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Any plans to release a new Chronicle of Sorcery Lore Supplement this year? (2015)

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  • Any plans to release a new Chronicle of Sorcery Lore Supplement this year? (2015)

    Hey there!

    Im a completely new member of this forum, been lurking for some time now but thought I should officially join in order to post.

    I havent been able to find anything about this so if its already been posted please redirect me to that post, thanks.

    My question is this: Is there any plans on releasing new Lore supplements for Chronicle of Sorcery this year? Saw somewhere that there should be two bestiaries and some secret supplements coming out this year but didnt see anything conserning the release of new Lores for the Chronicle System. And if there are plans, do we have any loose date as to when they might be released? Anything I, as a fan, can do to speed things up?

    Just curious, I own all the supplements and books to SIFRPG and will continue to buy them as they are released, just love the system and setting!

    As a second question: Will there be a release or kickstarter for a Deluxe/Collectors Edition of SIFRPG? Something in the lines of Dragon Age Deluxe/Limited Collectors Edition? I would totally buy and/or pledge for something like that!!

    Thanks for taking your time to read and reply to my post. I wish you all the luck and keep looking forward to more of your amazing and awesome releases!

    With regards - Illuminos

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    Re: Any plans to release a new Chronicle of Sorcery Lore Supplement this year? (2015)

    For the record, I also wouldn't mind seeing some Deluxe Kickstarter edition of SIFRP.


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      Re: Any plans to release a new Chronicle of Sorcery Lore Supplement this year? (2015)

      I too wouldn't mind seeing a new Lore Supplement. I'm particularly interested in Alchemy, though my understanding is that the first ones they're working on are Wortcunning*, Spirit-Whispering and Blood Sorcery.

      *(I'm wondering to what degree there is overlap between Alchemy and Wortcunning as well).

      Some of the key magic in the books is worked by the Priests of R'hllor, and it will be interesting to see what Lores their powers are divided among. Seeing the future in the flames is already in the Core Sorcery book, as it is covered by the Divination Common Art (Gazing: Pyromancy). The three other major tricks I can think of are reviving the dead, illusionary disguises (which seem rather widespread), and setting swords aflame.

      I can't imagine where reviving the dead would fit, and illusionary disguises seem so widespread (at least as far as magic in ASOIAF goes) as to almost be a common sorcery, or at least something a lot of people have access to (Mel, Bloodraven, the House of Black and White...)

      Setting Swords Aflame, however, seems to have an obvious fit... those who use this kind of magic always cut themselves to achieve it, so it seems like it would fit into Blood Sorcery.


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        Re: Any plans to release a new Chronicle of Sorcery Lore Supplement this year? (2015)

        I found the post I was talking about:

        Originally posted by Carricker
        Though this sourcebook includes the foundations of magic and some basic sorceries to introduce into your Chronicle System game, that’s far from all. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing entirely new Lores as PDF supplements, providing new systems of magic that use the core rules of the Chronicle System.

        Our first three projects are Blood Magic, focusing on the dark powers of sacrifice and blood magic; Wortcunning, looking into the magics found in herbs and plants, including healing and the making of potions; and the secrets of Spirit-Whispering, in which sorcerers commune and possibly even bind spirits, risking their own bodies, minds, and souls to gain the power they grant.
        This may not be current anymore given that the post is from nearly a year ago, which is probably longer than "the coming months" given. I'm still super keen to see these Lore-books, though, as well as one for Alchemy. Talismanic as well. The astrology one seems a bit redundant to Divination, so I don't really care much about that.

        EDIT: Oh, it turns out I didn't mention this post here. Still, here's as good a place as any for me to reply to whatever I was saying when I mentioned it.