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Campaign Guide Question

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  • Campaign Guide Question

    I'm new to the game and currently picking up the books. This evening I placed an order for the A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide. I found two listings on my phone, One a good $20 less than the other and placed the order.

    Upon returning home I had the chance to note that I ordered "A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide", and that the other listing is "A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: The Game of Thrones Edition".
    I've searched here and elsewhere and while I can find a few instances that state the differences in the core books (Between 'normal' and 'game of thrones edition'.) I cannot find anything that states the difference in the A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide, and A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: Game of Thrones Edition. They have the same page count.

    Is the GoT Edition a reprint with the new words on the cover to 'match' the Core book's update, or is there something different between the two? If there is a difference could someone tell me what it is? And.. is it worth almost double the price from the one I bought tonight and the GoT Edition?

    I would be very much appreciative if you all could help me with this information.

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    Re: Campaign Guide Question

    The only difference is errata is included and it's a later printing.


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      Re: Campaign Guide Question

      The two different versions of the game guide are very similar, but the "Game of Thrones Edition" version has updated NPC statistics. Personally, I much prefer the "Game of Thrones" edition as it uses a wider range for NPC stats and more closely matches my vision of the characters from the novels.

      From the Game of Thrones edition of the Campaign guide:
      "A Game of Thrones Edition
      This book is a revised and cleaned-up edition of the original SIFRP Campaign Guide. The core information within it hasnít changed, although it has been clarified and the stat blocks have been revised. We have also tapped a handful of talented artists to provide us with beautiful new glimpses at the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.
      For the most part, the mechanics of this book are restricted to character statistics. Where there are notable differences, these character stats adhere to the assumptions in the A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: Game of Thrones Edition."


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        Re: Campaign Guide Question

        Ok so some updated NPC Stat blocks and new art for signature characters.

        Not sure that's enough for me to double the price, but good to know. I'll keep an eye out for a GoT edition if I can find one for cheep.


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          Re: Campaign Guide Question

          Honestly, the campaign guide is probably the least relevant book of any of the published products


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            Re: Campaign Guide Question

            Originally posted by Owlhunter View Post
            Honestly, the campaign guide is probably the least relevant book of any of the published products
            Why is that? The Table of contents seems to indicate some good information in there.


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              Re: Campaign Guide Question

              Well yes and no. It is very little what a good book-reader not already know and in some aspects less than you could find out in, lets say, the ASOIAF-Wiki. There are little game-specific-information, so to speak, for game-mechanics like stats of NSC etc. are just a very minor part.
              It is a solid source (although not up to date) of gathered information about houses and regions, but a lot of that you could easily get in other sources. At least that is mine impression.


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                Re: Campaign Guide Question

                Ok my book came in today. I'm flipping through it and comparing it to the GoT edition PDF.

                It's mostly the same, but one thing you all forgot to mention.

                GoT edition.... the headers and tables and everything are done in a pleasing muted blue gray.

                The 'original' edition, Hermergurd.... it's like.. vomit orange. lol.

                It's a small thing. Small detail, but looking at them side by side holy CRAP does it stand out. A lot. A LOT.

                Other than that I'm seeing a few changed bits of art. Not all but some of the character art. Robert and Jamie for example (Better for Robert, but Jamies actually went the other way) and the stat blocks are different.

                For some reason they cut the breasts off the art for Melisandre in the original but restored them in the GoT Version. Lord Jeor on page 105 suddenly has a whiter and bushier beard. lol

                There were a hand full of other portrait changes for characters and a few for castles and such. Over all what strikes me the most is the change from that horrible orange color to the bluegray. Which makes the entire book much easier to read.

                I'm sure if I were using the stats right this second those would stand out a bit more but as I just got the book, not so much.

                Ironically the original I received, is signed by one of the artists, who has gone through and signed some of the art inside as well. Kinda neat for grabbing it used off Amazon.