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  • Units aboard warships

    My players are about to fight the Cressey Army in Dragon's Hoard, and since they are on an island, the warships will be involved. The Home House is well alerted, and will send their elite warships to defend the shore.

    One thing I am unclear on is how warships interact with other units. It seems RAW that the ships can transport military units but those units are not involved in combat between warships. This doesn't make a lot of sense. Since the main method of fighting was between soldiers on the decks of ships, why wouldn't a warship unit transporting infantry allow those infantry orders? Why wouldn't an archer unit on board a ship get to make marksmanship tests against enemy units?

    Would it make more sense to have the transported units "attach" and grant the warship unit +1d on fighting/marksmanship tests, or should they just be allowed to fight if the ships are brought together in boarding combat?

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    This is a situation which cries for a house rule (since sadly we probably will never see extended warfare rules).

    I would say it depends on the unit type and the situation:
    I would say only units with long range weapons (like archers and scouts) could help in ranged naval combat - in this case it might be plausible to handle them as additional participants of the fight - allthough with an increased command and attack difficulty and some commands simply forbidden.

    Likewise i could think for infantry etc. in close naval combat (which would prbably most time will be boarding) - however if you want extra complexity, perhaps an athletic test ist an option, to see, if the unit can board the other ship...

    However if you consider, that most of the "close" combat is done by ramming, than probably only a +1 is better...


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      I would support Paedrigs point of view, although I would add that sailors might have a limited additional effect. May reduce the target for maneuver and attacs a little bit? I am not sure...