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Knowledge, specialties, and Knowledge Focus

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  • Knowledge, specialties, and Knowledge Focus

    I want to make sure I understand Knowledge and Knowledge Focus.

    The Knowledge skill makes it clear that what it provides is broad, not deep, and that I need the Knowledge Focus perk for more specialized lore. But then the Knowledge Focus perk isn't crystal clear to me.

    Let's say I start with Knowledge 3 (Education 2B). So now if I need to answer an astronomy question, I'd roll 3+2B but the info the GM gives would be very broad and general. Yes?

    I want to become better at astronomy, so I buy the Knowledge Focus (Astronomy) perk. However, it says "You treat any bonus dice assigned to the specialty as test dice." Which specialty is it referring to? The only valid specialties for Knowledge are Education, Research, and Streetwise -- there is no "Astronomy" specialty. So I'm assuming that what that means is that when I'm answering astronomy questions, it's an Education roll, but I get to roll 5 instead of 3+2B . . . AND on top of that I get more detailed info. Similarly, if I research astronomy, I'd roll 3 (because I have no Research specialty), but I'd also get much more detailed info.

    (Of course, now I'm wondering how I make a Streetwise roll for astronomy, but I'm sure it'll come up somehow knowing players. )

    Am I right?
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    That's correct, though you do need a Knowledge of 4 to get the Knowledge Focus Benefit.