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    I can't wait for the additional pdfs. Could you give us information about the current development, especially the blood sorcery supplement.

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    Re: Sorcery Supplements

    I am the same, but it's now a bit like asking for broadband in Ireland. They say ask next month, but I've learned after 10 years to ask once a year. I mean no offence, but is there any update at all? Is it dead in the water? The complete Chronicle system is one of the best I've come across over all game systems. Very gritty but fun. I've even made my own house rules for magic. But the statement of support vs reality says this is line is over. Unfortunately, my books are now on the shelf, and they are well made books with amazing content. Our guys just like a little more magic and don't wait over a year for something like this. Is there any update at all? Or is the Chronicle system magic over?