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Ironborn! - Rules for Raiding

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  • Ironborn! - Rules for Raiding

    For those thinking about an Ironborn campaign, I came up with a set of rules for offseason / 'montage'-type of simple raids:

    Any feedback or experience how it holds up in your game is welcome
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    Re: Ironborn! - Rules for Raiding

    This is fantastic! I think I would make this a House Action, and allow 1 raid per unit of Warships. Multiple units could attack the same target, getting bonus rolls, or they could attack multiple targets in a month. If attacking multiple targets, the Cunning (Strategy) roll could be made by the lord (or PC with the best stats), but the Awareness (Orientation) roll would have to be made by a PC commanding the raid.
    Additionally, I think I'd allow the PCs to choose their target, rather than rolling randomly.

    I really like your tables for rewards, situational modifiers, and resolution (how success is determined). I don't know if I'll ever get around to using this, but I am developing an Ironborn campaign, and I'm definitely saving it.

    Thank you very much for creating and sharing!


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      Re: Ironborn! - Rules for Raiding

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I really like the idea of making this a house action.

      As for multiple attacking units, I still haven't found a satisfying solution that keeps the current combat resolution but accounts for the benefit of multiple units.


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        My players want to raid the coasts, though they're in Dorne, not Pike. So these rules are incredibly helpful! I agree with making it a House Action, and applied just a few quick tweaks based on deef's comments, along with my own concerns about making this too good of an option for the House (which is why I don't want to buff Raider damage, for example).

        Step Two: If the commander does not like the Type of Target rolled, they may sacrifice +1 of the bonus earned in Step One to have the GM reroll this. They may continue doing so as long as they have bonus remaining. Only what is left over is applied to the Situational Modifier roll.

        Step Five: "Benefits" applies here, but replace "Units" and "Second Raid" with the following.

        Units: If there are multiple defending units who could engage the raiders, roll against the highest Ability with Assistance from the others (i.e., add half their ranks as a flat bonus). Use the highest damage (times degree of success), then add a flat bonus equal to half the damage of the other units.

        Multiple Raids: If the House has multiple Raider/Warship units, they may conduct multiple raids when this action is chosen, though news travels quickly! For each additional raid, cumulatively increase the Difficulty for all rolls in Step One and Stealth in Step Three by +3, and give the defenders +1B to attack (not subject to normal limits) thanks to being prepared.
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          Glad my ideas are useful to you. I like the modifications you came up with.