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    Hi ! I would like your imput at building main characters profiles, as primary, in TWOW like Roose and Ramsey Bolton, Aegon, Lord Manderly, Lord Connigton, Euron, and a few others, Thanks a lot !
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    To be honest I don't really know what you are looking for, but I'll try to provide. In my opinion it would perhaps be best for you to write up a first version for these characters, post them here, and we can give comments and advice on the builds that you've written.

    What I can say however are that these two things.

    1; Don't let formal rules constrain you because there a great many characters that should have far better stats than what can be done with using the normal rules in the core book for character creation.

    2; There are a great many really talented people alive in the time that Asoiaf takes place in, so while high stats shouldn't be handed out like candy don't be afraid to give strong stats to characters that makes an impact in the story. It might feel very wrong if high profile characters are outdone in their fields of strength, according to what they do in the story, easily by the players.