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Festival of Pearls - A SIFRP Adventure

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  • Festival of Pearls - A SIFRP Adventure

    I've been working on a short adventure for SIFRP, and I think it's at the point where I can solicit feedback. The adventure is meant to be set in a remote corner of the Westerlands near Ironman's Bay, and involves a Festival that is the guise for an Old Gods ritual. Players can participate in the festivities, uncover the ritual's secrets, or it can serve as window dressing on the way to more adventure. I would welcome playtesting and constructive criticism.


    The Andal Invasion and the burning of the weirwoods signaled the death of most First Men customs south of the Neck. In some remote villages and forgotten shores, however, the Light of the Seven is but a thin veneer painted over such traditions, and the strangest rituals and celebrations can still be found in the forgotten corners of Westeros.

    The Festival of Pearls is a Spur custom dating back to the Age of Heroes. Once, it was a fertility rite in the honor of the Old Gods, meant to ensure a good harvest from both sea and shore. When the first septons came, they found it easier to adapt old superstitions rather than stamp them out. Now, the festival is held every seven years and glorifies the Maiden. The dayís events include feats of athleticism, such as running, swimming, and climbing, and culminates in the crowning of a couple that represents the regionís hopes for bounty and strength in the years to come. As with much in Westeros, the tradition is not all it seems. The witch Cassana tends the flame of the Old Ways and honors pacts made long ago, offering a dead god debauched rites in place of human sacrifice.

    Throughout the course of this adventure, your players might find themselves entangled in her plot, and discover that some things are kept secret even from the eyes of the New Gods

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    I like the synopsis and I will read your scenario. Funny : one of my PC houses are Northmens believing in the Old Gods but they are landed knights in the Riverlands were most worship the Seven. Might be fun for them...


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      Just read through it. I liked it. I know most of my guys would enjoy it. I still have 2 who would be screaming, "When do we get to kill stuff?"


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        I really like your idea. I also like all the rules for the competitions.
        I recommend dialing back the Glory points (and maybe the XP). For a 'finished product', I'd recommend putting in a descriptive paragraph or two for each scene, so we know exactly how you see the ceremony and competitions playing out.
        Personally, I'll probably transplant this to Fair Isle (or something smaller and non-canon nearby), and turn it into a full-fledged 'Wicker Man' scenario.


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          I just read it and I like it a lot. Great work Ser Daerin ! Nice character portraits and front page artwork !


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            it reminds me a lot of my compaign https://haus-gerath-das-lied-von-eis...und_des_Waldes


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              ... but u did a better job^