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Noblesse Oblige - A SIFRP Adventure

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  • Noblesse Oblige - A SIFRP Adventure

    Hi everyone,

    Here's another adaptation, but this time from a Warhammer adventure. I think it's a nice one, with a murder investigation peppered with many twists and turns along the way.

    I hope you will like it!

    Enjoy !


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    Re: Noblesse Oblige - A SIFRP Adventure

    Another great adaptation! I could see tweaking this to where a surviving noble NPC or member of the Faith asks the party to investigate the infection vector for greyscale in investigation that could lead to the Madhouse Meet (maybe the Savant experimented with greyscale before proceeding to lobotomization)!


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      Re: Noblesse Oblige - A SIFRP Adventure

      Yeah, I thought about something like this too! ...and they could find out that the Savant's experiments were actually sponsored by a corrupt High Septon, which could eventually lead to the adventure Kidnap the High Septon!

      It was difficult to adapt, as the stone men in the original Warhammer adventure were actually mutants warped by the chaos storm. I was looking for a way to include some sort of outcasts that would be hunted down and killed on sight in Westeros, which aside from Night's Watch deserters and bandits, there aren't much... Plus, it didn't make sense that Jacob was one of them either, and they weren't easily recognizable on sight either... So, I did extensive research on the wiki to find something relevant and then found out about the Grey Plague outbreak in Oldtown that occurred while Grand Maester Pycelle was just a boy, and decided to set this adventure during that specific period. Greyscale also actually "mutates" those suffering from it, giving them a noticeable physical deformity, so I thought: that's perfect! It also made sense that they were being hunted down, especially since Lord Quenton Hightower ordered a quarantine of Oldtown and ordered that anyone affected be put down and burned (he was actually later killed by an angry mob the very same day the quarantine was lifted, but that's besides the point). And it made sense that Lord Tyrell would follow his example too to protect the population of the Reach. So I knew then I had all the pieces to complete this puzzle.
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