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Warfare Movement Confusion

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  • Warfare Movement Confusion

    Just started Narrating a new chronicle, and my player is about to join his liege lord's host in battle. So I'm preparing for the grand affair and poring over the rulebook where I hit a bit of a snag...

    I'm a little confused about the way movement works in Warfare.

    So, the book says a unit moves 40 yards (4 squares on a battle map) or sprints 160 yards (16 squares - otherwise, four times its movement). I understand this movement can be modified by Bulk and terrain as usual.

    Ok, then it says a cavalry unit moves 80 yards (8 squares).

    What I don't understand is how to calculate cavalry speed - can the cavalry unit "sprint"? how to calculate that? four times base movement would be 32 squares, which is basically swooshing through the entire map. Does that mean that cavalry units cannot sprint, and thus armored footmen can out-sprint cavalry!?

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    Re: Warfare Movement Confusion

    Cavalry can sprint, and are quite fast. However, bulk makes a big difference; remember it applies before the multipliers. Heavily armored foot soldiers (like personal guard) can't go anywhere fast- with bulk 3 they move 10 yards base.


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      Re: Warfare Movement Confusion

      warfare move met is ten times normal combat movement, 40 for humans and 80 for horses.

      standard equiped cavalry has a movement of 60= 80 - 2 bulk *10

      upgraded cavalry has 50 = 80 -3 bulk *10

      sprint range are 240 yards and 200 yards but they only have to move the full distance if they are fleeing because they are routed, else you can move them any distance between 10 und their max distance.