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My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

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  • My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

    So I've put together a magic system that I -think- accomplishes what I want it to do. I just started this a few days ago so it's still in it's roughest form. Just an FYI in case anything you see looks familiar, it has borrowed heavily from other systems I've seen (both SIFRP and others). I'm throwing it out to the community to see if I can get some help editing it it to a more usable state in my home campaign.

    The document can be found at:

    The four things I'd like from the community:
    1. Thoughts on the functionality of the system (i.e. Any holes you see that I missed and such)
    2. Corrections on what little cannon I've included in the document.
    3. Suggestions for more qualities (benefits and flaws)
    4. Readability of the document as a whole and any suggested changes to the language

    Of course, other input is welcome as well, but that's the main stuff I'm poking around for. I have a spell catalog I'm working on as well, but I'll save that for when I feel like the system is done maturing.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

    This is a great document. Well thought-out, well worded, organized and detailed. I waited to see if some actual spell examples, but maybe you're waiting for feed back first. So, here you go:

    Functionality: It looks like a system that would work, especially for people who were already familiar with the D&D magic system, since it parallels D&D magic very closely. I admit, it does make it easier to organize and use when the basics are already familiar. I like that you left a lot of the application details up to the Narrator, since Magic in Westeros seems to be a very hard thing to nail down and each person has a different idea of just how "high-magic" it can get.

    My favorite mechanics: Specializations (keying different abilities to different spells), Items of magic, Focus and Rituals (good description of the difference between Ceremony and Sacrifice).

    Mechanics I would modify: Traditions (I would bring these out much more strongly and link them closely to the specializations and learning new spells), Counter-spell (more simple would be better), Benefits (I would modify these to more closely match the three-tiered model that Green Ronin uses for most of their combat benefits).

    Canon: This all looks good to me. No overtly wrong statements that I could see. Good job. Good flavor.

    Qualities: Traditions: Maybe give each tradition of magic it's own benefit, sort of like the "Blood of..." benefits. Or give each tradition its own set of three-tier spells that are unique to that dogma. Or give each tradition a limiting drawback that encourages roleplay consistent with the canon/flavor of the books.

    Non-casters: With the focus on increasing and defining magic, seems like there should be a few benefits/drawbacks that describe how non-magical people might interact with magic or magical people. Maybe a non-mage to lends the caster more/less bonus dice while participating in rituals, or a non-mage has a naturally higher/lower susceptibility when targeted by spells.

    Casters: Maybe they can only target nonliving things with their magic (an magical armorer) or they get bonuses based on how near/far they are from civilization (I imagine a Child of the Forest or similar caster would find it nearly impossible to cast outside of the verdant, mostly unpopulated forest areas of its home).

    Readability: Sometimes the flavor text obscures the mechanics. I'm still a little vague on the counter-spelling procedure, for example. Keeping the flavor of it in one paragraph, then making the description of the steps more concise would help clarify exactly how counter-spelling works. Other than that, though, it was easy to read. Good spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and all that.

    Now, What I really want to see are some SPELLS! I'm very interested in seeing exactly how you intend to use this system in your games.
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      Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I'd love some suggestions on specific traditions that could be added as qualities. I've struggled with that part of cannon as there's very little information I see in cannon detailing these traditions, but I agree that it should be a major part of the system. It's been discussed with my home group that the base magic-granting quality be removed in place of these traditions, but I'm not quite sure what they should look like yet, so it's been a slow process.

      On qualities, I've added a bit on that, so check out the new document and let me know what you think. I tried to make some obvious qualities that people already have for non-magic reasons give them benefits against magic as well, but don't want to water down the potency of magic.

      On spells, I'm attaching the current doc. Not a lot in there at the moment... only about eight pages. A lot of the spells mimic one another and attempt to manufacture new effects similar to other ones. I'm looking for input on more spells to add from my home group but they're more concerned that there's a plot against their house preventing them from achieving a politically advantageous marriage so they're a bit more focused on that.

      More feedback is always appreciated. IF you'd like to hit me up on skype for more direct input, send me a private message (anyone) and I'll give you my skype details.


      New Magic Doc:

      I've been moving this week so time to work on it has been limited. I'll try to devote at least an hour a day to it from now on, though, as I'm almost settled in. Haven't even thought to touch on it yet today, though as I've been writing this I really want to make a "Warlock of Qarth" background that is high specialized in Illusion spells (possibly compulsion as well?). I'd love to know what thoughts anyone has on cannon traditions they'd like to see manufactured. With the idea of Legacy driving this as well, I'm hoping to see some especially creative traditions that don't necessarily belong in Westeros but would fit well into other fantasy settings.


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        Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

        I'd like to know what people think about the following tradition quality:

        Warlock of Qarth
        Will 4, Illusion 2B
        As a practitioner of magic schooled in the art of illusion by the Warlocks of Qarth, your conjuration tests with illusion spells gain +2B. These dice do not surpass the normal rules regarding bonus dice.


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          Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

          Nice's amazing...i want magic and is perfect...Thanks...


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            Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

            Thanks for the support! hoping to finish it this week and get it to a playtest!

            btw if anyone is using this and has playtest information for me, I'd appreciate it.

            Also, let me steal your spells!


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              Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

              Wow great work, it looks neat. Personally i wont be using it it has to much D&D flavour for me and what the chronicle system did for me i reknew
              my love for a good tabletop rpg, no more hack and slash games but intrigue filled backstabbing and conflicted storylines.

              Ik would prefer a more abstract magic system, and certainly no fixed spells. I would prefer a guideline which gives you directions as to the effect
              1 degree x damage 2 degrees xx damage etc.
              or in case of binding spells 1 degree effect lasts for 1 rnd, 2 degree last for 3 rnd etc.

              Stop thinking like dnd magic and u have a great thing going on, westeros is a place of wonders but magic usually has a price,
              it should be obscure and mostly vague and certainly not for PCs. Its there but mor ein myth then in reality and if you want to use it keep it simple
              give the sorcerer an ability called magic for example, and yes then u can use specilizations like illusion or blood magic. Strengthen these powers with benefits (only a little) but more like Seth's one
              giving the character acces to a society like the one in Quarth. Magic tends to unbalanced games so beware we tweakers tend to make the stuff to potent

              I like your use of different abilities though...might need to think on that more...
              I would also (cause its so rare) make the cost of advancing magic 150% of normal advancement.

              Tons more ideas about it though i could go on for

              Think you get my drift here, anyways its good to see some awesome creativity here and i might leech some of your stuff for use in my campaigns...(if thats ok)

              Keep up the good work

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                Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

                Ritual Caster
                Ancient tomes and archaic ceremonies
                dominate the tradition you were trained in,
                leading you to require ritual to perform any
                conjurations. Whenever you make a
                conjuration attempt, you may only use the test
                dice and bonus dice granted by rituals
                (ceremonies or sacrifices) to make the
                conjuration test. This conjuration dice pool is
                affected by modifiers just as a normal casterís
                conjuration dice pool is.
                This is crippling, simply because under the current rules as written Rituals don't actually give you Test Dice under any circumstances - you get +1B per ritual DoS. Were rituals meant to give you test dice?


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                  Re: My take on Magic... looking for some thoughts

                  Originally posted by omegonthesane View Post
                  This is crippling, simply because under the current rules as written Rituals don't actually give you Test Dice under any circumstances - you get +1B per ritual DoS. Were rituals meant to give you test dice?
                  Test dice are gained by Sacrifices, which are a part of rituals.