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  • Valyrian Sphinx

    In my universe the Valyrian Sphinx pay homage to the greatest of the Valyrian Dragon Lords who could “warg” into their Dragons.

    Those with the quality Blood of Valyria may have a dragon as an animal cohort

    The Valyrians had their own names for several qualities:

    Greensight is Dragon Dreams. “I dreamed of you,” said the prince. “You said that at the inn.” “Did I? Well, it’s so. My dreams are not like yours, Ser Duncan. Mine are true. They frighten me. You frighten me. I dreamed of you and a dead dragon, you see. A great beast, huge, with wings so large they could cover this meadow. It had fallen on top of you, but you were alive and the dragon was dead.”

    Warg Dreams are Dragon Sight

    Warg is Sphinx
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    Re: Valyrian Sphinx

    Also, now that Daenerys has hatched her three dragons and the glass candles burn again, magic has returned to the world. Why wouldn’t other eggs begin to hatch?


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      Re: Valyrian Sphinx

      Well, there is the question how many dragon eggs are still around - and I thought Martin has claimed that the birth of three dragons was something special. I mean that they were born from eggs who were THAT old. I am not sure if that could happen again so easily. It took a woman from more or less "pure" Targ bloodline (willing to sacrifice herself), a lot of fire, and a sacrifice of a king and a full trained mage to wake the dragons, and I think very little people will know the details and be able to make any sense out of it. Many other will simple think (and may be right) that this was special and could only done by the mother of dragons, not by simple anyone with Valyrian blood and some dragon eggs and the will to sacrifice the lives of others.

      If Dany's dragon lay eggs, it may be more easy to get new dragons, but I think to wake those in remaining old eggs, that will be hard.


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        Re: Valyrian Sphinx

        I think the birth of the three dragons ALSO has a lot to do with the return of magic generally, like the others, the glass candles burning, red priests bringing people back to life, and etc. From the canon sources we know the Targaryens gave each newborn blood of the dragon a dragon egg. While not specifically stated, it can be surmised that these where not old petrified eggs. So knocking around Westeros there are enough eggs to be going on with. I could look it up but I won’t but I think no more than a dozen or so (ballpark) dragons where alive for the dance of the dragons.