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Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?

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    Re: Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?


    Thanks for the update it will really help my game! But i think i notice an issue with some of the stats regarding the shield!

    When i put specialty in shield without taking the shield mastery. It still applies the bonus to def in weapon qualities as if i had shield mastery!

    Or maybe there something i don't understand im quite new to this system



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      Re: Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?

      Hi mickaelhb,
      can you provide an example? Shield bonus dice should not be taken into CD at all, even with shield mastery, As the sheet cannot know if you have the shield equipped, it will not be calculated. Wher eit shos up is in column "Test" for weapons but that is correct. That is actually showing the value if you attack with the shield.


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        Re: Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?

        yeah you missunderstand what i mean. im not talking directly on the CD stats but in the ''Item'' description.

        This is a copy of my character weapon. I do not have the shield mastery benefits but it shows the shield at def +4 shield large at +8 and tower at +10. This is affected by my +4 bonus dice specialty in shield. But it shouldn't because i don't have shield mastery.

        Weapon Quality Test Weapon Qualities Dmg Bulk
        Bastard Sword 5D+1B Adaptable 5 -
        Shield, Large 5D+3B Bulk 1, Def+8 2 1
        Shield 5D+4B Def+4 2 -
        Shield, Tower 5D+2B Bulk 2, Def+10 2 2


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          Re: Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?

          Good catch! I have fixed it. :-)


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            Re: Updated Ecxel Character Sheet?

            I'm really struggling to get on with this character sheet, I have two different versions and neither of them are functional. 3.1 has nothing in the drop down menus other than "#REF!" and the latest version won't let me increase the status beyond 2.

            Has anybody got any suggestions?


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              Hi Bexahlia,
              sorry to hear that you have issues with the file. Are you using Excel 2016? Which field specifically gives you an error?


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                I've noticed that when 'Tough' is selected as a speciality, the bonus to health is not calculated and added. It also shows the description for what looks like Greensight on the CharGen tab.
                Also 'Magnetic' is not available to select when I have the requirements.
                I appreciate the work that goes into this spreadsheet, it's great and I hope you can fix this please.


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                  Hi Arya,
                  thanks for the feedback and the encouragement! I fixed all the mentioned bugs:

                  No Magic:

                  With Magic (experimental)


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                    Hi Adair,
                    Thank you so much for the fixes, great work. The character generator is a great help for me.


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                      I cant find the ”Furtive” quality in the scroll list in the latest vesion (non-magic)?


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                        Found it!