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Thrown weapons -- improving?

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  • Thrown weapons -- improving?

    I've seen a few people say that thrown weapons are absolutely worthless in SIFRP compared to bows, etc. In your opinion, is this the case? And if so, is there a simple fix that you strongly recommend?

    (I don't want to go crazy with house rules in my first game, so I'm trying to gauge whether things like this really need a fix.)
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    Thrown weapons are MUCH weaker than bows/crossbows - they have lower damage and shorter range. On the other hand, they tend to be more flexible (can also be used for melee, much easier to conceal, much less expensive). I don't think upgrading thrown weapons is the answer. Not all weapons have to be equal. If someone really wants to build the most mechanically-advantageous character, they're going to be restricted in flavor.