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Broken men at Harrenhal

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  • Broken men at Harrenhal

    After the Battle of the Trident, a number of Targaryen loyalists have fled the battlefield and disappeared in the surrounding woods, where they turned to banditry to survive. While the lords and knights of higher houses were pardoned by the new King and subsequently returned to their home, these men are a mixture of simple smallfolks with no home to return to and faithful Targaryen supporters who refused to bend the knee to an usurper of the throne. Initially no more than a nuisance, the bandits have become bolder in recent weeks and are now threatening the lands of House Whent...

    I originally developed this adventure for a play-by-post solo game in which we played through the first half of it. After the game died because my player disappeared, I decided it would be a waste to throw the whole thing away, especially in light of the various people asking for prepared adventures on this forum on a regular basis. So I used it to practice my writing skills and cobbled the whole thing together into the attached pdf.
    This is a a first version and because of that, the quality is probably not yet where I want it to be. This is where I am counting on you guys: Any feedback is welcome whether it is remarks on the general design of the adventure, proposed changes to individual encounters or simple spelling mistakes, I am happy for any feedback you can provide me with.

    Ideally, I would like to include a small map sketch of House Whent's lands in the pdf, where the various locations (Harrentown, Greenmeadows, Wynn Tower etc) are shown in the form of doodles, but this will likely never happen due to my lack of artistic capabilities. Also, the way things are presented, it seems like I am putting more focus on fighting encounters compared to intrigues, but this is definitely not the case. It is just that non-violent scenes tend to be more free-form in my games and so I am struggling a bit in presenting them on paper. For the fighting scenes, I included gorgeous excel-based maps (lol ;-) ) and stats, which is likely an overkill, but was developed from the material I already had from the original adventure.

    I hope somebody can gain something from it, whether it is a quick interlude for a player or two, or insipration for storylines

    The adventure can be found here:

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    Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

    Thanks for the share. I like the tasks the PCs can choose from and the effects they have on the final battle. Well thought out.


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      Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

      Many thanks for this share. I'll give you my feedback once I will have read it


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        Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

        Superb stuff. I really like the layout and presentation of it all. Much better than the convoluted and confusing mess that is the Peril at Kings Landing campaign! It's certainly given me a few pointers on how to put to paper my own ideas.

        As for the adventure itself, I like the idea of loyalists and whatnot from the losing side of the war still being around and causing trouble. Resentments and strife continues despite victory afterall! Great work and I may well adapt it for my own players if I don't pen my own ideas in time!


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          Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

          Very good indeed! Thanks for sharing!
          The Adventures of House Wayne in the Time of the Targaryen Kings
          (in portuguese)


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            Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

            Thank you all for the kind words! :-)
            Looking forward to hear how the thing holds up, when in contact with (other) players.


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              Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

              This is absolutely awesome, and I'm eager to see the finished product. This adventure could be run as is with little to no work on the part of the Storyteller, and that's pretty darn cool. I don't think the maps and stats are overkill at all.

              Onto the (lightly) critical feedback: Page four, fourth paragraph under Drake's plan: messengers and opportunity are misspelled. Page seven, the third paragraph has a period at the end even though the other paragraphs do not.

              I for one would be interested to see a bit more flavor text (although for a lot of people, I understand more is less). Like you pointed out, some non-combat scenes would be nice, as well. For instance, maybe the possibility of an intrigue before the battle in the form of a parley. Seems like a good opportunity for Ser Derrick to try to sway these sellswords to his cause, or be persuaded to either give himself up or retreat to fight another day through an intrigue.

              If you come up with anything else like it, please keep sharing.
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                Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                Thanks for the feedback Daerin, very helpful. The spelling mistakes will be corrected in the next version. I am also thinking about adding some sort of parley scene. I don't think it should be possible to fully convince Ser Derrick to refrain from attacking, but some kind of negotiation would be cool and also properly introduces the Drake as a character before the battle.


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                  Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                  Awesome work! I love to see custom stuff developed for settings and systems and this brings joy to my heart.


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                    Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                    Incredible work you did on this adventure, Owlhunter !!!

                    Just a couple of notes: I noticed that you did an extensive effort to remain true to the "canon" of the books. But I found some minor discrepancies in character names and demeanors from what has been written. Feel free to use my suggestions as you see fit...

                    - The blacksmith of Harrenhal is called Ben Blackthumb, he is old and hunched and has served the lords and ladies of Harrenhal since the last days of House Lothston []. Your character Ruolf could very well be his eager and good-natured apprentice however.

                    - The maester of Harrenhal during a Clash of Kings is called Tothmure. It is unclear if he was appointed by Tywin Lannister when he took control of Harrenhal or if he was already present before his arrival []. If he came in with Tywin, your character Maester Gillian may have very well been his predecessor.

                    - Ser Willis Wode is not at all described as hot-headed in the books. He is described as stiff-necked and stolid []. However, this description better fits the bill of your character Ser Weyfried Wode (a capable knight with a calm demeanor), so I would simply switch the names on the character concepts if you want to stay true to the books.

                    You could also add the notable characters of Goodwife Harra, Goodwife Amabel, Weese the Understeward and Pretty Pia to the mix for even more roleplay opportunities.

                    What do you think of these suggestions?
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                      Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                      Hey Zeroed,

                      Thank you very much for the extensive research and feedback!

                      1) On the brother Wodes: Very true, I remember that I described him according to what we know from the books, but while fleshing out the adventure, he got changed more and more. I really like your idea to switch the two brother's names. I will do so in the next version!

                      2) Maester and blacksmith: Yeah, the Maester, I knew about, but since we do not have any infos about how long he served at Harrenhal, I decided to use another NPC. I missed the info about the smith having been at Harrenhal since so many years though. Got to account for that somehow! :-)

                      3) Servants etc: I so far havent found a good scene to include them, which feels natural to the whole adventure and not just tacked on. But it is definitely a missed opportunity. Maybe I still come up with an idea.

                      Btw: Nothing definite yet, but maybe I have found somebody who can provide a map :-)


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                        Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                        Hi Owlhunter,

                        Concerning the idea of using the various household servants for a scene, I may have an idea for this...

                        You stated that Ser Derrick the Drake's plan was first to capture Harrentown to gather support and then try to seize Harrenhal itself. To that end, since Harrenhal is a massive fortification, perhaps he has already placed a spy amongst the household's servants and retainers, either to open/sabotage the gates during the upcoming siege or just gather as much tactical information as possible.

                        Eventually, perhaps that spy could become careless during the first night of the scenario and gets caught trying to steal plans or sabotage something or simply seen while meeting up with a contact to divulge information and he/she had to kill a guard or servant to prevent being arrested. The murder was done in haste with no time to conceal to body, so the victim's corpse was found, which raises a red flag that a spy may be present in Harrenhal.

                        Maybe the PCs, since they have recently arrived, will become suspects themselves and will have to clear their names. Maybe, if they are at the right place at the right time, they will witness the murder from afar and try to chase the spy into the night (and find out he/she is a spy if they catch him/her or alert the war council themselves if they cannot capture him/her).

                        If the spy is not caught during that first incident, then maybe the PCs could engage in a game of cat-and-mouse to find the spy/murderer, speaking with every notable NPCs to find information on his/her identity. Maybe each member of the household possesses a part of the puzzle to identify who it might be. It could become an interesting part of the adventure, especially if some of the PCs are less combat-oriented and are playing more expert/intrigue-type characters.

                        If the spy is not caught before the attack on Harrentown, then you could consider that Ser Derrick the Drake has received tactical information about House Whent's battle plans which give him an advantage (maybe a substantial bonus to any Strategy rolls). And if Harrentown is captured and the spy is still not caught, then during the following siege of Harrenhal, perhaps the spy will locate a secret backdoor or sabotage the drawbridge or open the gates during the night, rendering its impressive defensive bonus to waste, turning the siege into a close-quarter skirmish, an intense fight for survival within Harrenhal's walls...

                        What do you think?
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                          Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                          I will make my PC play this adventure and we'll start on Friday. One thing I wonder though.
                          There is a possibility the player don't succeed to prevent Derrick's attack adn choose to defend from inside the castle. Do anyone knows where we could find a map of this giant castle?

                          Remember Harrenhall is half in ruin. It was badly burned by Aegon's dragons and none of the lords who held it never had the power nor the money to rebuild it. So I magine that castle with two outer walls ruined, several towers ruined too and maybe the central keep an a wall surrounding it which is barely intact and that the defenders could use.

                          Opinions on this?


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                            Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                            Here's a website that has an overview w/some details:
                            That's what I plan to use. I'm going to use the adventure in my campaign set around 210AC - instead of survivors from the Ruby Ford, they'll be knights who were able to escape Bloodraven's troops.


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                              Re: Broken men at Harrenhal

                              Thank you Deef. This website is awesome and I'm going to use it.