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Courtship at the Tourney

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  • Courtship at the Tourney

    Hey y'all!

    I found this forum earlier last week after a search for homebrewn material for SIFRP (which we and my gaming group will begin to play once more this spring and summer), and found the various and amazing adventurers, conversions and so on that was on this forum.

    However, I found references to an adventure called Courtship at the Tourney, that I cant seem to find but is referenced in other adventurers.

    Is it possible that anyone still have this?

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    That's bizarre. It seems to have been removed from the forum. I'll email zeroed and ask him to repost. I saved it, so I'd post it, but I'm technologically challenged. I've run it, I love it. It's great for building storylines with your noble house.


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      Unfortunately, I cannot post back the adventure on this forum, as the original author of the Hârnmaster adventure asked Green Ronin to remove it, due to copyright infringement.


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        Awh, alright. That's too bad.