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  • House Fortune Rolls question

    Right, so I recently just got the core book, and have started giving it a look through. I was looking through the Create a House content, and I got extremely confused by the House Fortune rolls. I get that it's supposed to show how events and the passage of time are affecting the houses that are made for the game, but I can't find specific details on what you roll. How many dice does a roll get? What sort of bonuses does a steward provide (the rules mention that some stewards can provide bonuses, but don't specify anything further that I can tell), and what all affects the modifiers? Near as I can tell Law and Population affect these modifiers, but does Wealth, Defense, Influence, Power, or Lands?

    Knowing this information for when I start running a game would be great so that way I can explain it to my players, but it'll also help me if I decide to make a House that's a rival to said players as well.


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    That's a lot of questions. You're going to need to read chapter 6 THOROUGHLY.
    The Head of House rolls his/her Status (Stewardship) for House Fortunes.
    Defense, Influence, Lands, and Power don't affect the roll. Wealth holdings specify how they influence the roll.
    I didn't bother using the House rules until I got the 'Out of Strife, Prosperity' PDF, as there aren't a lot of ways to customize your house without it. It's only $5-6, and an invaluable resource. A house rule someone mentioned that I think works extremely well is buying settlements (Hamlet, Small Town, etc) using Population rather than Land, otherwise if you want some of the more interesting Wealth holdings, you'll probably only have 1 Domain...which means you're once again limited in your number of holdings. OoSP allows you to purchase a Steward for 5 Wealth who gives +1 to House Fortune rolls, and can be upgraded for additional Wealth investment. Otherwise, it's just fluff.


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      I read the section thoroughly. Itís just lacking a lot of specifics on things. So if the head of the house has a status of 5, does that mean they roll 5d6, plus any modifiers?


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        Basically. If HoH has bonus dice in Stewardship, use those also. For reference, see p. 122 under the heading 'House Fortunes':

        "...the steward or acting steward must roll a Status test (bonus dice from Stewardship apply, plus modifiers from holdings) and compare the result to Table 6-18: House Fortunes."

        The 'steward' is the person making the roll. If HoH is home, he'll have the highest Status, so it would make sense for him to make the roll - he's actively guiding his realm. If HoH is a PC off on an adventure, he would designate a 'steward' to make a roll for him. In my campaign, I let my PC use his NPC wife's Status to make the roll. Her Status is equal to his, but she has no bonus dice in Stewardship.


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          Originally posted by zeiaxar View Post
          I read the section thoroughly. Itís just lacking a lot of specifics on things. So if the head of the house has a status of 5, does that mean they roll 5d6, plus any modifiers?
          It's not really lacking specifics, because all of the specifics are straight out of the core rules. When you have to test an ability, you roll d6 equal to that ability. If you have bonus dice, you roll d6 equal to (ability rank + bonus dice), but only keep the (ability rank) highest. You then add them up and that's your total.

          So whoever is acting as the House's steward rolls dice equal to Status -- or if he has the Stewardship specialty, he rolls dice equal to Status + Stewardship but only keeps the best (Status#) dice. Add them up, apply any modifiers from Holdings, and look at the result on the House Fortunes table.

          EXAMPLE: You are letting your heir act as steward because he was the only one willing to buy up the Stewardship specialty. He has Status 4 and Stewardship +2B. So you roll 6 dice, and keep the best 4. Let's say you end up with an 18 total. Then add any modifiers from your holdings -- let's say you have a Law of 31 (-1) but a Maester (+3), so a net +2. This brings you to 20. Look up 20 on the House Fortunes table to see what happens -- in this case, it means you get a Blessing. Praise the Seven!
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