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Question about intended house rules

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  • Question about intended house rules

    I am planning some SIFRP gaming again and are thinking about some rules aspects that made things difficult last time.

    How about when multiple degrees of success in combat do not multiply the damage, but add to it: +1 for second degree, +2 for third and so on?

    That would change the balance a bit towards Armour, which I would prefer.

    How about not using the enormous Armour Penalties and instead using Bulk for double purpose, for impairing movement and also reducing Combat Defense as sort of an Armour Penalty?

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    Well, that depends of course on the way your group want to play. However I think if you choose ALL this changes armor is getting far too powerfull, since a full-plate-armor would very hard to overcome with say a sword or an axe if you have not a lot of degrees of sucess. It would strengthen the importance of shattering weapons, what is not so bad, but on the oher hand it would very likely turn all combatants into "tanks". People with less than exeptionell high ranks in fighting would have really low chances to win, what has the danger that people would concentrate just on fighting and ignore social skills etc. more. Benefits like Long Blade I would be reduced in power, while some other benefits stay strong as before. It all may a little bit unbalanced if the change is THAT huge.
    In our group we simple decided to reduce the AP for the most advanced types of armor (for example half- and full-plate) for 1 point each, and gave the possibility to build castle forged armor (either AP or Bulk reduced 1 or AR increased 1 point).


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      Your arguments are solid. I think I'll use the same rule (the AP reduction and castle forged armour) and see how it goes.

      What I also would like to ask: Does anybody use the additional magic rules that are offered in a PDF? I mean, for adventuring on "Planetos".


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        I run my games in the history of Westeros and use a higher magic level, so yes. It's really sketchy - you'll end up designing your own spells. But hey, the PDF is only like $5.


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          Yes, it is a bit sketchy, but I think it really well invokes a fantasy setting, were magic is more in the background, more whispered about then present in a flashy way.

          My ideas for SIRFP games tend toward history, as well. A Hedge Knight campaign, vaguely inspired by the Dunk and Egg tales, but much later, in the early summer years of King Robert's reign.

          Although, after I saw Episode 3 of GoT season 8, I think I could invent a better ending of the whole Ice-and-Fire-series, novels or show.