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Blood of the Dothraki?

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  • Blood of the Dothraki?

    Been working on this benefit for another player, (my blood from stone players rarely meet, only had one session so far, so running a second campaign with some others for practice)
    Is this a little overpowered? Not sure on the balance with the other heritage benefits.

    Blood of the Dothraki
    The horse lords are said to be born, live and die in the saddle, and as such are must comfortable upon horse back.
    A character with this benefit ignores the unwieldy trait of weapons, and animal handling tests to control their mount are automatic, but they are at -1 on tests when fighting afoot.

    Looking back at the weapon section not sure on the unwieldy thing. My original thought was allowing longbows on horseback, but the double curved would suit, and it ends up allowing polearms and greatswords on horseback too.
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    Re: Blood of the Dothraki?

    Might just scrap it in that form and make it something like animal handling tests such as driving with your knees are a free action, as I don't think the above actually fits


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      Re: Blood of the Dothraki?

      I would imagine every Dothraki would take animal cohort, so they should already not have to roll to control an animal.
      I would do something like a +1d to all AH tests with horses and they can keep animal cohort when their mount dies if they have another one they've been training for X years or something.


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        Re: Blood of the Dothraki?

        Problem is.. there are dozens of ways you could go with this. Bonuses to AH is obvious, but bonus to Endurance, bonuses to Athletics, bonuses to specialties like Ride, Run or Train.

        I would probably make something that signified their nomadic life. Dothraki are very good with horses, but they have more going on than that.