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"Houseless" characters?

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  • "Houseless" characters?

    A quick look around came up empty. So I was wondering if I missed it, or it doesn't exist.

    Are there rules for making characters without a house in ASOIF, or is the conceit that all PCs are members of a house?

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    Re: "Houseless" characters?

    Some quick examples of "houseless" characters...

    Hedge Knights
    Sell Swords
    Faceless Men
    Clergy of the Seven
    The Red Priests of R'hllor
    Maesters studying at the Citadel (technically they've given up their houses at this point)

    Night's Watch and Kingsguard give up their house affiliation for life. There's precedent for studying at the Citadel to be able to return to your house if you don't forge a link (Prince Oberyn amongst others).

    As far as the rules go, stay away from Head of House and Heir, and keep your status fairly low, unless you have a really good backstory as to why you're so well known in the world.

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      Re: "Houseless" characters?

      Well, yes. It is a conceit but the book, Night's Watch shows rules where you don't have to be a house member like the Wildlings or the Brothers of the Night's Watch.


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        Re: "Houseless" characters?

        There's nothing in the character rules which ties a character to a house as such.
        But status would be limited to 1.

        In RPGs in general its good to have a "theme" linking members of the party - it conveniently explains why people who may not otherwise get along will do things together.
        The campaigns I've run have had a house as the uniting theme, but they aren't all part of the house as such - some have business relationships with the house, some are staff while others are part of the family.


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          Re: "Houseless" characters?

          I think there could also people without a house who have a status of at least 2 or 3- Merchants etc. are of course often bound to a house because they live under the rule of a lord, but I guess sellswords/hedge knights who have some fame may of course have a higher than average status. They are not permamently bound to an house and could change their loyalty. It is true that in Westeros the classical D&D advernture-party is not really typical, since most people stay on the lands of their lord /beside in wartime) and most people surely look down onto "travellers" - minstrels, mercs etc. But I thinkthere ARE such types of people.


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            Re: "Houseless" characters?

            Thanks, everyone, for the replies!

            I knew were some references in "The Noble House" section on page 42-43 of the Core book and examples such as the Hedge Knight certainly do lend itself to play a houseless character. I didn't know, however, if I was missing something (like hard, mechanical rules) in the book that spoke directly to the topic.

            I'm kind of torn on limiting the status of houseless characters to 1. I also think that they could possibly get as high as 2 or 3. That's my opinion, though.


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              Re: "Houseless" characters?

              I don't see why 'houseless' characters wouldn't have a Status of 2 or even 3 if they're a septon, hedge knight, or wealthy merchant. I run a group a lot closer to a typical D&D party - they work for Bloodraven when he was Hand of the King. If you're playing in the 'present', Littlefinger is the kind of person who hires talented smallfolk...


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                Re: "Houseless" characters?

                Actually, on the topic of status - I agree, more than 1 is very possible.