's bodyguard, and to Ronnel's surprise, his master agreed. He also informed Ronnel that, if he kept faithful watch over Alwyn until he received word from King's Landing, his master would release him from service and he would be free to make his own way in the world again.

    In the four years since, Ronnel has never strayed far from Alwyn's side, a habit that quickly led the inhabitants of Greenwalls to dub him “Alwyn's Shadow”. His early hopes that he would soon be free of his master's yoke have faded, but in truth his service to House Gargon has been far from onerous, and despite himself he has grown to like and respect his young charge. He still waits for word of his release to come from King's Landing, but even Ronnel doesn't know whether he would actually leave Alwyn's service when that day comes.

    Ronnel Pyke is a hard man who kills easily, but not without cause. Of course, in many cases the cause is little more than a flimsy pretext, but such minor moral quibbles have long since ceased to worry him. His upbringing and experiences have made him a deeply cynical person, with little concern for anyone but himself. This self-centered nature has ensured that he has few real friends, but Alwyn, at least, is one of them, even though the two men are in many ways polar opposites.

    Despite his character flaws, Ronnel also displays some of the more noble traits of the ironborn – he is personally courageous, stoic in the face of hardship, and mostly trustworthy once his word is given. Another notable trait is that he only rarely speaks. In fact, calling him laconic would be a gross understatement – except in the direst of circumstances, Ronnel's communication consists largely of various grunts and a well developed body language.

    A lean, sallow-faced man with cold sea green eyes and black hair, Ronnel Pyke is of average height. He cultivates a cooly neutral, almost emotionless expression, though he will occasionally allow himself a sardonic smirk when amused. He has a talent for coming and going unnoticed that many find disconcerting, but even more disturbing to most are his webbed fingers and toes – an inheritance from his mother.

    Ronnel dresses simply, in drab colors such as grey, black and brown, but since moving to Greenwalls he will often complement this with a single article of clothing in green to demonstrate his new allegiance. As Alwyn's bodyguard, he is almost always well armed, and in particular he never goes anywhere without a brace of daggers and knives.

    Agility 4
    Athletics 3
    Awareness 4 (Notice 1B)
    Cunning 3
    Deception 3 (Act 1B, Bluff 1B)
    Endurance 3
    Fighting 4 (Long Blades 2B, Short Blades 2B)
    Healing 1
    Language 3 (Common Tongue)
    Marksmanship 3
    Stealth 4 (Sneak 1B)
    Survival 3
    Thievery 3
    Will 3
    All others 2

    Combat Defense: 11 (9 in hard leather, 8 in mail, +4 with shield, +1 with dagger)
    Health: 9

    Intrigue Defense: 9 (including +1 from Comfortable Standard of Living)
    Composure: 9

    Destiny Points: 1
    Benefits: Blood of the Ironmen, Danger Sense, Furtive, Night Eyes, Treacherous
    Drawbacks: Bastard Born, Debt, Marked

    Starting Coin: Status test: 2d6k2 6
    Current Coin: 100 Silver Stags
    Possessions: Traveler's garb, mail armor*, hard leather armor, large shield*, longsword*, dagger, dirk, superior stiletto, 2 superior knives, locksmith's tools, rounsey.
    *paid for by Alwyn
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