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    While theater of the mind is cool, when my PCs are sneaking around in a castle or something, I like to give them a little more verisimilitude. I hate it when they can tell I'm making things up on the fly - if I haven't developed an area, it probably isn't important. I have trouble visualizing an entire castle, including servants' quarters, privies, kitchens, cellars, and all the other nooks and crannies that would make up a place someone could actually live.
    Does anyone have any good detailed castle plans or maps of iconic locations in Westeros (or Planetos), such as the Eyrie or Storm's End that they've created or found, and would like to share?
    Does anyone have any locations that they're planning on sending their PCs that they'd like to have a map for? I'm no artist myself, but I've found some useful stuff on Pinterest that I've repurposed.

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    Hey Deef, watch out for Harnmaster of Columbia Games at there are a lot of Castles or go to for free Download stuff. At Pinterest you find a lot of that but with quality ? At Black scroll Games you can build you own Castle or Fortress with a Map-Tiles.


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      I got another one: Guillaume Tavernier look out for that Artist. He has got a lot of Castles Houses and more


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        Cool, thanks for the resources. I've been on drivethrurpg, but not lythia. I'll look out for those artists.
        I've run my PCs through Harrenhal while it was a living fortress (under Danelle Lothston), they 'impregnated' the Eyrie (to arrest Jonos Arryn, the Kinslayer), and gave them a tour of Casterly Rock, but they love to go off in directions I don't anticipate, so it's been tough to make it seem real. More than adapting existing maps, I'm interested in knowing whether anyone has created these themselves. And I'm happy to share what I've adapted for anyone who's interested.


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          Hi, You can find some maps of Cities (kings landing, meereen, white harbour, etc), Villages (Stone sept, amberton, etc), caves (mole town) and castles (dragonstone, Winterfell, duskendale, etc ) on our campain homepage. some are just collecte from the web, some are made by my self, and some were just recreate.

          https://haus-gerath-das-lied-von-eis...llenspiel_Wiki (in german, but u can find it with the english town and castle names)


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            Thanks for posting that! I did a little digging around, saw some good stuff. I'll definitely check this resource when putting together new adventures.
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