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Longsword and Mace

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  • Longsword and Mace

    These two weapons in SIFRP seem to be the only ones without any weapon qualities, although they seem - viewed through a historical lens - rather obvious choices for most fighter type characters.

    Has anybody house-ruled weapon qualities for these two? Or has someone perhaps a better grasp for why they don't really need it?

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    I would say the longsword really do not need any qualities. It is already a very good weapon (and long blade fighter I one of the best weapon-benefits, i would add). The only negative about the longsword is its price.


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      Like Kajani says, the longsword is the best one-handed weapon in the game. It does solid damage without you needing to invest in anything but Athletics. Other one-handed weapons can do some fun stuff if you invest in bonus dice and qualities, but the longsword is fine straight out of the box.

      The mace is perhaps uninspiring, but it's one tenth of the price of a longsword and the Bludgeon Fighter line is very strong.


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        The longsword is adaptable I believe.

        I've houseruled that adaptable weapons have the 'Powerful' quality when used in two hands.


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          Actually no, it's the bastard sword that is Adaptable, and it requires 1B in Long Blades.


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            Oh yes. You're right.

            It's the D&D weapons classification. The longsword is supposed to be the Arming Sword.

            As for the mace. Given it's completely identical to the longsword but worse, I'd give it one of either Shattering 1 or Powerful.

            The weapon list could really use a complete rewrite.