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    So I'm just trying to understand something about the game. I'm going to be Gming it for the first time for a group of players on Sunday and I need to know how poison works. From what I've read you just roll the poisons attack against their passive endurance, but then I've read resilience under endurance that says you can roll endurance against poisons. If someone could clarify how that would work I'd really appreciate it! Thanks guys

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    Re: Poison Help

    It is true that it is confusing, like many other things in this system, as it appears they may have changed the way things worked during the design process...

    I believe the correct rules are those described in the Poisons section of the Equipment chapter, which is the poison attacking the the target's Passive Endurance (where the Resilience bonus dice each apply as an extra +1) with its Virulence score for a number of times equal to its Toxicity at a time interval determined by its Frequency.

    However, a character with a good Healing rank that succeeds a Diagnosis (Based on the poison's Diagnosis difficulty) can make a healing test and substitute the result with the target's Passive Endurance if it is higher.

    Personally, I allow characters to roll an Endurance (Resilience) test to replace their Passive Endurance if they really want to do so, though unlike Healing, it replaces the Passive score (they would not choose the higher of the two). It is a risky thing to do, as a Passive score is already a slightly above average result, but sometimes, especially with very potent poisons, you know it's gonna hurt anyway and you just pray for a lucky roll !!!


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      Re: Poison Help